... Damien Hirst creates $100,000-per-night hotel suite in Las Vegas. Category Reality / Travel Original air date 2018-06-19 I find that hard to believe; there must have been other occasions that haven't made it to broadcast. The Hotel Inspector Category: Education/Science/Factual Episode 6 of 8 | Season 11 Really. 1. stopgo Posts: 5,961. Edel Rodriguez creates "You're fired" graphic after Donald Trump loses 2020 US presidential election. Subscribe. ‘You’re fired’: Trump on way out – here’s what Twitter users said. This includes hundreds of U.S. attorneys and inspectors general, the leadership at the FBI and IRS, the general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, the two top officials at the Social Security Administration, and the chairs of at least 12 multimember commissions. Freeview:17 Sky:142 Virgin:128 BT:17 Freesat:160. The Hotel Inspector Category: Education/Science/Factual Episode 3 of 8 | Season 11 Really. For the first time, Alex tackles two hotels at once - a country inn in the Scottish borders with new and disengaged owners, and a guest house in Cambridge whose owner is reluctant to modernise. The Hotel Inspector ... Next week's programme is tagged, "You're Fired," and is billed as the first time Alex has been shown to door by a hotelier. Freeview:17 Sky:142 Virgin:128 BT:17 Freesat:160. The Hotel Inspector Series 14 Episode 3: You're Fired.

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