Needed to run MOO2 on modern machines. 2.2k members in the masteroforion community. Uni, Aqua, Prod+2, Lg Rich HW. Custom Race Archive Prevents AI from surrendering before turn 1000. I frequently play cybernetic/lithovore races, meaning food is largely useless. Link to a mod by Depth386 for the 1.50 patch. I have been playing impossible only for ages. if you have a clean install and the game does not work without any extra files i think the issue is on your computer not the mod. Perhaps one nice addition for custom races could be the ability to write your own back story for them, that the other players for example in multiplayer could read. Bladrov's Palace But seeing as this would break their business model, I don't see it happening. Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares | Table of Contents | Walkthrough This page presents a few effective race designs. All rights reserved. Cheat: making an uber race (just because). I usually have a Toxic Rich planet make these for me on auto-repeat until full. I only play custom races. Playing on Extreme only i found Lithovore + Pop growth / -ship cost the most useful combination. (My friend always take democracy + Science bonus and he only has slight advantage as my population is so much higher than him). Have a play around, but I don't think Telepathy is a particularly good Psilon/Long-game Research race perk. Edited by Francois424, 15 March 2016 - 01:18 AM. So everyone else has better tech than them and there is only a few left. Master of Orion 2. Uni, Sub, Prod+2, RHW. I'm not a huge fan of the negative ship attack, but you can offset it with Computer and Battle Scanner technology. The point was they were a race that was left in hibernation inside a planet for 900 years with some old small ships. Boring? Followed by -20% ship costs, and creative. (seems like a clear actual negative to me). But, a similar situation exists in Stardrive 2. Overview of MOO2 game mechanics and strategy. © Valve Corporation. I frequently play cybernetic/lithovore races, meaning food is largely useless. Game Settings: Difficulty Easy/Random Events OFF/Pirates ON/Monsters OFF/Research Speed VERY FAST/Production Speed VERY FAST/Population Growth VERY FAST/Victory Type ONLY CONQUEST/Cluster. All that would be required is, if you pick lithovore, the race design system grays-out the food elements. Forum for MOO1 and MOO2. Creative, Unification and Subterainian are amazing. ICE You build a fan base when the user gets a chance to tweak things to the way they like it. Lithovore trait for example removes concept of food out of the game for a race which has huge implications like +100% early game production and science and ability to research cloning center without missing the benefits of soil enrichment. It's used for multiplayer. Lord Brazen's blog. You can then tailor your picks around augmenting your strengths, offsetting the benefits you don't really need, depending on what you wanted to do. Some of the traits listed here are "hidden" in the game and not normally available on the custom race screen. Master of Orion -astonishing space game, challenging sci-fi strategy game. Depends on the game settings, especially on very slow speeds you can steamroll with +50 to pop growth, food and money and -20% to ship costs. Humbe's ramblings on MOO2 Steam forum Websites. Removing depth, meaningful choices and options when you are directly competing with titles like Stellaris would be financial suicide for MOO 4, and this applies to a lot more than just custom races. Creative is overrated. At best use fast rack and have, - plution facility to fit in more missiles. How to play this: In global you want 1-2 planets, preferably small ultrarich, to run housing 24/7. Augumented engines, Internal stabilizer, battle scanner, battle pods, have 15+ pd to deal with missiles, rest hv. Previous moo2mod website design I like picking up Cybernetic, as it allows you to support colonies with minimal amounts of food (Hydroponic Farms + Auto Factories support 4 scientists on a Barren world), and the ship repair is significant on Star Bases in the early game (not to mention, you will often have the armour/shields to survive long enough to make it worthwhile). For evolutionary mutation I'd then take cybernetic or warlord. !. 1178 kB. What are your most OP combinations for custom races. This mod gives you 200 perk points on the custom race screen. I don't typically like Repulsive, but you are the tech leader, so it's less of a bad pick from that standpoint. © Valve Corporation. Research races are useless on impossible since the computers will just research faster than you anyway. I always liked using them in Multiplayer, but rarely in solo play. Come discuss MoO 1.5 ideas HERE! Don't dumb the game down. - Swamps are treated as Terrans, and Terrans/Oceans are treated as Gaia (Hence the huge population). EmP64213, on 02 September 2015 - 06:13 PM, said: Custom races please. The Master of Orion II pre-FAQ from 1997. This is to allow the target time to calm down. Any race that has a better home world, like Mrrshan (Rich) or Alkari (Artifacts), stays in too. Aquatic just isn't that great. During this you want to colonize, use small planets to build population, use large planets as science nodes. Other traits depend on the empire, as if they are attributes of the government rather than the population; if a colony changes owner, the new owners' empire-based traits are applied. Question about master of Orion conquer the stars Co op. Options are good, please don't take them away. That seems unfair to me, although actually the cost of cybernetic population growth in Stardrive 2 is seems unreasonably high meaning you are kind of at a disadvantage anyways, at least in my experience. the question is.... how do i do this? Civilization has it. Looking to chat with other players? Web page dedicated to the Master of Orion series. No such thing as cheating in a singleplayer game... You're posing a phisosophical question, not one of logic. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. ICE-F is a mod-of-the-mod by Dirtbag. We want a MOO title worthy of the name! Cybernetic can be cool sometimes. Having +20 spying and another +10 from being telepathic gives you a … for a long time, and usualy It lead into late endgame powerhouse. Spam colony ships and populate your side of the galaxy faster than anyone can. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without custom races, which weren't available to me, though I was taunted by the grayed-out button. The extra production from Unification and the extra population cap from Subterranean make the race overpowered. One reason tele is so strong is because of the amount of clicks it takes to properly invade a colony. For my most OP race I would do something like Dictatorship, Subterranean, +100% pop growth, +2 industry, repulsive, -10 spying, large homeworld. "For only $9.99 you can add the Custom Race Option to Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars*", In my opinion a custom race option isn't enough. So production is 1 less from standard. ---- After "Evolutionary Mutation" : Usually "Warlord", sometimes "Fantastic Traders". Get 5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod on Steam or on Nexus Mods! The ultimate Master of Orion 2 fan patch. Alexencandar, on 21 January 2016 - 02:50 PM, said: Yep, although if I had a choice I would make one change regarding MoO2 in regard to what you said. The lightning fast research helps to compensate for other issues. Last Microprose patch. - Creative makes use of those science points realllly good. - You need insane amount of spies to ensure you don't get robbed  by everybody else in the galaxy. But a necessity alongside the more expensive game defining ones. You need only one or two powerplanets and space monsters will provide them as soon as you have 6 nuclear missiles destroyers. The Orion Nebula No files are overwritten. April 11, 1997. Master of Orion. JouMxyzptlk 47,397 views Cabman Housing video discussion Both have no choice. They need to open up the engine for modders to easily create new races (ships/icons). I have increased production, farming and research, double the hull points and hull space on ships and no loss in score as that has also been changed.

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