General Hydroponics FloraBloom Questions & Answers. See why for yourself. > Resource Center > General Hydroponics Flora Series Feeding Schedule Recognized for consistently delivering reliable results for all plants, growing methods, media and applications. FloraGro builds strong roots during a plant's vegetative stage. Combined with FloraMicro and … Designed from the ground up for fertilizer injection systems, FloraPro™ is easy to use and highly water soluble. FloraMicro is to be added to your plants during the plant's growth and bloom cycle. GH Flora Series is the original Building Block Nutrient System imitated but never duplicated; Contains complete Primary, Secondary and Micro Nutrients for enhanced yields and better crop quality. The concept behind the Flora-series is simple: Different kinds of plants have significantly different nutrient needs, and these … Quantities: 1 Quart; 1 Gallon; 2.5 Gallon; 6 Gallon; 15 Gallon; 55 Gallon; Find a store near you that carries FloraBlend. Free shipping. Just like people, plants benefit from an appropriate diet. Herbs and leafy plants– These need a lot of Nitrogen, and moderate concentrations 2. At General Hydroponics, we wrestled with that question four decades ago. Find a store near you that carries FloraPro. Designed from the ground up for fertilizer injection systems, FloraPro™ is easy to use and highly water soluble. General Hydroponics Flora Duo … $89.93 $ 89. Get ready for vigorous plants, large flowers, enhanced yields and nutrient-dense crops. This box contains: 16 oz FloraMicro®, FloraGro® and FloraBloom®, 8 oz FloraBlend® and Liquid KoolBloom®, 4 oz FloraKleen®, 1 oz RapidStart®, Floralicious® Plus and pH Test Indicator. Safe to use on and around actively growing plants at all stages of growth. (31) 31 product ratings - General Hydroponics Flora Series Grow Bloom Micro Combo - 3oz bottles. The Flora Series is geared towards the health of your plants as well as yield size and quality. A simple calculator to generate a feedchart for all General Hydroponics nutrients, including Flora Series, FloraNova, FloraDuo, Maxi Series, BioThrive, and CocoTek. Flora Pro Bloom NPK 6-10-21,  is used during a plant's flowering stage. General Hydroponics' FloraMicro is the second part of a hydroponic-based nutrient system called the Flora Series. The best part is that it’s inexpensive to purchase compared to the newer line of nutrients on the market. The Flora Series consist of FloraGro, FloraMicro and FloraBloom. Buy General Hydroponics FloraGro FloraBloom FloraMicro Combo Fertilizer set + 1oz Rapidstart (Gallons) at General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer set, 1 … Flora Series begins with three highly concntrated liquied nutrients. Thousands of other gardeners have already experienced the benefits, and this pack comes at an irresistible value. 4.9 out of 5 stars (41) Total Ratings 41, $14.93 New. Marijuana growers spend a lot of money on hydroponics nutrients because we want big, phat, sugary buds. Different ratios are used throughout the growth cycle as the plants move from a nitrogen hungry vegetative phase to Phosphorous and Potassium heavy flowering stage. Free 2-day shipping. 93. These are your Base Nutrients. FloraPro™ is specially formulated for high value production crops where results and consistency are paramount. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you'll want to try the Flora Series Performance Pack. 1 2 3. Flora Pro Calcium + Micros Hard water NPK 14-0-0 plus 17% Calcium, is used throughout a plant’s growth cycle. Visit our sister company, Vermicrop Organics , manufacturers of premium potting soil, soil amendments, soilless mediums and compost tea for outdoor gardening and indoor hydroponics. Flora Series consists of three highly concentrated liquid nutrients: By using different combinations of these products, you can fulfill each plant's exact nutrient needs based on its growth stage and environment. Find a store near you that carries Flora Series. Performance Pack We threw in everything but the kitchen sink, so you can get outstanding results in hydro, coco or soil. FloraBloom is part of an "Advanced Nutrient System." Above all, General Hydroponics has created a grower friendly fertilizer regime that incorporates three easy to use fertilizers. $18.76. Recently viewed. They provide the Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium your plants need to grow. We want to create a base nutrient solution that we apply to a wide variety of plants. No matter which formula you choose, FloraNectar will help your plants regulate key metabolism processes. General Hydroponics Koolbloom DRY 2.2 lbs - … FloraPro™ is specially formulated for high value production crops where results and consistency are paramount. Get the rewards you deserve. Other options New from $89.90. General Hydroponics GH1673 Flora Duo A for Gardening, 1-Gallon fertilizers, 1 Gallon, Natural. General Hydroponics FloraBloom 0-5-4 provides plants with the nutrients that they need during the reproductive growth stages of flowering, fruiting, and seed production.

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