ft of studio space with two full-sized unisex bathrooms. Office Space is a movie whose battlegrounds will be familiar turf to any modern office worker. Cyc is painted white or chroma green. Studios 969 is a production facility located 30 minutes from downtown Austin, Texas and 20 minutes from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Please avoid public gatherings until further notice. 800 additional sq. 512.584.5838 1,200 sq. That was about the time the continuity department told him he would need to get them back, as they had already (unbeknownst to Judge) been featured in a scene shot earlier. Large rolling bay door for easy loading in/out, Also available: kitchenette, private green room with make-up and wardrobe room, Stage: 800 ft. shooting stage is composed of two hard cyc walls under a 16' ceiling, 5-ton capacity welded grid that raises & lowers, Acoustically-treated walls and 10x10 double doors for easy load-in. Last Week in Live Music: Blackillac, Hong Kong Wigs, Luck Reunion's Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver, and More. RENEGADE STUDIOS CYC Studios is the ideal studio for photography, music videos, fashion shoots, corporate commercials, and organization events located 10 minutes northeast of downtown. 512.236.8877 ST. ELMO SOUNDSTAGE studios@atxes.com. Can't keep up with happenings around town? Additional on-site spaces include post-production suites, a large parking lot & loading dock. 2 green rooms, enclosed BOH/video village. That took care of Judge’s preference that unknown actors be used and, when he saw Ron Livingston’s audition, during which he appropriated a desk, chair and phone in an onset cubicle and went for broke, he knew he had found Peter, the lead character of the film. Contact: SPIDERWOOD STUDIOS 969 He also put little pieces of masking tape on the floor of his classroom. Another  “Office Space” cast member who has racked up a life-long career of parts in such series as “The Good Wife,” “Veep” and, most recently, “Fam” is Gary Cole. Official Trailer. Located minutes from downtown in East Austin, this is the perfect space for video production, motion control, VR & photography. ft. studio space with green screen wall, full grid & air-conditioning, Stage 2: 14,000 sq. On-site rentals are also available to handle all your lighting and camera equipment needs. ATX Studios is a private and secure facility equipped for large-scale production of film and television. The unfortunately named Michael Bolton (David Herman) was an early pick of Mike Judge’s, and Ajay Naidu completed the trio of engineer-like office clones who were constantly being badgered by boss Bob Lumbergh (Gary Cole) to get their TPS Reports in on time. Scenic courtyard and on-site parking lot. F-63-64, Austin, TX 78757 ft. studio space with 20' ceilings and soundproofing, Mill Space: 14,000 sq. Building C: 2,400 sq. 2,500 sq. ft. studio space with an 87 ft. cyc wall & 230 sq. Amenities like kitchen, conference rooms, on-site gear rental and parking. 
Cameron@casterstudios.com. Located 30min west from downtown Austin. Judge did not. Matt Hanger ft. acoustically insulated chambers, Stage 1: 9,460 sq. CASTER STUDIOS ft. Sound Stage with a 24' x 100' cyc wall with hair & makeup, green room, conference room and commissary. If you can’t say something nice you shouldn’t say anything at all.”, I’ve said some very nice things about “Office Space.” To conclude,  I highly recommend that you rent “Office Space” if you’ve never seen it. ATX STUDIOS Although the movie was filmed here in Austin, Office Space strives for, and achieves, a generic Anywhere, USA look. Backlot: With 165 acres of wilderness, creeks, high plains / low plains and a cabin set along the Colorado River. Contact: The droning teacher in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” who continually asks, “Bueller? Contact: Production space with conference room, office and kitchen. 20’ x 20’ custom speed rail grid. Located in Taylor, just 35 minutes north east of Austin, Renegade Studios also offers on-site gear rental, production office spaces and an on-site mill space to maximize your production value with set and prop creation. Contact: Another no. 8711 Burnet Rd, Ste F-73, Austin, TX 78757 Loosen your tie, unbutton your collar, and come obliterate your case of the Mondays at our interactive presentation of Mike Judge’s brilliant celluloid treatise on work suckage. ft. studio space with 26’ ceilings, Backlot: Large tarmac staging area for base camp, set construction, and parking, 460 sq. Chotchkie's Restaurant - Office Space - Austin, TX. Enrique Garcia, Studio Manager F-63-64, Austin, TX 78757, Property Submission: Rules & Requirements, La Música En Vivo Está En Nuestras Raíces. Metric Boulevard is home to Peter Gibbons’ apartment complex, and you can drive by the setting of the Initech corporate office building at 4120 Friedrich Lane, near Ben White Boulevard and I-35. The studio was not amused, but they were ultimately let in on the joke and told that this was not actual dialogue from the real scene, but merely McGinley and Willson unleashed. In fact, Judge asked the legal minds at the studio if they could USE TGIF. 512.535.5113 If real news is important to you, please consider making a donation of $5, $10 or whatever you can afford, to help keep our journalism on stands. egarcia@omegabroadcast.com. Caster Studios is a Pre-Lit Cyclorama stage. ?” goons, Beavis and Butt-head (and let's face it, who among us would want those cartoon clowns to be handing us our burger and fries? One set decorator, (intent on doing what set decorators do), would put plants and photos on the desks of the fictional employees in “Office Space,” and Judge would systematically remove all such traces of humanity the very moment he saw them. Affleck wanted $5 million to do the film; the “Office Space” total budget was $2 million. He was building a scale model doll house for his only child, a daughter. Judge's script for this live-action feature -- his first after establishing his reputation as one of the kings of the new wave of sophisticated, adult animation -- is wickedly funny and to the point. Nixon Guerrero, Studio Manager 140 Utley Road, Utley, TX 78621 “Office Space,” with the log-line “Work sucks” didn’t exactly burst upon the scene back in 1999. Chuck Norris’ son, Eric, was flown in to do the car crash scene, which could only be filmed once. chris@austinfilm.org. When only 2 such room dividers of the appropriate height could be found, the other short dividers in the room were set up on boxes and shot in such a way that this shortcoming (yes, that was intentional) was hidden from the audience.

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