ET: What about plans for The Reserve and Bulgari? We opened our first hotel in Atlanta in January 1984. Previously cities included San Francisco CA and Trenton ME. 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The smartest thing I did was to make sure to surround myself with people better than me — people I call my black-belt army. I enjoyed the travel and going to different hotels. My father and mother were always on the road. Interview with Herve Humler, president of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. in Chevy Chase . Career highlights: President and chief operations officer, international operations, Ritz-Carlton; executive vice president, international, Ritz-Carlton. So an example could be you arrive at the airport and on your phone you get your check-in information, and then use your mobile phone to go up the elevator when you get to the hotel and right up to your room. ET: But you finally gave in and launched a rewards program and affinity credit card? But it’s not always about the things that need to be done. I helped grow this company from nothing. It was a dream, and the dream did come true, but the journey is not finished. It was very challenging, because we had to make sure that all the hotels were successful. In 1986, we were voted best hotel company in the world. It’s much more lifestyle-oriented and less complicated. A former night cleaner is today a regional vice president in China. We have two openings in China, Langkawi [Malaysia] and a resort in Vietnam, and we’re looking at Cambodia. We worked with General Motors to retrain salespeople from 250 dealerships. ET: What about for the in-hotel experience? In the last two years, we decided to exceed our customer service by making sure every single one of our employees was engaged with customers and creating memories for them in a way that customers will want to come back. The location is almost directly across from Gibraltar. There is still plenty of opportunity. In the car going to the hotel you’ve ordered soup or a sandwich because you want something to eat and as soon as you are situated there comes your meal so you don’t waste any time. I did everything from selling to serving and deploying. Position: President and chief operations officer, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co., Chevy Chase. Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. Summary: Herve Humler is 70 years old and was born on 06/06/1950. I think he sent me 14 emails, and he said, “if you give me a chance I will become the best chef at Ritz-Carlton.” On one of my trips to Germany he literally met me at the airport. Abu Dhabi is 650 keys including 75 villas. We had over 200 of our concierges provide tips from their own city or places they know well, and we are constantly updating them. Berlin has become a leisure destination. It’s been a great success story, but it wouldn’t be successful without the ladies and gentlemen of the Ritz-Carlton family. Four days a week we talk about our service values. Herve Humler: Phulay Bay (the first Reserve) is a destination we created. It’s about the passion for what we do.
Herve Humler joined Marriott International in 1983. ET: LVMH purchased Bulgari a year ago and they have their own hotel group (Courchevel and St. Tropez). Herve Humler: Food and beverage has become the reputation of the hotel. For Bulgari, we now have three with London [Bali and Milan]. A while back I was getting emails from this kid who was a young chef in Germany. Sometimes Herve goes by various nicknames including Herve Fi Humier, Herve J Humbler, Herve H Humler, Herve F Humler and Herve J Humer. For example, if you send in a shirt and it’s missing a button we should fix the button. And we’ve seen new guests come over who always valued what Ritz-Carlton offered but also wanted a program that rewarded them. They’re ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. The next will be Shanghai and after that we believe it will be New Delhi, Dubai and Beijing. It’s a great location with 204 keys, a very complete hotel. Asia is booming. Next year the Nice Hotel School graduate will mark his 30th anniversary spanning two ownerships (now part of Marriott International, Inc.); the opening of 80 properties, 31 Ritz-Carlton Residences, two new brands (The Reserve by Ritz-Carlton and Bulgari Hotels and Resorts) and The Ritz-Carlton Institute (a corporate training center); and the honor of numerous travel publication awards and two Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards. There are seven food and beverage outlets from a steakhouse to Thai. But even as we hit an economic slowdown in the 1980s, we always believed there would not be a recession at the Ritz-Carlton if we gave the best customer service. Moscow is very strong and Berlin has really taken off. President and COOThe Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. It’s anything from training to legendary service to helping a company craft its mission statement. But we said let’s do something that rewards customers with more of the experiences they want. “Reserve would also allow us to compete with some very small but very high-end brands globally, especially in some of the markets where they are.”, The Reserve in Krabi, 20 miles from Phuket, comprises large villas with a great sense of place, he notes. So it became about access to partners such as Abercrombie & Kent. Herve Humler: I used to say I’m not going to offer points, I’m going to offer service. It became clear that I needed to take a fresh look. We just opened Okinawa [featured in Elite Traveler’s 101 Top Suites 2012 list]. Be the first to know about the latest in luxury lifestyle news and travel, delivered straight to your inbox each week. It’s got a great Guerlain spa and health club, a pool and a terrific Ritz-Carlton Club and Club Floor. That was the beginning of the global Ritz-Carlton company. ET: Ritz-Carlton is famous for its credo and service? We just opened Vienna. If you continue using our website, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Conclusion. It’s one customer at a time. There is a tremendous amount of dedicated craftsmanship and that is part of the experience. We share our best practices. When it comes to luxury, the fundamentals have not changed. The building dates back to 1860 and it backs onto Beethoven Square. Our marketing has actually become an operational platform – “let us stay with you.” It is an invitation to the customer to stay at our hotels, but with an emotional focus. Our mission – provide the most complete and reliable information about forex brokers At a hotel you have a lineup three times a day for morning, afternoon and night shifts. I started in a small lodge in the Ivory Coast. During this recession, many people couldn’t afford luxury, but we felt we had to be the beacon. There aren’t enough rooms. As we first started out, there were so many dreams and visions but not always the money to do what we wanted, such as develop fast enough to be in every capital city in the world. ‘There will be shocks’: Yngve Slyngstad, Norway’s $1tn man, Interiors guru Martin Ephson loves his 1964 Aston Martin DB5 and Napoleon’s favourite pudding wine, For 4 weeks receive unlimited Premium digital access to the FT's trusted, award-winning business news, MyFT – track the topics most important to you, FT Weekend – full access to the weekend content, Mobile & Tablet Apps – download to read on the go, Gift Article – share up to 10 articles a month with family, friends and colleagues, Delivery to your home or office Monday to Saturday, FT Weekend paper – a stimulating blend of news and lifestyle features, ePaper access – the digital replica of the printed newspaper, Integration with third party platforms and CRM systems, Usage based pricing and volume discounts for multiple users, Subscription management tools and usage reporting, Dedicated account and customer success teams.

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