Green construction and energy saving can be a home for you. The master suite has walk-in closets and a large Jacuzzi tub while other features include a large kitchen for entertaining and cathedral ceilings at several points! This may be the easiest part of working with Blue Ridge Log Cabins. Everlast roof metal roof we made in the USA with a choice of colors and features a 40-year warranty. Powered By Blue Ridge Log Cabins. In Compliance with the 2015 IBC – International Building Code. $95,000. Compatibility allows builders to avoid making several trips to the city for additional supplies. Your home will be ready in just a few weeks. When a custom and unique best describes what will build up and you want the choice is limited. Whether you intend to build on a basement or crawlspace, do some work yourself or use a general contractor to handle your project, Blue Ridge Log Cabins will be right by your side helping you navigate the total investment for your dream log home. Heavy Roof and Floor loadings, High altitude, Seismic, Hurricane, Nordic, Tropical and other extreme weather building specifications are available as an upgrade. If you have your own idea in mind, we are the log cabin builders for you! However, we always intend to have the most up to date pricing available to our customers. Keep in mind, we do not build log shells! This is because once it’s constructed, a prefab cabin must face the additional stresses of being loaded and transported hundreds or thousands of miles to the job site. Modular log homes cost $50 to $100 per square foot on average, not including site prep, foundation, utility construction, finishings, or assembly, which adds $15 to $80 per square foot. (Story and One Half models include log siding for second floor exterior walls, Full Two story models include Solid Logs for exterior walls), All the “Bison” lag screws needed to fasten each log course, All the double row of log course polyfoam insulation sealing tape – “Log Cabin” Log Seal Brand, All the oak joint dowels for butt ends & corner joints, All the “Log Cabin” log caulking for butt and end joints, All the Builders Series Insulated Natural Wood Double Hung Thermopane Windows(Low-E). Ask your Representative for details. Our Sunrise Line of Premium grade Amish built log cabins are constructed with high quality tongue and grove logs, cut from white pine or red cedar. var hs_portalid=169981; var hs_salog_version = "2.00"; var hs_ppa = ""; document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + document.location.protocol + "//" + hs_ppa + "/salog.js.aspx' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); We offer a wide range of hand crafted log home kits. Prices for log homes vary from $90 to $165 per square foot. All the 2”x4” interior studding for partition walls, All the “Log Cabin” Building Wrap Protection to protect your Log Home materials during construction, Up to 5 sets of Auto-CAD designed blueprints. Your dream home starts with the design. It’s your choice whether you want to purchase one of our pre existing designs or have us take care of the details to make your own design into a reality. Plans vary from 680 square feet log cabin kits for the ideal getaway to the Riverview log home kit that is an impressive 4426 square feet. // ]]> Copyright © 2017-2018 BlueRidgeLogCabins Builders love this package, too, because all interior and exterior components are compatible and guaranteed to fit. Compatibility allows builders to avoid making several trips to the city for additional supplies. The cheap log cabin modular homes prices with kitchen, bathroom, heating and plumbing systems and complete interior finishes. Great place to stay or vacation home, the ease and convenience of modular construction with premium job log will provide a home to be proud of.

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