Especially in, like, middle school or high school. Lil Nas X Slams Haters For ‘Sexualizing’ His Makeup Collab With James Charles Brent Furdyk. RELATED: Kylie Jenner unrecognisable with no makeup, YouTuber James Charles did an all-natural Kylie's makeup. (hehe). A post shared by Pop Faction (@popfaction) on Aug 17, 2020 at 6:09am PDT. This song was actually a big break for Doja. All Rights Reserved. There's no one who's going to kick me out of the house, nobody to start treating me s—. James Charles Donated Thousands For COVID-19 Relief . James Charles Tests his Parenting Skills by Adopting a Kid for a Day, James Charles collabs with Charli & Dixie D’Amelio. Lil Nas X Came Out on His Album and No One Noticed. The picture she uploaded appeared differently from the original video. Check out the tweets below. We were taking pictures, whatever., — James Charles (@jamescharles) November 17, 2020. This collab was genuinely so much fun to film, I hope you guys love it! What do you think of all the comments people are leaving on social media regarding a possible relationship between the two men? Picture: James Charles / YouTubeSource:YouTube, One person commented: “What the Kylie? — James Charles (@jamescharles) November 17, 2020. *, Taylor Swift Responds To Scooter Braun Selling Her Music, These receipts suggest Charli D’Amelio may be buying followers, YouTube unbans Belle Delphine after backlash on double standards for NSFW content, YouTube unbans Belle Delphine after backlash on double standards for…, Why the Polls in 2020 US Elections were Wrong again. By Haniya Abbas Last updated Aug 19, 2020. RETWEET to be the next video's sister shoutout!! In the 16 minute clip, the close pals poured some wine and gossiped about fun times together as James did her spooky look. Read Also | 'Hocus Pocus' Cast To Reunite For A Fundraising Event For NYRP; Details Here. “2 gay men can do things together without y’all sexualizing it,” he wrote in response to the comments. Though she was very good at drawing and stuff like that. Subscribe to my channel for makeup, entertainment, music and more! Lil Nas X took to his Twitter and lashed out at people targeting him and James Charles for their sexuality by writing homophobic comments about the two. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. This article originally appeared on the Sun and was reproduced here with permission. A number of netizens had left mean comments about how Lil Nas X and James Charles being gay and how they must have spent their time after the makeup video. But I guess these two were really lucky. He wrote in a tweet, “Just say you are turned on and go”. James also further added fuel to the fire when he responded to a fan and said that there “are many surprise guests coming” to his new videos. Stanton-King, 43, tweeted in response to the promo image. They even talked about how a girl named Yodeling Haley who made the video on Doja’s song ‘Say So’. 'Hocus Pocus' Cast To Reunite For A Fundraising Event For NYRP; Details Here. And you just cannot avoid looking at Manny Mua’s comment. Because friends who support each other, grow stronger together. Her eyes also appeared to be lightened as well as various facial features thinned out. I think James Charles deserves an award for doing the best collaborations in the beauty community. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. The final look shows Kylie wearing heavy foundation, a gold smoky eye, and four stripes of bloody scratches from an apparent claw wound. The "Panini" musician's tweet about his Charles collab came just a day after he defended himself from Angela Stanton-King, a … And sunblock. I am like your number one biggest fan. Doja recalls the first time they met: “It started at Coachella. According to the Instagram account Pop Faction, “an insider” said that James and Selena were “in talks” to release a video that features all of her Rare Beauty products. Sex with everything and everyone including yourself? I guess Doja and James are the friends which we all badly need in our lives. “As you guys can see today I am joined with a very very special guest ‘Doja Cat’. Someone else asked him for confirmation, adding, “Collab with Selena, it’s real? Kylie Jenner has been slammed for her latest collab with pal James Charles, after fans ripped the photo she posted and accused the social media queen of being too photoshopped. Several other people criticised the two and wrote that they were not interested in watching the video. I'm Sorry James Charles Apologizes After Tyler Oakley Called Him Out For Partying Amid Coronavir... All The Deets Selena Gomez Is Heading Back To TV In New Hulu Comedy Series 'Only Murders In The Buil... All The Deets Everything You Need To Know About Selena Gomez’s HBO Max Cooking Show ‘Selena + Chef’... J-14 has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Immediately, fans started to reply and asked for more information, and some even started wondering if it might be with Selena. According to an insider, YouTuber and Make-up artist #JamesCharles is in talks to do a makeup video featuring #SelenaGomez with a possible tie in with #RareBeauty products. Advertisement. 17 Nov 2020 10:57 PM. The song is based of “Lil Dicky”’s song, “Freaky Friday”. Lil Nas X responded to the hateful tweetes, writing back to PopCrave, "2 gay men can do things together without y’all sexualizing it.". “Your new collab better be Selena Gomez,” one person wrote. After sharing on social media that Lil Nas X would get his makeup done by Charles in a new video, the 21-year-old stars received negative, teasing comments about their sexuality. So I would be on the floor and then I would try to do a vampire look”. The 23-year-old posted a sultry selfie with YouTuber James Charles where she looked “drastically” different than how she appeared in the same video they appeared in together. In a close-up of Kylie‘s chest the wonky background – usually a telltale sign of photoshop – was highlighted. James Charles had uploaded a makeup video with Lil Nas X on YouTube and he took to social media to announce that the video would be out soon. First-time meetups can get super awkward at times. Lil Nas X Came Out to His Father … I want girls and boys and men and women to feel comfortable,” the Wizards of Waverly Place alum told fans in a video when she first announced Rare Beauty. Another added, “Is it a collab with @selenagomez since her new beauty brand @rarebeauty is about to drop?”. 1 day ago. ", RELATED: Lil Nas X Gives an Update on His Dating Life: 'I'm Going to Try to Go Steady'.

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