All right, it’s time to take a look at all of the black planeswalkers. Even then, lands-to-creatures has never been my favorite mechanic because it exposes your lands to additional removal options, making them much easier for your opponent to destroy. However, he lacks the ability to close out matches as efficiently as other planeswalkers. - Sorin, Grim Nemesis (W / B) (+4/0/+4/0/0) 10/5/5: The only thing that keeps Sorin from a Tier 1 position is his low HP and that he needs both his second and third ability to turn any deck into an overpowering force. Which, on second thought, is often rather morbid. Worst case scenario, you will frequently be able to re-cast the card the next turn anyway. Fast, Independent, Strong Abilities, Creature Driven. Now see who the best of the best are, as well as some underplayed gems. Getting Started: Look for solid green creatures. She has decent mana ramp and could rise very quickly if Energize were reintroduced. and big creatures. Currently, she has joined the Gatewatch at Jace’s behest, as he came to ask for her help during Shadows over Innistrad. Though it ended with his death, Urza’s campaign against the Phyrexia finally saw its end when he successfully defeated them using the ancient Legacy Weapon. Question: Am I correct to assume this list is based on preference, and not competitive viability? - Dovin Baan (W / U) (+3/+3/0/0/0) 5/8/5: The thing that saves Dovin Baan from Tier 4 status is that his abilities are pretty powerful and somewhat self-sustaining; that said, he needs a good set of cards to make him viable (but once he's there, he does quite well). Rowan isn't quite as great, but still a nice bonus to Will. - Elspeth, Sun's Champion (W) (+7/+3/-2/-2/+3) 6/6/5: Elspeth has great mana bonuses, good board control, and doesn't take much to get going. Is there some other card you would have liked to see? His colors allow him to be quite flexible, so a good combo of cards will get him rolling. Her +1 mills three cards and rewards you for having tons of zombies in your deck. But -2 is the star, giving one red mana per mountain you control, a massive amount in mono-red themes. Colorless cards. MtGPQ Wiki is a free, open-content encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. RELATED: Magic: The Gathering is The World's Most Complex Game. The only ranking I feel is fully out of place is nahiri in tier one for dual colors. Chandra's Pyrohelix might bump Red Huatli a tier up just by itself. Medium, Slightly Card Reliant, Strong Abilities, Flexible. - Jaya Ballard (R) (0/+4/0/+5/0) 5/8/6: She is one of the few planeswalkers that is set up to go creatureless. I wish she wasn't so reliant on dinosaurs--with a few tweaks, I think she could easily jump up a tier, even when Ixalan rotates out. If you guessed anything other than Liliana, I feel like you’ve kinda missed the point. Probably the most important thing of all, is that we are a community based business. Black Planeswalkers: Complete List and Rankings, Third Place: Liliana, Heretical Healer / Liliana, Defiant Necromancer, Tribal Bosses (Vampires & Zombies & Demons, Oh My! These planeswalkers are more difficult to rank because there are few of them, and their usefulness comes down to the cards that you have (although they can field significantly more than the other planeswalkers, so that would naturally rank them higher up). After this, rankings aren't as clear cut. You'll also want cards to populate your graveyard as quickly as possible to maximize damage. In colored events, he suffers the same fate as Karn; a little niche use here or there, but there tend to be better options. I know I’m an idiot. Soon, he will be getting another, as we arrive at the plane of Amonkhet in April, and with his loyal agent Tezzeret being revealed as the villain behind stealing the inventions on Kaladesh, all the trails are leading back to him. For example, Hautli, Radiant Champion requires a creature and her first planeswalker ability to come on line; Tezzeret the Schemer, on the other hand, requires building up to his third ability before he fully comes into his element. She also plops a 2/2 zombie onto the battlefield while she’s at it. A lackluster plus ability for an extra card draw, but her minus ability is some more early creature removal. Jace Beleren is another younger Planeswalker who was born post-Mending on the plane of Vryn. - Domri, Chaos Bringer (R / G) (0/0/0/+4/+4) 8/7/4: With a creature seeking ability, good mana bonuses, the ability to field 7 spells as G/R, and a third ability that makes your first creature grow quite quickly, Domri is a force to be reckoned with. Add a Contributors page. Pay particular attention to planeswalkers who offer these impressive and irremovable upgrades; once one hits the field, you can often call the match. Additional guidelines may be found here. It seems to be a no-brainer for inclusion almost anywhere. Right in line with the vampire aesthetic. Community Question: Do you agree or disagree with the list? Fast, Slightly Card Reliant, Strong Abilities, Creatureless. With his third ability, you won’t have to worry much about their cost. For -8, you get to pluck all creatures from all graveyards and place them on the battlefield under your control. Karn, Scion of Urza (Colorless) (+1/+1/+1/+1/+1) 5/5/6: He needs some good supports. Getting Started: Get zombies. The best part about her is that she can defend herself so easily with her minus – especially against certain strategies which go all-in on one creature; she gains value every turn by forcing your opponent to discard when in most cases, you will not have a hand anyway; and her ultimate can be game-winning later on, as it includes lands. The reserved yet intelligent Jace Beleren is one of the best Planeswalkers around, predictably making him one of the Magic’s faces and its male demographics’ go-to surrogate character. - Tezzeret, the Seeker (B) (+2/+3/+2/0/0) 5/8/9: He's a great support-centric planeswalker. (v1.1.1) Additional card ability indices - Draw, Discard, Fetch, Destroy Gem, Convert Gem, and many others (v1.1.1). +2 draws twice, -3 deals ten damage to a creature/planeswalker, -4 revives a creature or planeswalker from any graveyard to your field, and lethal -12 exiles all but the last card from an opponent's deck. -3 offers a strong removal that places a non-land into its deck's third position, and ultimate -8 creates an emblem that exiles an opposing permanent whenever you draw! - Hautli, Radiant Champion (W / G) (+5/0/-2/0/+5) 8/6/5: The combination of her first and third abilities keeps your hand full, and pays for it quite efficiently. I feel like the top tier of dual colors is ral, kiora, hautli2, and teferi. Either by drawing more cards, fishing for creatures spells, or something. Even as just a creature, Nissa is impressive. Ready? Ugin is the antithesis of Nicol Bolas. Though Karn is now not the only colourless planeswalker, he was the first to really demonstrate their power and versatility, and I think it’s very likely that when we return to Mirrodin (New Phyrexia) once again in the future, Karn will be back, and possibly be even stronger. -3 provides a rare green removal, having your creature deal its power as damage to another creature or planeswalker, and -5 adds a creature from outside the game (this means your sideboard in tournaments) to hand. As a color in Magic, black is just about what you’d expect. -1 returns an exiled sliver counter card to hand, and -2 creates a 0/0 construct token that gets +1/+1 for each artifact you control (including itself). Planeswalkers have diverse characteristics and motivations. He was the first to discover the Eldrazi Titans loose on Zendikar, and was the one who went looking for aid, and who found Jace Beleren on Ravnica and brought him to help fix the problem. Wait, you thought I was going to be original in an article that’s identical to its green counterpart other than covering a different color? Getting Started: Look for particularly nasty white supports that help control the board like Seal Away, Suppression Bonds, Sphinx's Decree, and Ixalan's Binding. Though it didn’t have too much of an impact on the Standard of the time due to the way the meta had formed, after its rotation and the creation of Extended and then Modern, the true power of this card began to emerge. The most often-used ability, though, is his minus, which is an X cost ability so it’s incredibly flexible, and it’s essentially a boardwipe, except it includes enchantments and planeswalkers, it’s exile rather than destroy, and it leaves Ugin himself alive so you can continue to control their board after the fact.

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