The transferring party shall ensure that the non-transferring party is a third party beneficiary with respect to such obligations and restrictions. all Licensed Trade Secrets and Know-How, except the LCRB Licensed Trade Secrets and Know-How and the MGC Licensed Trade Secrets and Know-How, which are governed by Section 5.1 and Section 5.2, respectively. consent is required for such license, such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or denied. By using this Master Ownership Agreement, you understand and agree to these conditions and shall not hold Indie Artist Resource or Erin M. Jacobson, Esq. any country outside the Optional Rights Market failed to generate a Substantial Amount within a twelve (12) month period from products utilizing the MGC Licensed Intellectual Property, Intercontinental (and its and their Affiliates and Upon payment of the applicable costs, ____ shall be the owner of the Tooling. Period within the LCRB Defined Territory. Property Ownership Agreement Template. It helps to reduce future disputes between the Buyer and seller by providing relevant terms and conditions of the Agreement. However, both parties may license MGC Licensed Intellectual Property to those Approved Third Parties as identified in Schedule 6.1, provided that if Intercontinental’s nor shall have any right to exploit in any manner, such Non-Licensed Trade Secrets and Know-How of the other party. In the event that a capitalized term is defined both in this Agreement and in a different agreement (e.g., the Separation Agreement or Trademark Agreement), the definition in this Agreement shall prevail. claim, then such party shall be solely responsible for any litigation related activities and costs in such jurisdiction; provided however, that to the extent the other party must be added to any lawsuit for standing purposes and/or the other sole and exclusive owner as between the parties of all right, title and interest in and to the Tassimo Patents identified in Schedule 2.5(a) and the Tassimo Trade Secrets and Know-How as identified in Schedule 2.5(b). of such Latin America Countries via any means, including via a Co-Manufacturer or Supplier (Section 5.1(f)), in the event the following all apply: (i) any competitor (whether by brand name or under a private label) enters into Mexico, Brazil or Argentina using substantially similar technology to LCRB; (ii) with respect to Group Brands’ ability to enter into either Mexico or Caricam, if such competitor in Mexico achieves at least a Inc. or to or by Mondelez Canada Inc. or any of their direct or indirect subsidiaries (including partnerships). respect to any information, documents or materials made available in connection with entering into this Agreement, or the transactions contemplated hereby. Also, this Master Ownership Agreement can be used again and again, making it a great value by providing on-going protection for a one-time price. Your continued use of this site is considered permission by you to use cookies in this manner. In of, or licensed under, a Third Party Agreement pursuant to ARTICLE VI. Group Brands may also sublicense its Splitting ownership of your master recordings with someone else? Any kind of property like real estate, life insurance, vehicles, bank accounts or assets is dealt through the property agreement, created for the sale or purchase of such kind of properties. This clause should be included in the agreement for the benefit of the buyer, so the buyer has full authority to call off the agreement under circumstances such as any legal defect in the property. to the Tassimo Agreement (“Tassimo IP Agreement”) attached as Exhibit A, Group Brands and Intercontinental have entered into an agreement governing the parties’ rights and obligations regarding the Tassimo Intellectual

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