We are a Sole Proprietorship based firm. You don’t need a mordant when dyeing with Indigo as it fixes to the fibres. We are engaged in manufacturing, wholesaling, exporting and supplying a wide range of Indigo Seeds, Natural Hair Dye, Indigofera Plant, Natural Indigo Fabric Dye, Madder Root, Lemon Grass oil, Indigo Cake and more. The products are provided as per the customers’ demands and requirements. It can be somewhat daunting and slightly intimidating but with some patience and a little know-how, you can access the world of a thousand blues with this ancient dye. Many countries have used indigo in fabric dyeing including Japan, Taiwan, Central & South America, Thailand, Africa and of course, Indonesia… to name a few. Fugitive dyes, as the name suggests, make a run for it and don’t have good fixing properties, examples of which are beetroot, turmeric or blackberries. [1] The dye has to be dissolved in reduced state, then oxidized to get the shade blue. Root scrapings of the morinda tree are soaked, boiled, mashed and squeezed to produce dye. FS Colour Series: Fiesta Marina inspired by Patrick Heron’s Winter ... Cara Linen Blouse With Oversized Patch Pockets Tutorial. Saying no will not stop you from seeing Etsy ads, but it may make them less relevant or more repetitive. of fiber or fabric you will need the following: ½ oz Indigo for light blue or 1-2 oz for darker blues. Yes! It is an incredible thing to behold the magic of indigo in person, watching the yellow-green liquid change before your eyes into the beautiful blue that has made Indigo so alluring for centuries. In this way, it is possible to reduce the number and length of vats, with positive effects for the environment. We sell natural indigo from India and central America and woad from Europe as natural indigo dye powder, and Indian indigo as indigo cakes or indigo blocks. Evidence of Indigo dye has been found throughout Egypt, Isreal and Palestine, South America, Asia and Africa. The colour or depth of the shade is achieved by dipping your fabric in the vat, letting it oxidise and then re-dipping to achieve darker shades. Cotton, wool, silk, hemp, bamboo, viscose, mohair, and alpaca are all made of natural fibers.Natural yarn (used for knitting) is also frequently dyed. There are 1450 natural indigo fabric dye for sale on Etsy, and they cost US$167.64 on average. Learn more about the different types of natural indigo and how to use your natural indigo dye here. © Karl Mayer. I ndigo dye is derived from several plant species across the ... stitching or folding off portions of the fabric so as to stop the indigo dye penetration certain sections of it. Moreover, due to the good fixation of the dyestuff on the fibre, considerably less water is required during the washing process. A new denim seam slippage solution for applications in single-core spandex fabrics that require durable stretch and good recovery power. The fabric is dipped into this solution then removed and hung so the oxidation can occur and in doing so the blue dye bods to the fibre. No real surprise there. Morinda produces the red/rust color, indigo provides the blue, white is left undyed and the “black” is a combination of indigo and morinda. One of my favorite stories is Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry. Indigo dye has been used for thousands of years by civilizations all over the world to dye fabric blue. Learn more. Aerating the vat changes the dye from lime green to deep blue. Basically, natural dyes will not adhere to natural fibres without the use of a mordant or fixative. Add 2 cups white vinegar to the rinse water, but do not let the rinse cycle finish yet. Once the dipping is completed the fibre is then washed in a solution of vinegar to help neutralise the process and prevent rubbing or bleeding of any remaining dye. The Paola is one of Fabric-store’s…, Privacy Policy | Contact Us | Accessibility Statement, ENHANCE YOUR SEWING JOURNEY BY LEARNING TO DYE NATURALLY WITH KATHRYN DAVEY, Leave Your Email Below for Your Instant Download to Begin. The Colours of Nature has revived the 100% natural indigo dyeing process, employing artisans and keeping precious ancient knowledge alive. It’s fantasy – fiction, and it’s implied that the dye plant is indigo. Euratex unveils ReHubs, a joint initiative to upcycle textile waste and circular materials in Europe. They aren’t colourfast and will fade as well as change over time, even with the addition of a mordant. Natural indigo generally contains anywhere from 15% to 55% indigotin by weight depending on the crop, growing season and harvest. These technologies are used for things like interest based Etsy ads. Silk ceremonial cloths similar to these can be purchased. It has been the most famous and most widely used natural dye throughout history and is still extremely popular today as evidenced by the familiar colour of blue jeans. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Therefore, no one has more or less right to be here than you. These beams were processed by an Italian partner from the weaving industry, the result being highly promising jeans samples. They’re a celebration of culture by artists who understand and love it best.” Ellison Langford, Scalawag Magazine, 2019 If anyone word could define today’s flourishing culture of African American quilts, it would be ‘diverse.’ Pattern styles are diverse, ranging from densely worked abstract…, ‘Sewing Patterns with a French Je-ne-sais quoi’ If ever you toyed with the idea of becoming a pattern cutter because the idea of creating something unique for your body fills you with joy, but it seemed like a dream too unreachable because a) surely it’s too complex, b) too expensive to learn, c) you’re too…, Is it possible to have too many linen jumpsuits? We will visit master dyer/teacher/Balinese textile historian Ida Ayu Ngurah Puniari. It…, While thinking of making something for myself for the fall/ winter season, I stumbled upon the Paola Workwear Jacket Pattern, or Chore Jacket as my daughters call it. © Kornit Digital. When working with indigo your fabric or fibre still needs to be scoured in the same way as with other dyes, however, it does not need to be mordanted. We use natural dyes for fabric because we want something non-carcinogenic and not harmful to our environment. The process of fermentation releases the indigo proper from its primary state of indican which results in a paste that is then dried and formed into blocks, balls or ground powder. She teaches traditional natural dye and weaving techniques to local women to preserve the culture and to help them contribute to the family income. Great! A few tips for dyeing include prepping your fabrics (washing and allowing to be completely saturated for dye process. © Lycra, “We are sustainable. Indigo dyeing from a plant source. Only ¼ of the root system is unearthed every year so the tree can recover and be used year after year. Indigo is one of the oldest dyes, with a rich and vibrant past and it has been used as a dye for thousands of years. The chemical consumption can be reduced considerably, a minus of 50% is possible when using hydrosulphite and caustic soda, and there is also less yarn waste. Types of Indigo Plants (this page) 3. Karl Mayer remains on a growth path with its Denim Excellence Center at Karl Mayer Rotal and a wide-ranging product portfolio. We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected). Indigo is an incredible dye to work with, similar to creating a sourdough bread, it needs a particular environment, understanding and gentle coaxing to release its magic. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. The motto of the continuing success story is: providing the complete technology for an efficient indigo dyeing process from a single source. Substantive dyes, these have high levels of tannic acid which act as a natural mordant, fixing the dye without the addition of a mordant. There followed extensive works for the further development and fine tuning. There are many different types of indigo vats used today, some people use chemical reduction while others prefer the natural methods of reduction.

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