Very recently, Vandal Savage reappeared on the finale for the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow. He could use Queen Bee to manipulate her way into other countries, use her and Count Vlad dizzi-man and Luthor for diplomatic immunity, all while having the US government putting pressure on the Justice League to not do shit. That he needs to kill each of their reincarnated selves in order to stay immortal? Currently, Vandal Savage owns Warworld; Has caused Darksied (his truest enemy) some setbacks; Still technically in league with Darksied; PLAYING both sides. And that's only because the writers never thought about it. And that's just a population of 2000. Bruuh. You get 20 elite-level assassins that are loyal to each other because of harship and training and follow a dedicated leader like Vandal and you get an extraodinary force that few could stop. Genius-Level Intellect:Due to his immortality, Vandal Savage has amassed vast experiences an knowledge in various fields, becoming one of Earth's greatest intellects. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When he kills the chicken people he charges up or can use this charge to charge smaller batteries (his followers) using blood magic. When designing a superhuman immortal, you really have to think about the ramifications that their nature would have on the environment around them. No nation worth its salt is going to let some immortal caveman raise a metahuman army for world domination under its nose, diplomatic immunity be damned. Allen Lee is a Toronto-based freelance writer who studied business in school but has since turned to other pursuits. With other immortals, often the first step is and should be, trying to understand the source of their immortality. There is no indication that the character will be making further appearances, so for the time being, it seems that this will be a one-off. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Vandal Savage: For starters, Vandal Savage is a very old character in more than one sense of the word. While Vandal Savage could be telling the truth in some cases, it seems probable that he isn’t in others. Regarding a Meta Army, It seems to be implied that the Meta Gene was recently identified as a direct cause for most Supers. It's cool and mystical to think that theres a force older than humans that played its history...but where's the pudding? So Vandal is an immortal, who rules a cabal that includes; A Queen dictator with mind powers and an entire country Lex Luthor himself, genius billionaire The Brain (unfettered mad scientist) Klarion A Lord of Chaos Others... . Savage is the only person left on Earth. They must hide the secret to their power lest they become victims of their own eternal life mission. The show makes him out to be this superhuman strategist that the Light and the League of Shadows doubled down on, but it just seems like they bet on wrong horse. Out of 2000, that would be 20 people. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LegendsOfTomorrow community. Primarily, Vandal Savage is famous for being immortal, which is the result of his exposure to a mysterious meteorite that produced miraculous changes within him. Hell, if the writers came out and said that Vandal was just a warrior up until he met Darkseid and THAT'S what triggered him to kick things up into high gear would have made a FAR BETTER and compelling and understandable reason. One, his first appearance came in the tenth issue of the Green Lantern comic, which was in 1943. To say a random 20 metahumans could take down the Justice League is an exaggeration. How many are they??? But he thinks Darkseid is more powerful than the New Gods, and therefore that he can get more mileage out of it. Not all immortals face this particular issue, but sometimes the way their immortality works is by essentially indefinitely postponing death and aging. Speaking of Vandal Savage’s children, this one is a real doozy. Hence why i mentioned it would be totally ok, if not better, had the writers just gone "welp he lived his immortal life bangin chicks, drinkin wine and having a good time, until he met Darkseid and got a bigger picture of the Universe. In the recent finale, Vandal Savage showed up in hell where he was supposed to torture Ray Palmer but winded up befriending him instead. The show makes him out to be this superhuman strategist that the Light and the League of Shadows doubled down on, but it just seems like they bet on wrong horse. However, after such a battle and being resurrected from a single cell (Thanks Malcolm! I just wrote it in phonetics for people. In this way, the Justice League are useful to the Light and worth keeping around. Savage once moved against the JL in S1. Even before guns, he should have had BY NOW a standing army of at least 100,000 thousand strong of both meta-humans and sorcerers. However, there are a couple of potential issues with this. Now while effectively immortal thanks to magic and the … - Page 2. Vandal Savage real name Vandar Adg is an immortal warlord from prehistoric times in the DC universe. Immortals basically are the poster child for why understanding your enemy before engaging is important. To be exact, he fought Darkseid when the Lord of Apokolips invaded the Earth. I recall something being said along the lines of his immortality being linked to Prince Khufu and Chay’ara. They may lose their immortal status, and from then on age and die just as any mortal would. Not unless they get a slice of the pie, which Vandal presumably offers. You need to time travel him from the year 1,000,000 into a nuclear explosion he caused in the year 19somethingsomething. The reason Vandal and the Light was feared in Season 1 is because things were close to the ground. 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