[Both Wycliffe, who was one of the first to translate the Bible into English, and Huss met terrible fates. Although we could live without thinking about these sorts of questions, the very questions themselves and the answers that we pose to them determine precisely what the very act of living means. The emphasis on scripture was particularly strong in the thought of John Calvin. Sophie finds that everything she learns seems to make sense to her, and, moreover, to be extremely applicable to life. What we call matter is just a bundle of perceptions—and so are we. Nature name generator . Our ideas are derived from impressions, either sense impressions or introspective reflection of one’s own mind. [This is a bit more materialistic than dualistic.]. Though usually not household names, contemporary philosophers have radically altered the way we think about all sorts of things --- from the nature of God to the role of race in democracy. He also rejected reason which he famously called a whore. Note that the names of other sciences are similarly peculiar: “physics” just comes from the Greek word for nature, and “chemistry” derives from “alchemy” (an Arabic word). But, while it changes and moves on, there is no guarantee that philosopher's answers are correct, and the same host of questions must continually be asked. Hobbes was also an atheist who wanted the churches subordinate to the state. Liked it? Thomas Hobbes (1588-1659) – Hobbes was a materialist [one who believes only matter exists] who rejected dualism [the idea that both matter and mind/soul exist.] Reason tells us about the relationship between logical and mathematical ideas, but sense experience tells us how the world works. He was not a philosopher who came up with some dogmatic system, instead writing about and fighting battles to translate into real life philosophical values like justice, fair trial, tolerance, free speech. Sophie is amazed by the fact that Democritus managed to use the philosophers before him to come up with a new theory. He also advocated the dual-aspect theory of mind or human nature. The next great cultural movement was the Reformation, begun when Martin Luther posted his ninety-five thesis of the door of his German church. The letter tells her that her philosophy course will go from ancient Greece up to the present moment. In fact, in a literal sense philosophy has become a regular part of Sophie's life, since the course that she is now taking makes up a major part of her day. The Reformation: Where Lies the Authority for Faith? This is ultimately in each individual’s interest, inasmuch as it helps them survive. Hobbes also argued that humans are selfish, desiring wealth, power, fame, food, clothing, shelter and more for themselves. In response some sects like the Quakers placed more emphasis on religious experience. Some thought it was water, others air, but they were all left with the problem of how changes occurred. This religious reform—especially the emphasis on faith and the authority of the Bible—spread throughout northern Europe. 1 synonym for natural philosophy: physics. She writes a letter to whomever it is who is teaching her philosophy, inviting that person to coffee. Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778) – Rousseau is famous for his belief in the goodness of humans before the corrupting influence of civilization [the so-called “noble savage.”] He also believed that children have a good intrinsic nature that is corrupted by society. © Copyright - 2013 : All Rights Reserved. Inside it are three more philosophical questions, and Sophie puzzles over them for a day before she receives the next package.

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