Navigate to the Downloads folder and install the app. Website : YouTube : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Telegram : You will need to add your OnePlus smartphone using the IMEI provided on it … The app comes pre-installed on the newer OnePlus devices. Even,OnePlus has made it really hard to swap out an older degraded battery for a new one.However, Oneplus does have a diagnostic app that can give users information about the health of their battery.Download Oneplus Diagnostic : 12 Review Oneplus 6 \u0026 6T : by Dj Subscribe \u0026 Do not forget to give Thumbs up. With OnePlus devices, maintaining good battery health is simple. For this article, we will assume that the app is not installed on your device to cover all the bases. One your phone download the OnePlus Diagnostic apk file. To check battery health on your OnePlus smartphone, we will use the OnePlus Diagnostic app. Tap the My Devices -> Battery to check the battery health status, out OnePlus 8 shows Good health. OnePlus Diagnostic is an official app from the company that helps you to check the health of the battery of your OnePlus phone running OxygenOS. Launch the app from the app drawer and tap the DETECT NOW button. If you find your OnePlus phone no longer lasting as long as it should, there are several reasons for this, and battery health is one of them. Always use the provided Warp/Dash charger. But if it’s not available on your device, you can manually install it. Steps to Check Battery health on OnePlus smartphones. On the next screen, you will see the Battery Capacity, Temperature, and more stats. How to check Battery Health of OnePlus Smartphones - YouTube By the way, the OnePlus Care app also has a section where users can check their battery health, but it uses qualitative ratings, not percentages, and it's used more for insurance services.. Most of Android smartphones doesn’t offer removable batteries on their smartphones.

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