Om Namaste cafe is very famous and their seafood platter is a must-try! [citation needed] Netrani (historically known as Pigeon Island and also Heart Shape Island) is a small island of India located in the Arabian Sea. Gokarna is something I am going to cherish throughout. There are small shrines in the island and the light lit to offer pooja occasionally gives way to small-time forest fire in the island. 10 Best Things To Do In Udaipur: An India-Oasis Amidst The Deserts, 10 Best Things To Do In Anna Maria, Fl: Experience The Island Thrill, 10 Best Things To Do In Palm Harbor, Florida To Pamper Your Soul, 10 Best Things To Do In Nandi Hills - Envy Of Heaven. Ask fellow travellers and travel experts here. It is surrounded by many temples, so you can combine this visit with your temple visits. The temple is surrounded by Arabian sea on three sides. Also known as Pigeon Island, situated approximately 10 nautical miles (19 Km) from temple town of Murudeshwar, Netrani appears heart shaped from above and has many varieties of coral reefs and sea life. [2] This place is Locally in Bhatkal city known as Nitra Gudo. It has a fascinating variety of fish and coral species. Views from above give this island the appearance of being heart-shaped. It is a blissful place to experience both God and nature. This beach is a hit among foreigners due to the absence of a crowd. A 16-metre (52 ft) rock is used as a target by Indian navy for bombing and concerns were raised that this target practice is disestablishing the ecological balance of the area including that of Netrani Island. Netrani Island: Locally known as Netragudo.The tiny uninhabited Island of Netrani lies 10 nautical miles off the coastal Light House of Bhatkal. Apart from the relaxing beach, Gokarna offers adventure as well. Gokarna is filled with foreigners and locals who have nothing but fun during their stay. Fish eagles are thriving in this island primarily feeding on sea snakes and fish. Netrani Island is located in Murudeshwar, which is 100 kms (60 mi) from Gokarna. The beach is lined with tall coconut trees, rocks and hillocks. *5% off when you book with our promo code: TRIP101. No wonder everyone leaves Gokarna with a heavy heart. The island can be seen from the main coast over 15 km away, including from various beaches in Bhatkal city as well as from the Murudeshwar Beach. Whale sharks were also spotted by snorkellers. Where are you going diving this year? [5], Netrani Island has several dive sites. In 2012, Karnataka High Court issued stay on target practice and Naval authorities admitted that they are using a big rock, which is located at a distance of one kilometre (0.62 mi) is being used by them for bombarding during target practice. Although, there are many street stalls available, serving food that are to drool over. From 8:00 am to 8:00pm (Open all days of the week) FOR SCUBA DIVING, SNORKELLING AND BOAT PASSENGER ENQUIRIES. It is lined with numerous cheap accommodations along its shore. It is a comparatively smaller beach with less of a crowd. She finds writing... (Do a quick search on the following sites), 10 Best Things To Do In Gokarna: Get Ready To Seek Sun, Sea And Sand - Updated 2020, Search Vrbo for the best Holiday Homes & Rentals, 10 Best Things To Do In Chikmagalur, India, Top 16 Airbnb Vacation Rentals In Goa, India - Updated 2020, Top 10 Airbnb Vacation Rentals In And Around Nandi Hills, India - Updated 2020, A Guide To MG Road, Bangalore - Updated 2020, 7 Best Things To Do In Hubli-Dharwad, India - Updated 2020, 10 24-Hour Restaurants In Bengaluru, India - Updated 2020, 10 Best Cafes You Must Try In Mysore, Karnataka. Address: South Gokarna, Gokarna 581326, India. According to the legend, the Atmalinga (representation of the Hindu deity, Shiva) brought by Ravana got struck here and his efforts to extract it resulted in his throwing the coverings of the Atma Linga to Murdeshwar Temple. If you ask me what’s my favorite place in South India, without any second thoughts I would shout Gokarna. Address: Koti Teertha Road, Kotiteertha, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326. A species of mongoose was also spotted in the island confirming mammalian inhabitants apart from bats. Netrani is a coral island which has a coral reef[3] with many varieties of coral, butterfly fish, trigger fish, parrot fish, eels and shrimps can be seen here. Address: Yana is situated in the Shayadri range of mountains in Northern Karnataka. Have a question? Is there anything we could have done to help you? The Murudeshwar Temple is located only two hours from Gokarna. ADVENTURE TRIPS. Netrani Island with Netrani Adventures the top best Scuba diving & Snorkeling place in the Murdeshwar that should be on every divers bucket list. The huge Lord Shiva statue leaves every visitor mesmerized and it is second largest Shiva statue. Scuba diving at netrani Island. Dolphin’s point here is a great place to spot dolphins that live in the waters here. *For our Canadian and US travellers, unfortunately due to financial services laws, we cannot provide a discount. January and February are the best months to visit. Gokarna means Cow and was given this name since it looks like a Cow’s ear. The Indian government was using this island for target practice for its armed forces. The Mirjan Fort has witnessed many battles, tears and joys of kings, and gallant violence. One can still find craters and unexploded bomb shells in the island. I have had the best days of my life during my vacation here. This is the main tourist attraction in this holy town. Travel insurance from is available to people from 140 countries. From being immensely responsible to never slipping a chance to have fun, they were bang on! It is made of Dravidian style architecture and is a very important Hindu religious pilgrimage center. The Atma Linga of Lord Shiva is popularly known as Mahabaleshwar. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities. Address: Om Beach, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326, See our full list of recommended Hotels in Gokarna, Karnataka, India and also compare the prices with airbnbs in Gokarna, Karnataka, India. The resort stops taking tourists for snorkelling and scuba diving during June–September because the sea becomes rough. 909900431111 91 9916554422. This magnificent shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the entire surface of this temple is covered in the most intricate and detailed carvings that you will ever see. Normally diving/snorkelling is done from a boat which is anchored close to the island and usually visitors do not climb on to the island because of the sharp rocks and steep cliffs on the island. It is also known as Pigeon Island. There are dive shops at Murdeshwara and Goa, that regularly organize diving trips to the island. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins porpoising during this boat trek. This island is a famous tourist spot in this part of the country. Besides pigeons, the other inhabitants of the island are wild goats. There are many cafes available near every accommodation. Gokarna is the less commercialized version of Goa and is found along the coast of the Arabian Sea. We are the premier PADI Dive Resort. Eighty nine varieties of coral fish were found in the area during a study.[3]. Netrani Adventures offers scuba diving and snorkelling at Netrani Island, located West coast off Murudheswar. This beach is best known for being shaped like an auspicious Om symbol. Although the fort is now demolished, it still attracts visitors. Besides pigeons, the other inhabitants of the island are wild goats. It bears breathtaking beaches and captivating landscapes. This beach was given its name because it is shaped like a half moon. The historical city of Yana is a well-known pilgrimage center in Karnataka. The initial comms before trek, the bus journey, the stay, the trek, the activities, food, fun n frolic, couldn't be any better. No other thing in this world compares to the delight of a long seashore walk, listening to the sound of waves, experiencing sunrise and sunset views, bonfires and sleeping right under the sky accompanied by a million stars. Netrani Adventures is the best guide to the Murdeshwar top dive spots @ Rs.5500-6500/-. The visibility is in the 15 to 20 meter range. Address: Mirjan Fort Road, Mirjan, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka 581333. After a brief period when the local fishermen protested against scuba diving, saying that Scuba diving has driven away the abundant fish they once used to catch regularly, Scuba diving is now being actively promoted by the Karnataka Tourism.

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