Make sure you create an ample volume variant (Packs/SKUs) for each segment to buy your product. So when designing a product, make sure you remain output (benefit) focused & not ingredient (input) focused. If you are tight on budget, then stop discounting very large packs, because someone using a 500 ml shampoo bottle won't be downgrading to a sachet. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Daily laborers are employed in the fields & salaries are paid daily. For six decades Hindustan Unilever has remained among Indias top five most valuable companies. Our vision is a new way of doing business – one that delivers growth by serving society and the planet. While working on Vitamin B3 deficiency among children, Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3, leads to pellagra which causes dark patches on the skin. An example of one such brand extension is Rin Supreme Bar which failed miserably & has to rebrand into Surf Excel Brand. The famous words of Sudhir Sitapati on product extension goes like this: “ If you are lucky your brand extension will fail but if you are unlucky it may succeed and destroy the mother ship”. Lesson No. We think total compensation is more important but we note that the CEO salary is lower, at ₹88m. MBA 101 in action - delivering results - the HUL way! Kwality walls, Apple & McDonalds are 2 o’clock brands (Extrovert + We), Dove & Brookbond are 4 o'clock brands (Introvert + We), Samsung & Domex are 7 o'clock brands (Introvert + I), Lux & Thums Up are 10 o'clock brands (Extrovert + I). The Vast Majority of consumers want Benefits & are not interested in Ingredients. Check out our latest analysis for Hindustan Unilever. We think total compensation is more important but we note that the CEO salary is lower, at ₹88m. The book is written by a senior director of Hul. Sanjiv Mehta is Chairman/Managing Director/CEO at Hindustan Unilever Ltd. See Sanjiv Mehta's compensation, career history, education, & memberships. He has been leading Unilever’s business in India and South Asia since October 2013 as CEO and Managing Director, HUL and Executive Vice President, Unilever, South Asia. HUL got Niladri Kumar, Rahul Sharma & Nirali Kartik in the new ad campaign. This analysis aims first to contrast CEO compensation with other large companies. Side Note: Amul Butter Cookies recently took a potshot on Brittania "Good-day" biscuits which has only 0.3-3% butter while Amul Butter cookies have 25% butter goodness. This article is divided into 5 broad chapters & 8 lessons, covering everything from making a product to delivering it to the end-users. There aren't very many mega-cap companies, so we had to take a wide range to get a meaningful comparison figure. R&D is the ultimate growth engine for product invention, don’t reduce the R&D budget. Don’t experiment with altering the brand image. Advertisements: Breaking Social Norms, Spreading Smiles! Whenever you move into brand extension, take care of the consumer’s mind space. It clearly indicates that the author is out of touch. Sales. User insights are very important. At Dmart, India's most valuable retailer (Pre Reliance-Future group acquisition period), store managers don't have a sales target; instead, they have a target for on-shelf availability & pilferage. This will alert our moderators to take action. He is an Alumnus of IIFT, Kolkata. Most importantly, Surf Excel which was the 5th largest brand in 2005, is today HUL's largest brand. matter more than revenue numbers. Yesterday I completed "The CEO Factory" by Sudhir Sitapati & my mind is still musing about all the practical things taught by this book.It has been the most wholesome read I ever had on subjects of Marketing, and Business in general.

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