Also, Gladiator punting Mjolnir is just f*cking hilarious. With BFR, Gladiator wins (note: that's why it's stupid to have discussions about grounded bricks and flying bricks. ur response is unsatisfacotory to me so im ignoreing u now. The Juggernaut (represented by @shade555) : Gladiator (@the_red_devil) :Rules : This is a CaV so please don't start debating or fighting about who would win. If it ain't cannon, it don't count. plus trion juggs would be able to atleast last agenst superboy prime and sbp is ALOT stronger then much as i like gladiator to win (on account of his AWSOME hair.) im not sayin gladiator wouldnt have a fight on his hands but based on his power he would beat jugs. dude your just sayin that because you are the hugest juggernaut fanboy i have ever met. you wanna avoid sometimes? - People are playing Jugg -> Guard -> Glad. (This comes from a sword and board user, where I have tons of recovery on block & max block). For mapping, gladiator is generally superior, for bossing jugg wins hands down. It just offers too much block benefit to ignore. Actually it is a big jump to belive that Gladaitor, who was shown once to smash a planet, can actually move a planet. Jugg definitely has a higher offensive ceiling though. I mean idk why people avoid clusters so much. Playing next. Jugg is actually tanky, and can stack insane amounts of health and mitigation, and doesnt need to go down to the block nodes to do it. Not sure I agree about clear-speed though, a good crit Jugg will out DPS an RT max block tanky build. I told you check strength levels on comicvine. This could be an epic fight. Jugg is tanky AF. But I don't see Gladiator having the tools to beat The Juggernaut. Necromancer with different summons is pretty tanky, they are your meat shield, plus you'll get 7k+ life and offerings etc. All you need to worry about is having enough life to avoid a one shot. This is relatively important as a smaller planet or a planet of a less durable nature will be easier to destroy. Welcome to our list of the best Juggernaut builds for Path of Exile’s Heist league (3.12).The Juggernaut is one of the toughest ascendancy classes in Path of Exile. We know that Thor can destroy secondary Adamantium with blows from the hammer and of conventional weaponry, only a nuke can destroy secondary adamantium. If you invest in straight up phys reduction you will get blasted by a spell at some point or added % Ele damage. o yeah and what evidence do you have that he could. In that same comic where he lifted that building reed richards comments on how the building should have crumbled to bits when gladiator held it up by one corner like that, but because he beleived he could lift the building without damaging it he did. I don't think even Gladiator could physcially hurt the original Juggernaut. gods have a way of beating everybody who think there stronger then them. That's going to be most important against big hits. The best defensive in PoE is layering your defenses. The Gladiator is great choice for dual-wielding weapons, or having a shield to improve your chance to block attacks and spells even further. So if the force delivered was siginificantly greater and repeatidly delivered, then it may be sufficient to get the effect of a chain reaction going. You guys are forgetting the thing that really brings block gladiator over the top: The Anvil. you wanna avoid sometimes? Jugg is better for crit and being basically immortal, Jugg is about reducing incoming damage (mostly physical) gladiator is about avoiding incoming damage (everything except for damage over time not caused by hits). Juggs cannot match Gladiator's speed or reflexes here. 250 tons so half of what gladiator can hahahaso i give it to gladiator, gladiator lifted the baxter building first off and i got my info from strength level on comicvine and i checked other marvel pages, no i did not make the number up! In the 2 images that you have in your image gallery that deal with Gladator destroying a planet they are a 2 key points to note. Last edited by Ryne on Mar 4, 2016, 5:19:22 AM, Last edited by elitedesolator on Mar 4, 2016, 5:29:08 AM. The Tao Of Badass,Dating Advice For Men,The TAO of Badass - Dating Advice For Young Men,Dating tips. Juggernaut Berserker Chieftain Witch builds. First post, sorry if formatting is weird. But, like superman, Gladiator can fly which means he could swoop down pick juggernaut up and deposit him on the moon...gladiator wins. I haven’t played either of them personally, just want something tanky. Do you guys find there’s any reason to go Glad over Jugg after the Jugg rework? Gladiator can obvipously destroy planets but Juggy's full power has never been shown. Welcome to our list of the best Juggernaut builds for Path of Exile’s Heist league (3.12).The Juggernaut is one of the toughest ascendancy classes in Path of Exile. Juggernaut has potential to be the strongest there is. For rippy maps, the things that kill you tend to be a bunch of consecutive hits -- I think that Glad is safer. Pretty fun character but not quite as survivable as I would have thought. X-MEN - Juggernaut Vs Gladiator (BADASS) Report. the same could not be said about FULL powered juggs. I really like the Crab hat/chest/boots DW Sunder Gladiator build --- it's super solid. If the gladiator can guarantee survival when a big hit does connect, they'll be in a good position, but in a poor position if not. Juggernaut Guide Impervious Herald of Agony (HoA) Juggernaut Build Guide (PoE Heist 3.12) Juggernaut Guide Molten Strike Juggernaut Build Guide (PoE Heist 3.12) Berserker Guide Bladestorm Berserker Build (PoE Heist 3.12) Berserker Guide The Ruthless Savage Ground Slam Berserker Build Guide (PoE Harvest 3.11) View all The position of the block nodes are not ideal for an agony crawler build. No, Juggernaut can't be knocked out. That said, Gladiator could BFR him, and he has the advantage of flight. Just because you love the character so much you dont want him to lose. Unless you say "no BFR," we know how it'll end).Without it, Gladiator isn't hurting the Juggernaut no matter how many scans/videos you post from noncannon sources. Takin phys as ele and apying armor to ele is great. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Under a simulation of large incoming hits gladaitor would reduce more overall damage. and trion juggs never got to use all the powers he was given cus he was kinda mindless at the time. We don't know the size of the planet being destroyed, or for that fact it's age and compiosition (molten core, tectonically unstable, etc). Gladiator's defenses are less consistent -- although ~75-80% block rate allows that consistency to be high all the same. Block is only a gamble when your total life pool doesn't leave you with enough current life to feel safe when you take a big hit. Can Gladiator hit this hard. The tree also offers some offensive bonuses like accuracy and … He's way stronger then juggernaut. juggernaut by a ton. Gladiator can easily win via battlefield removal. I think so as I believe that he hits as hard as Thor does when wielding Mjolnir. Press J to jump to the feed. this left a bitter taste with the community. Block is a gamble, % damage reduction and high regen aren't. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. yeah true but.the shows accurate to the comics. We don't know the size of the planet being destroyed, or for that fact it's age and compiosition (molten core, tectonically unstable, etc). Gladiator. But if I take Gladiator, I wont get that much charges (I hate self casting buffs, and idk if CWDT+endurance cry will proc a lot with max block). I've played a lot of each during Bestiary. This is something that can't be agrued against. You have to remove him from the equation like Thor did. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. But physically, Juggernaut is at least Gladiator's equal (plus Gladiator's powers fluctuate with his confidence level, which tends to nosedive when he runs into problem). The Juggernaut is an Ascendancy class for Marauders. Gladiator can't win. I didnt make nothin up so i went back and checked other sites and i found one about jug that said he regualry pressed 100 tons so i check gladiator to and it said the same, Yea gladiator lifted the baxter building dude. So in theory if believed he could punch his fist through Juggernaut he could. Can Gladiator hit this hard. Juggernaut is more durable than Gladiator.

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