Individuals who want to become a Market Research Analyst need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in order to enter this profession.. … There seem to be so many ways as to how to proceed as a market research analyst. Problem Solving skills. Market research analysts must be able to take the information that the client wants and devise the best way to obtain this information. Market research analysts … Education Requirements to Become a Market Research Analyst. According to the BLS the median salary for a market research analyst … According to the BLS, market research analyst jobs are projected to grow 20% from 2018 to 2028, which is much faster than the average of all other professions. Market research analysts typically have a bachelor’s degree in marketing; however, some analysts may have a … How to Become a Market Research Analyst Educational background. Firstly, a market research analyst understands the business requirement by interviewing the different stakeholders involved.. Presentation skills. Top Skills for Market Research Analysts. The upshot is that great marketing analysts are becoming … This could (and should) involve the product manager, the sales … Today, savvy market research analysts can process behavioral data in real-time, substitute micro-surveys and social listening analytics for cumbersome studies, and employ tools like geofencing and eye-tracking.

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