[18] On 5 March 2019, it was announced that Plummer would be playing Chantelle. Karen refuses and reaches out to Darren (Kris Saunders), a man with multiple sclerosis so that he can speak to Dinah. Kheerat, Jags and Vinny will debut on the BBC1 soap this autumn. "[42] Producer Jon Sen said of the family "The Panesar family are set arrive this autumn and will bring their own unique blend of charm and chaos onto the Square. "[20] Gray made his first appearance on 29 March 2019. After realising that Adam has no intention of leaving Honey for her, she threatens him and ends their affair. A social worker who is in charge of monitoring, A doctor at Lowe Park private health clinic, who is visited by, A receptionist at the private clinic where, A woman who attends an addiction support group run by, The prosecution barrister in the rape trial of, A teacher at Walford Primary School. However, Leo arrives in Walford and begins menacing Bianca. In September, Tom Wells joined the cast as Leo King, the son of Tony King (Chris Coghill) and Wanda Baptiste (Anni Domingo) as Sheree's mother. Shyanna explains that Dinah can only speak through her and says that Dinah is sorry for how she died and is free of her struggles. Whilst in E20, Whitney confides with Leo about her past relationships and he tries to push for more information about her relationship with his father, but he fails to get it. Charlie "Tubbs" Savage, played by Tayla Kovacevic-Ebong, is an associate of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden). Duration However, when Louise is tied up, Midge reveals it was water, not acid. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express.Alex Jones’ The One Show co-host issues warning to star after error.EastEnders spoilers: Ian Beale's departure confirmed?EastEnders spoilers: Kat Slater suffers tragic heartbreak?EastEnders: Kheerat Panesar could soon be found dead,EastEnders: Chantelle Atkins will meet with a divorce lawyer,EastEnders spoilers: Ian Beale 'arrested' after Sharon's betrayal,EastEnders: Chantelle Atkins is plotting her divorce,EastEnders: Gray Atkins will plant a tracker on Chantelle's phone,Coronation Street spoilers: Weatherfield teens torn apart by tragedy.Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn Taylor unveils Harriet's affair?The Handmaid’s Tale season 4: Nick Blaine ‘rescues’ Hannah,Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle’s future in village ‘threatened’.EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean 'pregnant' - but who's the father?EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean's exit revealed in trial bombshell?EastEnders spoilers: Suki Panesar in danger as Gray Atkins arrested?EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean arrested for Chantelle’s murder. Bailey is a girl who is in Mitch Baker's (Roger Griffiths) van when drug addict Craig (Andrew Armitage) tries to break in. Classification Brooke later breaks up with Bernadette, so Tiffany asks to meet her in McKlunky's. [1] Mitch tells Karen that Bailey is his friend's daughter, and takes Bailey to a football training session. Garcha stated that her most memorable part of starting filming on EastEnders was her scene in The Queen Victoria, describing it as a "famous landmark that is part of our television culture. On the opening day of the salon, Chantelle gives a haircut to a man and he gives them £100. Portrayed by Speaking about his latest signings, executive producer Jon Sen said: “The Panesar family will bring their own unique blend of charm and chaos onto the Square. The character and Harris's casting were announced on 9 August 2019.[30]. [46] A few weeks later, the brothers arrive on the Square in search of their sister Ash Kaur (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha). Ahmed sisters are coming to Albert Square.... on your screens Feb 2019 !!! Gray apologises to Chantelle and she later forgives him. Jonno began appearing as a guest on 1 July 2019.[27][28]. However, when Daniel laters discovers he has weeks to live, he arranges a real funeral with Rainie. Kheerat Panesar, played by The character and Smith's casting were announced on 11 March 2019. When Ben's boyfriend Callum "Halfway" Highway (Tony Clay) decides to become a police officer, Ben quits organised crime, and hands over the business to Tubbs, who rehires Martin. As she suffers fatal internal bleeding, a shocked Gray leaves Number 1 to set up an alibi. Punjabi families are full of character, really loving and caring so I'm excited to be involved in portraying that to the nation. Eldest brother Kheerat is played by Jaz Deol, who’s previously been seen in short-lived ITV drama The Halcyon, as well as Love, Lies and Records, Together and Lovesick, among others. Chantelle is later abused by Gray for not informing him of the miscarriage and later abuses her again when the pregnancy tests come back negative. Sheree dismisses the allegations of her mother harming Ted, who is later revealed to be fine, but Denise remains convinced that something isn't right with her and remains adamant to find out what. Tubbs and Ben are arrested when Martin confesses to Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) that they have been operating in illegal activities. Brooke and Bernadette bond over their interest in the same band, and afterwards, Bernadette's friend, Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) gets Brooke's phone number and gives it to Bernadette. [1] He then made appearances in television series such as Code of a Killer, Together and The Halcyon. On-screen, Whitney stabs Leo in self defence after he tries attacking her with a knife.[36]. On 12 July 2019, it was revealed that Gray domestically abuses Chantelle, with EastEnders working closely with Women's Aid in order to portray the issue sensitively and accurately. Keanu informs Phil of what he has seen and Phil realises that Louise is being taken to a shipping container yard.

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