Read more: Who is Shane Richie and what is he famous for? Please be respectful when making a comment and adhere to our Community Guidelines. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. The gesture became popular and replaced yelling as a method of showing discontent with a person. Whichever is true, the Quakers were the first to use the handshake as a form of greeting. A handshake is the most common hand gesture out there. I’m a Celebrity: Shane Richie’s secret hand gesture and the meaning behind it. The Vulcan salute resembles the V-sign except that it is done with four fingers on the same hand. This gesture which consists of the index and little finger pointing upwards and the two middle fingers curled toward the palm has a wide variety of meanings. Facial expressions and the way someone holds his body are supposed to tell us what a person really means, even if it conflicts with that person’s words. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. As a result, Christians often denied their faith so they would not be killed. The British Navy salutes with the palm downward because sailors often had dirty palms.[2]. The Bellamy salute was named after Francis J. Bellamy, who wrote the US Pledge of Allegiance. If you liked this post and would like to know more about how to use hand gestures in different cultures, check out our article about the top 10 Argentinian gestures and how to use them! Peace Sign, V for Victory, or Fighting Words and Hideous Insult. 5 mantras for adults learning a new language at home, Language learning for kids at home: 5 top tips, Which language will you find easiest to learn? Although we haven't personally had too much trouble with this one, we've got a friend who swears she supremely dissed a shopkeeper in West Africa with a thumbs up sign. Read more about Richie and his career to date here. And in some countries, the number three could be signified by a gesture that looks similar to the okay sign. Its origin is disputed, which isn’t surprising as its dual use could indicate two different origins. I use it to indicate to strangers how beautiful something is, for example if they have a cute baby, but not sure whether people understand or not. While derogatory, it was not considered a serious insult. In fact, this hand gesture seems to have a positive connotation everywhere…until you flip it around. It is interpreted as an insult by some nations of the Commonwealth (such as South Africa, India and the UK), so be careful how you place your palm before doing the V sign! If two people made wishes while creating a single cross with their index fingers together, they believed that the good spirits would be inclined to grant their wishes. In Italy, this gesture is known as la corna, while it is called el cornudo in Colombia. Patrice J. Williams is a travel and style content creator and fact checker and author of thrift shopping book ", Pointing Finger: Often a Rude Gesture in Any Country or Culture, OK Sign Is Okay to You, a Big Fat Zero to Some Europeans. Previously, it had been perceived everywhere as a marginally rude gesture, though it was occasionally used to great effect in advertising (think, "Uncle Sam Wants You"). This hand gesture is another one which is fairly universal. The referee turned to the spectators, who indicated their choice by giving a thumbs up or thumbs down. The sign did not mean any of these when it originated in ancient Greece. (Credit: BuzzFeed) A careful analysis of more than 100 photographs of President Donald Trump sitting with various world leaders, celebrities, and journalists conclusively shows that the American leader often and indiscriminately uses the “Triangle of Satan” hand gesture. Spread your cheekbones as if you were forcing a smile, and stretch your lips so that they are almost non-visible. If in doubt, motion with your head to point at something. But this is not always the case. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. Vulcan SaluteThe Vulcan salute resembles the V-sign except that it is done with four fingers on the … Yet, this gesture has a completely different meaning in China, where hand signals are often used to indicate numbers. , Online First Impressions | Tips To Creating A Strong Digital Image | Internet Reputation Management, How To Deal With Uncomfortable Greetings | Hugs, Kisses, and Sweaty Handshakes, How To Look Better – 7 Easy Ways YOU Can Be More Attractive, 11 Secret Habits That Make You Hot (According To Women), Click here - Best Black Friday Deals 2020. Check out the Busuu blog for tips & tricks to learn a language, cultural insights & stories, company news, and new product features. When you want to show how a situation or a person has drastically changed. The Bellamy salute became controversial with the arrival of the Nazi salute. And if you do manage to slip up and offend someone, a simple apology and explanation that you didn't know it was offensive are often all it takes to make amends. The Nazi salute was considered a greeting in Nazi Germany. Both mean “the cuckold” and the gesture is used to imply a person’s partner is cheating on them. Italians love pasta; and spaghetti is the epitome of Italian cuisine. Other archers realized this and began raising two fingers at French soldiers as an insult.[6]. Yet, this gesture has a completely different meaning in China, where hand signals are often used to indicate numbers.

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