This can help prevent moisture from entering the wood through the ground. When storing the wood in your garage make sure that you keep it away from any potential fire hazards. Thank you for your informative piece on stacking firewood. Another great option for keeping your wood dry is by stacking it in a woodshed. Which Fireplace Is Best for the Environment? Overall the Holz Hausen is quickly becoming my favorite way to stack firewood after my wood shed has filled up. about two inches lower than the outer. Canadian Subscribers - Click Here Simply throwing your firewood into a pile will not allow it to dry properly. Firewood Cover and Base - Store Wood logs Without a Rack, Chimney Damper Repair - Fix A Broken Damper. This could cause a termite infestation. Therefore, it is not advisable to cover your wood stack completely with a tarp. However, pressure treated wood is specifically designed for ground contact and will last a lot longer than other wood. You can also lay sheets of tin across the woodpile. I made sure to dump the pile nearby so I didn't have to spend a lot of time walking back and forth. Thats great Lester! Glad you found my article helpful! The Holz Hausen firewood stack is a method used in Europe that is becoming popular in the United States. Enjoy the best firewood prices on kiln dried firewood in Connecticut and New York, including our convenient firewood delivery service! If you have any questions or suggestions about stacking firewood please put them in the comments below. This will to allow air to circulate between each piece of wood and cause it to dry more quickly and evenly. (Don's is six feet across). The area where you will stack your firewood needs to be flat and measure 6 feet by 6 feet. You also want to orientate your stack of wood so that the prevailing wind will blow through it. If you take a 3' piece of string and stake it to the ground, you can scribe a 360 degree circle on the ground, creating the 6' diameter circle. This will reduce the pile's No, you do not have to use pressure treated two by fours to stack your firewood on. However, in the winter after your wood has been seasoned, some people like to bring a day’s worth of wood into the house so that they do not have to keep going outside to get wood every couple of hours. Covering the whole thing completely can trap moisture underneath the tarp and not allow the wood to dry properly. Holzhaufen: A Guide to Stacking Wood in a Woodpile | MOTHER EARTH NEWS September 2020 Learn about holzhaufen, a traditional German firewood-curing, stacking, and wood design technique that is a model of efficient design. For example, using a firewood rack, placing pressure treated two by fours on the ground and then stacking your wood on top of them, and using old pallets to stack your firewood on. Handier consumers embark on DIY projects and construct stands, racks or sheds specifically for the needs of home or restaurant in question. It's worth a few extra minutes of my time to create a stack of wood that I don't mind seeing everyday when I drive down my driveway. It's an awesome design because you can quickly remove the cover, take your daily firewood off then easily adjust the straps to accommodate the missing wood. An easy remedy for making the stack level is to place larger pieces on the sloped end and thinner pieces on the other side. same length, but uniformity helps) . Now slide the board up the pole and, using the ends as long as the pile's intended diameter, and drill a hole takes only a little more time than making a conventional Not only are these round wood files aesthetically pleasing, the wood enthusiasts that utilize them feel they are better than the traditional rectangular shaped wood pile because they : No matter how you choose to stack firewood, the goal should always be to keep the wood as dry as possible.

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