I am a graduate of Columbia Journalism School and an adjunct professor at the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. Follow us on LinkedIn or email careers(at)happiestbaby.com and tell us about YOUR dreams and aspirations. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Twitter @TanyaKlich, © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. The pediatrician behind the Happiest Baby empire turned night-night into a $50 million business—and he won't rest until parents do. Happiest Baby is a customer-first company. By mimicking the in utero environment, babies are soothed and experience better and longer sleep; this in turn also helps new parents to rest and recover during the first few months of a baby’s life, the so-called fourth trimester. Their daughter, Lexi, 36, is acting head of marketing. And that's where Simplr came in.”. Competitors: UNKNOWN. This feature is in beta and may change with future updates. Based in Culver City, California, Happiest Baby, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Dr. Harvey Karp (pediatrician, child development specialist) with his wife and business partner, Nina Montée-Karp. While Dr. Karp’s books proved helpful to parents during the day, he understood that they needed more guidance and support at night. Our flagship IoT baby bed, SNOO Smart Sleeper, solves the #1 new parent struggle: Exhaustion! * When returning SNOO, customers in the 48 contiguous United States will be charged $59.50 for shipping. Happiest Baby's latest funding round in December 2018 was reported to be $23 m. In total, Happiest Baby has raised $33 m. Show all financial metrics. So, parents need to recognize they deserve help.”. Sleep Foundation's Innovation of the Year Award)! Funded by top VCs, were a small start-upwith HUGE goals: , about 1 in 9 women experience symptoms of postpartum depression in the U.S. Consumers can now rent a Snoo bassinet for less than $4 a day—lower if rented through a partner company. McCarron leveraged Simplr’s network of 24/7 US-based Simplr Specialists to handle the company’s tier 1 email and live chat inquiries, giving his in-house team more bandwidth to support the sleep and safety questions. SNOO also prevents risky rolling, a top cause of 3700 infant sleep deaths/yr. Types of diversity represented in an organization, specifically of those who are founding members, currently the CEO, or have check-writing abilities in an investment firm. “We can now use tech to help to address some of the most unsolvable things we faced as parents and pediatricians: how to make a baby sleep and improve sleep,” she says. Their daughter, Lexi, 36, is acting head of marketing. Revenue: Unknown / Non-Applicable. “By improving their sleep we’ve seen women go from suicidal to the road to recovery within 2-3 days once they get better sleep,” says Dr. Karp. Provider of a rhythmic motion-based cradle intended to calm the child and improve their sleeping environment. Customer Care Manager, Happiest Baby, Inc. Simplr was incubated and funded by Asurion, the largest technology protection and support provider in the world. © 2020 Simplr Solutions Inc. All rights reserved, Follow us for the latest customer service trends and business insights for startups and small businesses. “I was getting frustrated with that,” Dr. Karp says. “That was the first time we saw targeted education that pediatricians could share with parents on how to calm and soothe a baby and how that whole interaction can build that relationship between parent and baby,” says Dr. Colleen Kraft, immediate past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The company locked down $23 million in Series B funding at the end of last year and kicked off it’s new rental model at the beginning of this year. SNOO was designed in collaboration with the celebrated industrial designer, Yves Behar, and a team of MIT-trained engineers. Seed, Series A, Private Equity), Whether an Organization is for profit or non-profit, Happiest Baby creates smart technology to help parents succeed at their most important job, raising healthy, happy children, United States Health Care Companies (Top 10K). The Snoo is currently designated by the FDA as a “breakthrough device” and is being evaluated as a potentially life-saving medical device. “There's a certain urgency that we need to respect when dealing with our customers,” says Customer Care Manager Matthew McCarron. Now parents don’t have that and moms think they’re supposed to do this all on their own, which is not at all what a normal mom has done throughout history.

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