Wonder Woman approaches Arthur, calling him Majesty, and asks him to stop. You here to take down these punks?" Nothing comes of either of these. She wraps the Lasso around Adam's neck and informs him that he cannot lie so long as the Lasso touches him. ", "From now on we'll be more than a nuisance. - Clash with himself, "You'd be delicious battered and fried!" ", "You trying to beat Superman? - Clash with, "I liked you better as Robin." She follows after Superman and Nightwing into the depths of the Asylum to rescue Robin. In this continuity, Supergirl is forced to watch as Brainiac destroys her planet, and then as she is being put in a spaceship, she watches her mother die right in front of her. - Clash with, "Do I have a chance WITH you?" I'll slice that grin offa yer face! One of Sub-Zero's pre-battle introductions has him scrape his swords together, but most of the time they don't even touch despite making audible scraping sounds and sparks. Navigating from the ruins of Metropolis and graves of his loved ones, Superman is reunited with Wonder Woman who leads him back to a community of fellow heroes, including Billy Batson. On top of what she goes through in Story Mode, her beloved cousin is. When Superman asks what is happening, Wonder Woman reveals Arthur's armies are rising on ports and harbors all over the world. and return as Grodd's mind controlled puppets only to then vanish again and play no part in the endgame once freed. When sales for Superman comics started to decline, writers thought it was necessary to temporarily kill him off in order to highlight to the world just how important he was. - Occasionally after combos on, " Did I tug on your cape?" On the Watchtower, Luthor explains that he wants to join their cause and help them more efficiently bring peace to the world. DC finally decided to pull the trigger in Justice League #12. - Clash with, "Let's have a snowball fight." Superman asks Wonder Woman to hold Lois after a moment and suddenly flies off, then later murders the Joker by impaling him with his arm. In the finale, Superman betrays her, and Kara loses absolutely everything in the ending. Harley also has some with Starfire in one match intro dialogue (it's the delivery that really sells it). And he only appears in a nightmare sequence for Harley to fight, which pretty much validates the fan's complaints about him being a wasted slot. Family A doctor accompanying them for returning Two-Face but Wonder Woman interjects, saying they are not there to return Two-Face but remove all super-villain patients, with Diana saying they have "Lost faith" in the asylum. As the people look on in horror at the broken body of Galaxor, Diana violently orders them to disperse and all the civilians flee in terror in the face of her rage. She then leaves with Superman to begin negotiations with Qurac, leaving the wounded God of War behind. ", "Ugh, instant hangover.." - After defeated, "Ain't no slick fella with a cheap suit and cheaper grin telling me who I am ever again. "You can have him. 1280 x 800 We can team up again. Doctor Fate's dialogue in general. Wonder Woman is found severely inured in a crater in the North Pole by Superman. - To, "What you need is a laughing gas arrow." ", "Nobody puts Harleen in a corner." Superman asks Wonder Woman to hold Lois after a moment and suddenly flies off, then later murders the Joker by impaling him with his arm. She's not exactly a very well known character (in fact, The guest character in Fighter Pack 3? She then states that in response to his actions, his parents were kidnapped. When Superman unleashes his full power against the Parademons and single-handedly eliminates the entire invasion force, Wonder Woman looks on with a smile on her face. - Clash with, "You're breaking Asimov's first law!" The game often recycles voice clips for pre-fight intros and clashes, and sometimes the resulting conversations can get questionably disjointed and amusingly confusing. Having heard enough, Wonder Woman then asks him, "Black Adam- Tell us. He ended up being given a helmet in a later patch in response to complaints. The new loot system to upgrade characters RPG style has been well received for providing a plethora of cosmetic options, with game-changing stats not being mandatory for competitive play.

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