The group then marched out of the park and began winding its way through the neighborhood. New York City is one of the cities across the country who have seen looting and protesters clashing with police during protests over the last four days. “You are creating a disturbance,” an officer announced over as megaphone, as protesters shouted and sirens blared nearby. Join us peacefully or leave! Much of SoHo, the East Village, and Flatiron neighborhoods in Manhattan was ransacked as people filled garbage bags with shoes, clothes and other goods, and shouted to each other which store would be next. With the outbreak receding, the city is set to begin reopening on June 8. There are numerous protests scheduled for today in New York City. They yanked mannequins out of windows and carried them down the street. Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday that he was considering implementing a curfew after parts of New York City descended into chaos for a fourth night. Overhead, a police helicopter monitored the scene. Video posted to Twitter showed crowds of officers pushing protesters and beating those who fell to the ground with their batons. 6 p.m. Avenue D and East 9th Street in Manhattan. Mayor Bill de Blasio walked back comments about the police ramming protesters with vehicles. [This briefing has ended. Some groups paused every few blocks to take a knee, while others gathered in Times Square in Manhattan and outside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. CBS2's Jim Smith reports. As the night wore on, violent confrontations between protesters and police officers erupted throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. As flames spread across one downtown street, officers ordered protesters to disperse. Both warned that the protests could risk spreading the coronavirus and possibly hurt the hard-fought progress made by the city in recent weeks, just as it prepares to reopen. “No protection for looters!” one protester could be heard shouting, as police officers sprinted toward a store being targeted near Union Square. As flames spread across one downtown street, officers ordered protesters to disperse. As the crowd moved peacefully up Fifth Avenue, a small group of teenage protesters started knocking over trash cans, drawing rebukes from the rest of the demonstrators. She stood back up and fist-bumped one of the protesters. Stunned New Yorkers looked on early Saturday evening as flames and dark clouds of … Protesters threw bottles and other objects at police officers armed with batons who pushed into crowds on Broadway and nearby side streets. As officers surrounded a fallen protester, more demonstrators would soon arrive, cellphones held aloft to record the scene. During his initial remarks, Mr. de Blasio called for an investigation into the incident but also seemed to blame protesters. Stop looting!”. wabc. On Monday morning, the police commissioner, Dermot Shea, made the rounds of the New York morning shows to defend his officers from allegations that they were acting with wanton brutality toward protesters. One man who was inside the building said he got to the fifth floor, where he saw a woman and her son. The storefronts that had been robbed included Adidas, CVS and 7-Eleven, police said. On Sunday night in Lower Manhattan, some protesters shouted angrily at looters who were breaking into shops like a Duane Reade drugstore. 6 p.m. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Peaceful protesters fled the area as tensions rose, but others moved closer to the police, who quickly swept demonstrators out of the area. A firework landed in the road about 30 feet in front of a line of police officers. “You are being ordered to disperse. The city has been reeling from days of chaotic confrontations between protesters and the police that have resulted in dozens of injuries, hundreds of arrests, smashed windows and burned police vehicles. Go home! “We have to take a minute here and ask ourselves, ’What are we doing here?’”, The progress New York had made against the spread of the virus “is just phenomenal,” he said, adding, “Just don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.”. “You turn on the TV and you see mass gatherings that could potentially be infecting hundreds and hundreds of people after everything we have done,” Mr. Cuomo said. “Get out of here with that. The flames broke out on the third floor of the building on West 135th Street and Broadway, with the FDNY getting the call just after 8:30 p.m. Friday. Report: There is a car on fire on the Manhattan Bridge. The throng of protesters in the street brought traffic to a standstill, including a city bus, where a white girl pressed against the window and raised her fist in solidarity with the protesters, who raised their fists back in response. One group crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and another briefly shut down the Manhattan Bridge. As red sparks shot toward a group of protesters on the sidewalk, a police officer kicked the firework back down the street. One group of young men took crowbars to the windows of a large clothing store but scattered when a loud banging noise announced the arrival of police officers at the end of the block. All rights reserved. A protester made a heart sign with her hands. Not long after, the sounds of shattered glass started echoing in the streets between SoHo and Union Square. Nearby, small groups of mostly young men pulled trash and dumpsters into the street, and lit them on fire. “This is a community!” a woman could be heard screaming at the men, as they scurried through the store.

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