Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding at Moraine Park Amphitheater A lot of all the good things in life happened at this wedding. View photos, directions, registry details and more at The Knot. Don’t forget your crampons for icy patches or snowshoes so you. This Meadow is gorgeous with great views of Continental Divide and you can easily have your whole family with you as you say your vows. I promise they will both be worth having! Transfer at the Glacier Basin/Bear Lake Park & Ride to the Moraine Park Route. ), Summer Rocky Mountain National Park Weddings & Elopements, Fall Rocky Mountain National Park Elopements & Weddings. As a wedding site it accommodates up to 100 people on amphitheater hillside benches. The rustic Moraine Park Visitor Center Amphitheater is a beautiful ceremony backdrop in itself, but the wedding location also features stunning pine trees, a view of Morain Park and Longs Peak, and the cutest wooden benches. They can also use the parks shuttle system to get to your ceremony site but will need to coordinate well and may have to walk some distances depending on your ceremony location. Don’t approach wildlife and leave food in cars. Make sure to bring some warm layers in case the weather turns. More Pro Tips For Rocky Mountain National Park Weddings, Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Altitude. Estes Park and Denver may reach the 80s and even into the 100s during the summer, but inside the park, it will probably not get warmer than the high 70s and can be as cool as 30 or 40 degrees in the evenings. While it doesn’t have a direct mountain view, as it is nestled into … You can however consider having wedding photos with a portrait permit done here and your actual ceremony outside the park. The site allows between 60-100 people here, depending on the time of year, and wooden benches provide seating for all your guests. Sincerely, your surrogate mama, Emmy. Moraine Park is another great option for those of you that are having a ‘larger’ small wedding. You get privacy at the cost of a limited of view of the colorado mountains from the ceremony site. Moraine Park Amphitheater is the best place to have a wedding with a large group of guests in Rocky Mountain National Park. Close friends, windswept mountaintops, good beer, and an overall feeling of sweet, long-awaited relief. Pro Tip We highly recommend shopping around to find the best bang for your buck between VRBO, Turnkey and Airbnb. Our wedding date has been set for August 20, 2020 in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado! There is also a public restroom here. These national parks are treasures for us and I don’t know about you but I want other generations to be able to enjoy these majestic spaces too. Have you gotten to explore a lot of Colorado before? The amphitheater is built into the rock hillside. With the road being so close by it is not a very secluded area even though it's not within the Park's main entrance. You could hear the ceremony, music, all the moments without amplification via microphones. What You’ll Need For Your Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding, Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding: Attire, Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding: The Right Weather Gear. See how you feel before you hop in that car, friend—you may suddenly be more tipsy than you meant to get. #1 Rocky Mountain National Park Is Crazy Beautiful, Obviously, it’s crazy beautiful… but it’s protected and well developed because it’s a national park. Traveling throughout the park during that time is also slow especially if there is any wildlife sightings. Below you will find how they apply to Rocky Mountain National Park’s rules and regulations. A year later, we began dating on March 4, 2010 in Riah’s Junior year & Riley’s Sophomore year of high school. It's the perfect location for a larger wedding in Rocky Mountain National Park and the only one on the Estes Park side that has seating for your guests. Having sound amps or microphones for you or your officiant isn’t permitted either. During the summer, it can be accessed via the Moraine Park Free Shuttle Route. No Drones are allowed in the park to protect the wildlife. We’re excited to join your journey! There is a little creek that runs through Hidden Valley ceremony site And with all these Pines there is actually some shade. (Shameless plug to, How To Have A Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding, Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Permit, While we wish you could just adventure into the park and get married, the reality is you do, The permit is a couple hundred dollars (visit, Rules & Regulations for your Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding, Consider the outdoors like a museum but where you get to have epic adventures too. So, remember you’ll be at between 7000 – 8000 feet during your visit. Wedding ceremony reservations are VERY limited, please check with the park and plan to have an alternative wedding spot if you are getting married sooner than you can secure a reservation. I believe your life should be full and be what you make it. Reception. While we wish you could just adventure into the park and get married, the reality is you do need to have a special use permit to have a Rocky Mountain National Park wedding or elopement. Contact us today! Here you’ll find ways to live the Celebrate Again lifestyle. Read more about what we do as, Choosing other Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding vendors, For a list of our favorite vendors check out our, Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding: Double Check, please verify with their website all details.

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