Rather than admit they’ve abdicated their responsibilities to a centralized corporate production center outside of their control, they punish the cartoonist instead. Or their own oversized sense of right and wrong? "Non Sequitur" publisher Andrew McMeel Syndication confirmed to the Washington Post that more than 12 newspapers have dropped the comic due to the profanity in the bottom right corner of Sunday's panel. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said potentially lifesaving vaccinations to fight against COVID-19 could be distributed before the end of 2020. At first glance, Sunday’s Non Sequitur comic strip just showed bears dressed up like Leonardo da Vinci. I’ll take the occasional f-bomb over Mallard Fillmore’s consistently racist, misogynist and xenophobic strip any day of the week. encouraged, insults, name-calling and other personal attacks are The comic strip “Non Sequitur” (a weekly and Sunday comic) has been dropped by newspapers around the country due to an Easter egg that angered readers in last Sunday’s comic strip. This should never have happened, and this has been heartbreaking. The Richmond Times-Dispatch will no longer publish the comic strip “Non Sequitur,” effective today. The change will be made as soon as production requirements allow. The drawings include mostly illegible scrawled notes, but in the corner one of the scrawls reads: “We fondly say go fuck yourself to Trump.”, Some of my sharp-eyed readers have spotted a little Easter egg from Leonardo Bear-Vinci. The Virginian-Pilot considers this a breach of trust with our readers and has halted publication of the “Non Sequitur” cartoon. Beginning Monday, readers will see the comic strip “The Flying McCoys” daily and Sunday in place of “Non Sequitur.”. We have decided to immediately replace the “Non-Sequitur” syndicated comic in the daily and Sunday editions. Riley added that Miller’s work will never again appear in The AJC. While the cartoonist has apologized for including the profanity, The Eagle has decided to end publication of his work. copyrighted pieces. Many newspapers pre-print their Sunday comics sections – including The Spokesman-Review – meaning the Non Sequitur strip will appear in this coming week’s Sunday comics section because it already has been printed. It looks like the Boston Globe dropped Non Sequitur as of today (Feb. 14). Thank you for joining the conversation on Santafenewmexican.com. In the corner of the middle panel, the statement of “We fondly … The comic strip “The Argyle Sweater” will replace “Non Sequitur.”, “Animal Crackers” will replace “Non Sequitur”, In its place in daily and Sunday editions will be “Baldo”. In short, using profanity gets you nothing. Can you find it?Non Sequitur for February 10, 2019 | https://t.co/ITjGIYyfyN https://t.co/fDHpxSmAgo via @GoComics. They’ll finish up this week and next Sunday then work on a replacement strip. How Comics & Graphic Novels Can Help Your Kids Love To Read! Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. The News & Observer will no longer will publish the “Non Sequitur” comic strip by Wiley Miller, and we want to explain our decision…. Wilson called it one of “the easier editing decisions we will make all year. Hopefully newspaper editors will rethink their knee jerk reaction and stop punishing their readers by depriving them of his amazing work. Mistake or not, we can no longer count on this cartoonist. Tags: Banned for obscenity cartoonist comic strip Non Sequitur the guardian The Washington post US President Wiley Miller, Vendor: Houghton MifflinType: Graphic NovelsPrice: On Sunday, our Comics section included a “Non Sequitur” strip by Wiley Miller that contained a vulgar rebuke of President Donald Trump. In this case, the violation was more egregious because the Feb. 10 “Non Sequitur” strip was intended for children to color. Do you need profanity to make your point? All over the panel are illegible scrawled notes, meant to look like creators schematics, but in the bottom right corner one of the notes was not illegible enough, its message “fondly” inviting the US President to self-perform an impossible physical act, in less polite terms. Film and TV director Carly Usdin (Suicide Kale) teams up with breakout artist Nina Vakueva (Lilith's Word) for a new series that's music to our ears! He hasn't addressed that tweet in any statement thus far. Adding Graphic Novels to Your Library or Classroom Collection, Know Your Rights: Student Rights Fact Sheet, Working With Libraries! Some papers who haven’t announced cancellation Please familiarize yourself with the community guidelines. Our concern isn’t that Mr. Miller made a political statement — plenty of comics, “Doonesbury” and “Pearls Before Swine” among them, are known for their biting, critical observations of politicians and government institutions and policies. The new European data protection law requires us to inform you of the following before you use our website: We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. Development in Candlelight area: Too much of a good thing? Others, no doubt, will be joining the movement. New Jersey Republicans are calling for a special legislative session before Thanksgiving to address unused money from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act they say should be redirected to small businesses. The Dispatch has canceled Wiley Miller’s “Non Sequitur” comic strip, daily and Sunday, because of foul language the author used in an attack on President Donald Trump in a comic strip published on Sunday, Feb. 10. While I can agree that it was a mistake to put a profanity, even if obfuscated, in a family cartoon, removing the author entirely sounds incredibly out of proportion. A recently published cartoon included vulgar language semi-hidden in an illustration. The creator of one of our Sunday comics, Wiley Miller, hid a nasty note to President Trump in the “Non Sequitur” cartoon we published in the Feb. 10 edition of the paper. All Rights Reserved. He made an end-run on the in-house standards that we and our readers expect. identities can be removed from the forum. Beginning Monday, readers will see the comic strip “Wallace the Brave” in place of “Non Sequitur.”. We no longer trust that Miller will adhere to our high standards for content. Readers? The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For HC, Signed and Sketched by Alison Bechdel! A reader also alerted the Post-Standard from Syracuse, N.Y., to the comic. in the Army who said he didn’t use those kinds of words because his momma told him to stay out of the gutter. The syndicated strip opens with Bear-Vinci holding a picture of a Virtruvian Bear. On Monday, multiple newspapers, including the St. Paul Pioneer Press, said they dropped the comic. Sunday, February 10th, some sharp-eyed newspaper readers got a shock with their morning funnies when long-running, syndicated comic strip, Non Sequitur contained an obscene message to the president.The creator, Wiley Miller apologized and assured readers and publishers that it was an accident, but that was not enough to stop over a dozen newspapers from dropping the comic strip. “We just can’t abide that kind of careless offense on the comics pages,” Smalley said. In a statement to The Washinton Post, Miller cited the inclusion of the insult in the comic a mistake. Too many people have become inured to profanity. The publisher and general manager, Ron Vodenichar, was incensed about the bear cartoon, writing on the paper’s website: “We apologize that such a disgusting trick was perpetuated [sic] on the reading public … The Butler Eagle will discontinue that comic immediately.”, If Vodenichar had checked Miller’s Twitter feed, he might have been more prepared for his four-letter missive. Something I don't find useful for the SFNM. Non Sequitur has been pulled from all other upcoming days, which means readers may see extra white space on the page on some days. He’s doing ok, but remorseful and embarrassed. 15.00. Several parents and public school superintendents on Monday argued the state’s quarantine guidelines are too restrictive, harming students’ education and social well-being. I agree with Mike Lester. By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. “The comics section is dear to many readers, and the standards of taste there are no different than they are in other parts of the newspaper,” said New Mexican Editor Phill Casaus. The comic strip runs daily in The Post-Standard. In its place, the Independent Tribune will switch to a strip called “Pearls Before Swine.”, Beginning Monday, The Charlotte Observer will no longer publish the comic strip “Non Sequitur.”. The Santa Fe New Mexican will replace the syndicated cartoon Non Sequitur after a recent strip that was published in hundreds of newspapers across the country contained hidden profanity. As of yesterday, the Tampa Bay Times is still running “Non Sequitur” (though it’s subject to change).

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