Recovered from: Can We Use Supercomputers To Mine All The Bitcoins In Less Time? Perchloric acid belongs to the group of strong oxidising acids. (See letter 9408). Used in the production of sodium perchlorate which is a basic ingredient in explosives and fuels for rocket and missiles. Fumes and vapours from the acid can greatly irritate sensitive tissue such as the eyes and respiratory system. Strong oxidising acids are corrosive to tissues. The addition of water to acids often generates enough heat in its area to cause the water to boil explosively, and this can result in dangerous acid splashes. Perchloric acid is produced industrially by two methods as follows: The first method includes the treatment of sodium perchlorate with solutions like hydrochloric acid which gives perchloric acid precipitating solid sodium chloride. European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Perchloric acid is also used on a limited scale as a reagent for analytical purposes. H302: harmful to ingest [acute oral toxicity – category 4] (PubChem, 2017). {eq}\begin{align*} They may react vigorously or even explode when mixed with oxidisable materials (alcohol, amines, cyanogen, boranes, hydrazine, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, nitoalkanes, metal powders, silanes, thiols, among others). Your email address will not be published. Perchloric Acid: Formula, Characteristics and Uses, Hydrosulphurous acid: Formula, Characteristics and Uses, Potassium Nitrite: Characteristics, Uses, and Safety risks. 60% Perchloric acid | Image Courtesy: W. Oelen. Hence the chemical formula of perchloric acid is {eq}ClO_3OH {/eq} or it can also be written as {eq}ClO_4H {/eq} Let's calculate the molar masses of the two compounds given to us. Oelen, W. (2011) Perchloric acid 60 percent [imagen] Recovered from: Strong oxidising acids are usually water-soluble, and release hydrogen ions. Precipitation Titration _ Pharmaceutical Analysis _ B. Pharmacy _ Amit Z C... No public clipboards found for this slide, Attending Tagore Baal Niketan School,Karnal. Wikipedia. Upon coming into contact with a flame they can produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases. Determine the molar mass of nickel(II) sulfate... A given sample of a xenon fluoride compound... What is the molar mass of uranium in UO2? Home » Chemistry » Perchloric Acid. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). - Definition, Examples & Reactions, Balanced Chemical Equation: Definition & Examples, Polar and Nonpolar Covalent Bonds: Definitions and Examples, What is Respiration? © copyright 2003-2020 Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. PREPARATION OF 0.1 N PERCHLORIC ACID • Materials Required : 8.5 ml of perchloric acid (70.0 to 72.0%) ; 1 Litre of glacial acetic acid ; 30ml of acetic anhydride. Hazard classes (and their corresponding GHS chapters), the rules of classification and labelling, and the recommendations for perchloric acid are the following (European Chemicals Agency, 2017; UN, 2015; PubChem, 2017): H271: may cause fire or explosions; strong oxidiser; [danger: oxidising liquids; combustible solids – Category 1] (PubChem, 2017). HClO4 a mineral acid highly corrosive to most metals and tissues. Inhalation, ingestion or contact (with the skin, eyes, etc.) See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. As for acidic “strength” it is one of the strongest mineral acids we have ,stronger than either Nitric and/or Sulfuric. &=100.5 ~g 1. Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Safety glasses, chemical resistant (nitrile) gloves.Face shield for all but well-tried and predictable small-scale procedures.

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