The Enchanted Forest events take place after "Labor of Love (Once Upon a Time)" and before "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree". With the page more vital to them than before, Maleficent puts everyone in town to sleep, although those already once affected by a sleeping curse remain immune. But before things get too heated, Rumplestiltskin reveals himself to be the one who gathered the girls in promise of a happy ending. "Lily" is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of the American fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time, which aired on April 26, 2015. Despite that Regina informs her about Stefan's daughter Aurora is soon-to-be married to Prince Phillip, the latter refuses to get retribution, telling her to give up on seeking vengeance. Before leaving, he advises that the Chernabog can detect the heart with the greatest evil and devour it. Status: Snow promises to return the egg once they're done before she and her husband escape. ("A Land Without Magic"), Frustrated, Queen Regina goes to Maleficent to get the Dark Curse back. When the men are later celebrating around a fire, Maleficent uses her magic to project her voice and make strong winds overcome them; she tells them to keep the gold, if they must, as it is useless, but to return the other treasure they stole, for although its power is alluring, it shall only bring them misery. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Heart of Stone" Female They ask if they will be happy, and the Evil Queen says that they will, but she needs a lock of hair from the darkest souls of the land. "The Cricket Game" • Previous Episode "Save Henry" • The Evil Queen admits that she is conflicted and explains what she has to do, and the Valet realizes that he is the one that she loves most. With the terms satisfied, the trio reveals their main motivation for having the gauntlet is to know their enemies' weaknesses. "Witch Hunt" • "There's No Place Like Home", "A Tale of Two Sisters" • Maleficent is based on the Wicked Fairy from the fairytale, "Sleeping Beauty", and on the character of the same name from the Disney film, Sleeping Beauty. ("Operation Mongoose Part 2"), Later, Maleficent retires and lives with a pet unicorn until the day the Evil Queen comes back to her. As they head to the apartment to search for the page, Maleficent pressures Mr. Gold to provide answers about her lost child so as long as she continues to help him find the Author. The mistress protects her pet, but the Evil Queen binds her to the wall, with the metal from the chandelier, and takes the staff, smashing the orb to retrieve the curse. The bottom headlines read "Sonnet Hill Orchard Park, The newspaper prop which was auctioned off, reveals the bottom articles in their entirety, Alex Burnett worked as a third assistant director on. Why Henry thinks Regina's apples are dangerous is explained in "An Apple Red as Blood". She wishes to join forces with Snow, but Snow declines, refusing to delve into darkness while trying to protect her child for she believes that there is a better way of doing things. After Cruella successfully gets them past the first obstacle, Maleficent takes her turn and absorbs dragon fire that's guarding the curse with her staff. For the episode, see Lily. Later, she is bested by Briar Rose[1] and curses her into an eternal sleep. The Evil Queen wonders what she has to go back to. He tells her to move past it, but the Evil Queen says that she cannot live with what Snow White took from her. And just like that, a haunting paternity mystery was at long last laid to rest, four years after Emma’s childhood friend/Maleficent’s daughter Lily (played in Season 4 by Agnes Bruckner) said that she was going to stick around Storybrooke, hoping to use a shard of the egg from which she was hatched to identify and find her dad. The three Queens of Darkness - together again - head to the town's woods. Also, for them to do ridiculous things and make fools of themselves to my continual delight. The Evil Queen travels to Maleficent's Forbidden Fortress to get back the Dark Curse from her. She eventually loses before someone grabs her from behind, kidnapping her. The Evil Queen then demands her curse back, but Maleficent says that they have already made their exchange, and it is hers now. "Quiet Minds" • "One Little Tear" • Female Emma is in her room at Granny's Bed and Breakfast reading the file, when Graham comes by to visit. She goes to see it and notices that Emma's car is still in town. "The Price" • This infuriates Maleficent and she warns Cruella that her death shall last for days before turning into her dragon form. ("Best Laid Plans"), In Storybrooke, Maleficent's dragon form is trapped deep below the town's library. "Heroes and Villains" is the eleventh episode and mid-season finale of the fourth season of the American fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time, which aired on December 14, 2014.

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