This is because the Crones’ and Vampires’ “Muster” ability will seriously hinder your chances to win. Don’t forget to take a trophy from its corpse and head back to Sven in order to complete the quest and collect your reward. 10 Hidden Secrets Many Players Still Haven’t Found In The Witcher 3. Let’s Cook! 1. Of the remaining five achievements, one of them is tied to combat, another tied to your new vineyard, and the last three are collectible-based. The greater mutagens are found on more unique monsters in the game however, such as contracted monsters. Investigate the site to find some blood trails. While this achievement may come naturally to some players over the course of their playthrough, there’s an easy method to follow in obtaining this. Home » Guides » PC Guides » The Witcher 3 Achievements Guide. If you let him go (which is the recommended path) he will give you a fair amount of coins and a diagram for a Gnomish Gwyhyr. Read the letter to find there was once a scientist in Toussaint researching Witcher Mutations, thus triggering "Turn and Face the Strange.". Before he can recover, use a strong swing to break his defense and quickly take him out. Follow the objective to the auction house near Plegmund’s Bridge and it will trigger a cutscene with Liam Coronata and Matilda Vermentino. Pest Control (30G) — Destroy all monster nests in the Velen / Novigrad region, or in Skellige. If you managed to kill all five to six wolves within ten seconds while remaining unscathed, both achievements will unlock right away. If you progress any further with either of the previous Wine Wars quests, you will miss the achievement (see note below). Full Crew (15G) — Bring all possible allies to Kaer Morhen for the battle against the Hunt. This achievement will unlock after successfully completing the main quest entitled "Family Matters" during Act I. All in all, once the entire “Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige's Here” quest has been completed, this achievement will unlock. Kill at least 5 opponents in under 10 seconds. Thoroughly explore the Wight's Lair and when hiding in the closet, try to lift the curse instead of attacking the creature. It is recommended to wait until you are a Level 22+ to work on this contract. Once this side quest has been completed, return to the guards in the watchtower near the arena in Hov and the final fight will unlock. Start with the first option: upgrading the house. 27. Acquire all gwent cards available in the base version of the game. Complete the subplot about choosing Skellige's ruler. Please refer to the guide below right now for this achievement because their recruitment have several missable prerequisites. Go into the inn and there will be some men fighting in the corner. Once they have all been obtained during your playthrough, this achievement will finally be yours. A horror connoisseur, RPG adventurer, open-world fanatic, and part-time battle royaler. Keep in mind that if you lose any of the four/five competitions during the tourney you will fail the achievement’s requirement. Make sure to refer to the guide below for each of these! Complete the following: Side Quest: An Invitation from Kiera Metz/A Towerful of Mice, Side Quest: For the Advancement of Learning, At the end of this quest, be sure to convince Kiera to go to Kaer Morhen. Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow! Before you start your search for all the gwent cards, take the following tips into consideration in regards to collecting all the cards. If their level is green (meaning they're close to your level), you gain a standard amount of XP. The choice you’re looking for is: “Wanna finish the tourney." Whether you equip lesser or greater mutagens in the four slots of the Character Panel, this achievement will unlock once all four slots are filled. So if you mess up you will respawn right in front of the archer without any loading times and can keep trying. After that, use the following four turns to place out all three Reavers and the Commander’s Horn on the Ranged Units. In addition to this, the quest’s secondary objective will bring you to Beauclair, specifically Count Monnier, the creator of the Skellige faction deck. After this fight, Toussaint is yours – you can continue working on the main quest line, begin exploring at your own leisure, and everything in between. Other players may decide to take a different route and that's absolutely fine.

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