So, not a good purchase. I bought a set at Walmart and in less than 5-6 months, every piece of the set has scratched to high heavens and I have followed their directions and used only silicone utensils. I use a basting brush with butter or any oil EXCEPT extra virgin olive oil ( it can’t handle too much heat) Also keep temps in this pan to medium. No, didn’t catch fire, but honestly, when you’re cooking food you don’t want to smell plastic burning. It was awesome! As for the coconut oil, save your money and do research it’s worse for you then lard. I have my small and large fry pan for about 8 months and have 4 months with sticky food problems. Don’t use extra virgin olive or oils that start to smoke. I thought I overheated it because everything started sticking so I bought another one. If you’re looking for non-stick cookware free of all the toxins in traditional pots and that are affordable, you really should consider GreenLife. I’ve been able to wipe both pieces of cookware clean with nothing but the soft side of a kitchen sponge and some dish liquid. Scrambled eggs. © Copyright 2008-2013 Green Your Decor. These pans don’t work like they say. Get into that color. DO NOT BUY THESE!!! I purchased them on 1/1/15. If your coating has completely come off, I’d definitely take them back to Walmart and ask for your money back. I got mine for Christmas. I will never recommend. We just moved and she decided that she would throw pretty much all of our pots and pans away bc they were bad, so i know what t put under the tree this year i guess thank you so much. I appears it doesn’t matter. It’s trash, These skillets are garbage. This was a waste of money. GreenLife soft grip is a healthy kitchen cookware set and ranks top in the green life ceramic cookware reviews. But once something over browns or burns they stick from then on. After about 2-3 months, they started to stick. No olive oil, lite oil, low heat, hand wash and only have the right tools. They all peel within the first month. Any way to fix that? Bought a Green Life set for my wife last year. Its absolutely non-stick and easy to clean, only using the soft side of my sponge. About two years. Because we all know what happens when you cook eggs in a pan that sticks. I wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased them. If they are dishwasher safe they should not lose that feature. Next use everything sticks. I just ran across this website while looking up the warranty on this cookware. Just came out of my kitchen having almost thrown my frying pan in the trash! Taking them back today!! I agree they worked fine the first time I have handwashed and used ceramic tp myself I have cooked a dozen eggs two pancakes and two veggie burgers the pan s will not cook eggs r anything now without ruining them ..waste of money. This pan cost $30. I use this pan to cook scrambled eggs right after supper attempted to clean the pan and it took 10 minutes to scrub the eggs from the bottom. We are very pleased and recommend! However, all my food tastes synthetic. If I could I would have posted photos. Not worth the money! just another money making scam. got any other great ideas? Absolutely lovely for about two months. Are they kidding me? I never use oil and wipe them off with a soft cloth after each use. I’m going to toss it into the blue box recyclable to see if my City takes it, if not it’s into the landfill… that good??? I used them for less than 3 weeks and ended up returning them because 4 of the pans had chips and scratches in the ceramic. later, needs replacing because I have to use something abrasive to clean the center where the coating has worn off severely. not worth the money. I cook hamburger it sticks, I heat water for tea the tea sticks to the pan. Don’t want any of my cookies to BURN or STICK. After 2 weeks everything stuck to it. I cook eggs they stick I cook bacon it sticks and leaves residue that I have to soak for a day. OMG! Have NOT used it yet. I do not use metal utensils or dishwasher. The pans are very scratched up. Some of there pans are “crap” some are ok. I hate these pans ! All these negative complInts here proves that the issue is within the manufacturer! I bought a whole set for $90 + and I dont have a problem with sticking or cleaning as long as I cook on low or med heat. Worst pans I’ve ever purchased. I also hand wash & use proper utensils. I love it! As a chef, the green life series pan and pot set was the best investment i made in my home kitchen. They are worse than my ones with which I used these to replace. Bought the frying pan set 2 weeks ago. I have had mine for five months and I am going to throw them away and buy something new. The same thing happened to my friend. they work fine for a bout 3 months but then they start sticking, I’ve even used a cooking spray but sticking is what they do best. Your label says dishwasher safe, but my set recommended against dishwasher. My other frying pans have covered handles, and I have been cooking for so long with cool handles, that I didn’t even give it a thought when I grabbed the handle and burned my hand. I’ll probably just throw them away soon.. Your not to use cooking spray or it will form a sticky non-stick. So when Walmart asked me to try Greenlife Cookware, eco-friendly nonstick pots and pans, I couldn’t wait. Are these made with aluminum? Worse I’ve used ever! I like my Green Life frying pan very much. Terrible product. What am I doing wrong?? The pans are not worth a shit. I honestly can say I love these pans! However, even though I took care to touch the cook surface with plastic utensils only, the surface seems to have worn out. Has anybody had any problems with a funny taste coming into boiled noodles or rice? Used this pan and followed all the terms and conditions made by the manufacturer and it’s a gigantic piece of junk. However after 4 – 5 months of daily use, everything started sticking whether I used any kind of oil or NO oil. They didn’t ask me when I purchased it. So, I thought I would add my opinion to the posts here. I’m very displeased with the product and intended to take the, un-opened Christmas gift back to a Walmart store. By far the worst pots I ever bought. $59.00 for one pan. What a waste of money. Horrible pans don’t waste your money I don’t even have 6 months with them And already put them in the trash . The great thing about ceramic is that you have to use very little oil, clean up is a breeze and no toxins are leaching into your food. Disclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received product samples and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. But GreenLife said that the life warranty doesn’t cover everyday use. …I purchased it to replace my Teflon frying pans. Another disappointing product from Walmart green plus life cookware. I bought the whole set, a bit pricey. Green Life skillet back at Christmas 2013. Everything stick and it was right from the start . I hate mine. Cookies don’t burn and come off easily if removed quickly! I had heard that nothing would stick on them and you didn’t have to use any butter or oil but that didn’t turn out to be accurate. Best non stick pans I’ve ever owned, Worked good 3 to 4 weeks after the coating was flaking off. After 2 weeks of trial and error, these went in the trash. Very disappointed with these. Can you get your money back for these??? I thought your cookware was all ceramic not ceramic coated. Yep complete junk. heat, use silicone utensils, hand wash, don’t use sprays etc. The best way to find out? back to cast iron like I’ve been using the last 40 years. I bought the pan that does not have a cover on the handle. I just this morning fried a whole pack of bacon in my GreenLife pan and there is no stain whatsoever. I recently decided it was time to replace my Teflon pots and pans, so I was super excited to find these pans at my local Walmart. 4/16/16 What I don’t like is the toxic crap that’s found in most nonstick coatings. Thanks. I really don’t want a replacement and that appears to be the only option IF they determine you qualify. I was so impressed with the pan.. at first.. that I almost went back to the store to purchase a full set. The chef is preparing a salad in a skillet! Wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem. So much that I plan to purchase the rest of the pieces to complete the set. I know its not my water because I never had that problem with my old pots. I’m from Panama City, Panama and here is very difficult to ask for the money back if you don’t have the invoice. It’s been six months now and they still look new! They are worse than my ones with which I used these to replace, after just a few uses my food started to stick eventhough the pan looks like new,just a waste of money, I agree totally with the author jennae’s updated comment “Update: After using this cookware for a few weeks, the ceramic began to stick and degrade significantly. I choose to hand wash, and they have performed well every time I’ve used them. We don’t have a dishwasher and I used wooden utensils I will not be buying this again. Normal use and the frying pans are completely stained at the bottoms after having them for about 6 months. corn oil or peanut oil work best. After reading all these negative comments, will be taking mine back.

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