Cookies help us deliver our Services. Villager’s Yew Bow Axes are incredible against enemies cladded in Heavy Armor. Master Huntsman’s Sword Not that it's a bad mace, it's great, but gear progression is nice. A little less blunt, a lot more stab. The only way to get this sabre is by using cheat codes. You can buy it from the Swordsmith in Rattay. It is very rare. Before we start, some of these weapons are directly influenced by unlocking certain skills.

You can buy it from the Swordsmith in Rattay. A ceremonial mace is a symbol of military status, which is not to say that it's a mere fashion accessory - it serves just as well as a weapon and the heavy head can put serious dents in an opponent's armour ... or head. Sinew Bow

Villager’s Hazel Bow This helps you block most of the attacks in the game while also sparing your primary weapon of deductions in durability.

After Johanka’s trial in the “A Woman’s Lot” DLC, talk to Sebastian to get this sword. Capon’s Hunting Bow Trusty Companion

Though they might have poor durability, they make up for it by boosting strong Slash and Stab attacks. We're never gonna protect this trippy Tetris realm if you don't! Raven's Beak is more versatile in my opinion just for the 14 stabbing and 55 blunt damage. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare did this well in that maces are strong and quite fast, but short swords are even faster. It encourages a more aggressive style of play since you have to be in reach of contact with the enemy to deliver the blows. Lucerne Hammer Alternatively, players that are unarmored will be faster, so  using a slow weapon like a mace, club, or axe will be less ideal for these situations. Shields allow you to block incoming attacks much better than the Swords or any other weapon. After finishing the ‘Waldensians’ quest, don’t inform Sir Hanush that you let the heretics escape. During ambushes, it can be looted from the corpses of dead merchants.
I'm a little disappointed I haven't found anything better so far. Grandad’s Old Sword This is your Starting Weapon which will be in your inventory that deals +2 Damage and sells for 4 Groschens. Bows are capable of dealing a high amount of damage, depending on the type of bow you are using. Of course, you’ll be able to equip the items nonetheless but trust us, that’s a really bad idea since your weapon is effectively useless without those stats or attributes which are required. Here's all the essential Kingdom Come Deliverance tips you need, including combat basics, controls, cheats, armor and weapons, and much more.

It was the first mace I purchased and it's better than anything I've found over the last few days. Of course, it’s equally likely that you might have to face the steel because someone caught you stealing from them! The weapon system supports a number of combos, but beware; your defense is very vulnerable using this weapon class.

3 … Knowing when to use which is essential. Sony Promises More PS5 Supply for Holidays After Record-Breaking Launch. You can get this mace from very high-level Bandits or Cumans. Prodder Nothing beats a mace bash to the head, I 1-hit the second 'boss' that way. It can be looted from the Cumans. In the first level, there will be two Halberds for you. You can buy it from the Swordsmith in Rattay. Ordinary Bow Alternatively, players that are unarmored will be faster, so using a slow weapon like a mace, club, or axe will be less ideal for these situations.

Maces are a type of weapon in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which are held in the main hand.

Boosting up the defense stat as well, the longsword also has the most combos in the game than any other weapon type. Whether scripted or not, you may end up in a quarrel which you may not get out of using diplomatic efforts. Very often, the outcome of a combat enounter with an enemy can depend on which weapons you're both wielding. The only better mace i've found would be the Ceremonial Mace, which can be found in Rattay or on robber knight bandits. Sure, maces are strong in real life as well, but in this game they are just as agile as shortswords while dealing (not exaggarating) 10 times the damage. It can be bought from armorsmiths or looted from highly armored Guards or Bandits. It can also be found during ‘The Die is Cast’ in a hard locked chest. You can buy it from the Swordsmith in Rattay. You can buy it from the Swordsmith in Rattay. Warhammer That's all fine and good. Sharp objects like a sword will be better at stabbing and slashing attacks. Metal-Plated Battle Axe Quick and fierce, this weapon class is for those players who are willing to face their enemy head on with all their might. Even the best sword is less powerful than a good blunt force object if your opponent is wearing armors that’s geared toward defending sword attacks.

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