(you are walking)  ▶ 3. Most verbs follow the same pattern in the present tense. Ich stehe. Am-Is-Are 1. is capitalized and always has an -en ending). German. To make sure that you understand the correct answers, our answer keys offer simple explanations as well as handy tips and tricks. Present Tense Verb Conjugations of German Regular Verbs, Learning German "Give and Take" - "Geben, Nehmen", German Verbs: How to Recognize the German Subjunctive I, II, How to Conjugate "Geben" (to Give) in German, How to Address Someone in German Properly, 50 Common German Verbs with Sample Sentences, Conjugations of the Most-Used German Verbs, Conjugating the German Verb Wissen, Meaning "to Know", The Conjugation of "Werden" (to become) in German. Wir tanzen. Ich stehe. (you write)  ▶ 5. (I amstaying)  ▶ 2. Tip: This question uses the formal form of you "Sie". Hyde Flippo taught the German language for 28 years at high school and college levels and published several books on the German … Solution: ▶ 1. Translation: Are you (guys) learning/studying the alphabet? Ihr lernt. Present simple exercise - complete the sentences with the verbs. Wir singen. Learn and practice German verb endings in the present tense: Explanations and exercises with solutions – Präsens: Regeln und Übungen mit Lösung As you can see, the present tense is a very important tense. Du gehst. The infinitive of a verb (the form you find in the dictionary) is made up of a stem and the ending –en (-n). Sie springen. You've got some German language skills under your belt, but you may want to spend some time brushing up on the present tense before you jump into other verb tenses. I . Online exercises to improve your German. arbeite = ich; arbeiten = plural (sie, Sie, wir), Translation: Does Karla speak German? Translation: I don't write letters any more, just e-mail (messages). Wir singen. Verb to Be 1. It is not only used to express what you are doing at any particular moment, but also to express things that you regularly do and even things that will happen at some time in the future! Tip: Ihr is the informal plural form of you. signal words so far, emphasis on the result → present perfect simple (lit., "when go we?"). BEGINNER. (singen = to sing) Du Er 4. er, sie, es antwortet = he, she, it is answering, Sie antworten  = you are answering (polite pronoun), Conjugation of the verb "antworten" = to answer, in present tense, Alfabetul limbii germane cu pronuntia fiecarei litere, « Conjugation of German verbs (past tense), Conjugation of German verbs at present tense (Examples) ». Today?Tip: kommt = er/sie (3rd person singular); komme = ich; kommen = Sie, wir, sie. Our online exercises for German help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. Check out the links below for some study resources (or just use an online translation tool -- we won't tell). Translation: Where do you live/reside now? Exercises. Sie is capitalized and always has an -en ending). Ich Present simple/progressive, present perfect simple/progressive, future I simple/progressive. Online exercises to improve your German. You got a perfect score, you smart cookie. (they are jumping) ▶ 6. Hyde Flippo taught the German language for 28 years at high school and college levels and published several books on the German language and culture. German Expert. Tip: Always an -e ending for "ich" - with regular verbs, Tip: (stem-changing verb) gebt = ihr; geben = sie (they), Sie (you, formal), wir, Translation: You (guys) work almost every day. Present Tense - Exercises. Present tenses worksheets and online activities. Conjugation of the verb "antworten" = to answer, in present tense Your browser does not support the audio element. Looks as though you're an "Anfanger" (beginner). Time to move onto something trickier -- how about the subjunctive? Am-Is-Are 3. Grammar History & Culture Pronunciation & Conversation Vocabulary By. Present Perfect – mixed exercise You'll Want to 'Stay in the Moment' When You Take This Quiz. (you are learning), Conjugate the verb "bleiben" = to stay, in present tense, Conjugate the verb „antworten“ = to answer, in present tense, er, sie, es _____ = he, she, is answering, er, sie, es bleibt = he, she, it is staying, Sie bleiben = you are staying (polite pronoun). Some verbs show a few peculiarities in their conjugation: verb stem ends in –t / –d or consonant + n/m: an extra ‘e’ is added to the second and third person singular and second person plural to make pronunciation easier, verb stem ends in –s / –ß / –z: second person singular ends in -t, verbs that end in -eln or –ern: the first and third person plural end in –n instead of –en. Translation: When are Karl and Julia (they) coming? Our online exercises for German help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. Nice job! TENSES EXERCISES. Lernst is the form for du. Schüler (student) of German. Heiliger Strohsack! The links below can help. Exercises: Choose right pronoun: 1. five e-mails so far. How Good Are You at the German Present Tense? (You plural, informal). You're clearly a Schüler (student) of German. Present Simple 1 How Good Are You at the German Present Tense? Es regnet. Tip: (stem-changing verb) Sprichst = du; Sprecht = ihr. Present Perfect - Exercises. Du schreibst. Present – mixed exercise Choose the correct verbs so that each tense appears once. (we are singing)  ▶ 4. (we are dancing)   ▶ 9. The present tense is the most simple and also the most important tense when learning German grammar. Ich gehst. Tip: Use the form 'lernen' with Sie/sie and wir. (you are talking) ▶ 10. (it rains) ▶ 8. Tip: verbs with the subject du (you singular, familiar). Check out the links below for resources that can help you take your skills to the next level.

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