Ancient Sumerian record keepers marked pictographic symbols in soft pieces of clay with a pointed reed. Sometimes you forget that you’re writing not only for your benefits but also the reader 's benefits too. For any exam or class test, writing skills are crucial for students. Home » Mesopotamia » Writing and the Development of Civilization. List of Compare Contrast Essay Ideas: Best, Writing a Descriptive Essay Must Be Right: Tipes. In my opinion social class is one of the most important characteristics of a civilization.One of the reasons … For centuries, the human species has been mastering the art of writing, as it is everywhere whether you think so or not. These sources should decipher why a student should care, The Importance of Academic Writing The word hieroglyph literally means "sacred carvings". According to this theory, the concept of representing language by written marks, though not necessarily the specifics of how such a system worked, was … If there is one “golden rule” of effective … Download this lesson as Microsoft Word file or as an Adobe Acrobat file. Numerous researches give disappointing results – most students do not cope with the tasks of writing academic essays. There are different ways writing is beneficial. Phonetic languages make small typewriters and computer keyboards possible. The importance of academic writing. Writing in the college-level is needed in order to master college work in any class. We call the Sumerian writing system cuneiform. Hence why English/Language Arts is a core class in most schools. Eventually, most cultures developed phonetic writing systems where a symbol represents a sound rather than an object. Students who can write clearly … All this has made the actual problem of training qualified specialists in the field of writing academic works. Cuneiform means wedged shaped because the marks in the clay were wedges. Since ancient times it was believed that only highly-educated people, the elite of society, make academic writing. College writing is a needed necessity in college, and for your future career because most careers require writing or documenting to be done. They spread all over the southern parts of Europe and the middle parts of Asia, the Gulf countries, some parts of North America, South America and Africa. Listen as Mr. Dowling reads this lesson. In the dental field having good writing skills is highly important. Discover more about Mesopotamia at, Writing and the Development of Civilization, The Indian Subcontinent - An Introduction, Abraham Maslow and the Hierarchy of Needs. Why is writing in college so important? This is an experience which likely falls on many professionals across many fields. The audience is the most important thing to worry about in writing. The sources of academic thoughts were in the Greek language, other languages borrowed scientific definitions and terms from it; the languages of the peoples who have reached a certain scientific discovery have become an academic language. So its ancient civilization continues without interruption. Tasks may involve both writing and communication skills. Application of the skills of academic writing in practice becomes … Basically all classes require you to more than likely submit some kind of research paper or essay. Many people struggle with writing a paper because they do not know how to make their paper appealing to the audience. The Egyptians first used hieroglyphs exclusively for inscriptions carved or painted on temple walls. Writing and the Development of Civilization. All discoveries made in ancient times, have reached us only through writing. Some people believe that writing is not important on a daily basis, others believe it is extremely valuable to know how to do. The clay tablets were then baked to make them hard. academic writing, used together with reading, pronunciation forms the appropriate qualities in young people: coherence and integrity of speech skills in future professionals; academic writing helps the disclosure of language skills; being a type of linguistic activity of a person, academic writing forms such qualities as education, discipline, organization; possession of the skills of writing academic works – is the guarantor of a successful life in the academic field; proficiency in academic writing positions you as an educated person who can think and express thoughts competently; academic writing provides an opportunity to improve and expand their knowledge in writing all kinds of writing. Two of the … While preparing to write academic work, you also conduct research, observe events, focus on any object; Form skills on registration of sources used for writing quotes. Mr. Donn has an excellent website that includes a section on Mesopotamia. Not only is it important for everyone’s career but it is especially important for my future in the psychology, college-level writing is a topic that is very much backed up and accompanied by facts and studies. The process of historical development continues in the modern laws of the development of academic writing. I knew that Honors English 10 would be a difficult class but I was excited to gain help and guidance to elevate my writing skill that year. To master different methods of generating ideas; To adhere to the chosen topic, in order to reveal and substantiate it; Stylistically correctly build sentences and use words; The demonstration of academic writing skills will give you priority for admission to higher education, registration of working resume. languages of the world countries become academic; the vocabulary of a widely used language penetrates into other languages; the dominant language may exclude other languages from academic writing. In general, the emergence of writing marked the boundaries of a new period of human life, a period that can be defined and designated. I discussed this topic and other writing topics with a professor at Shawnee Community College. Required fields are marked *. Since the 18th century it has been common to identify literacy with … Students must process a text either in written or listening scheme and the way in which they are approached and the usefulness of the process depends of course upon the teaching methodology selected or being used during the lesson plan among the activities.

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