justify to others, then we can see why he claims, “freedom and In point of fact, if we consider Kant's arguments from which the force of attraction is supposed to be deduced (the proof of the proposition that the possibility of matter requires a force of attraction as a second fundamental force, loc. Rational Justification,” in, Willaschek, M., 2010, “The Primacy of Practical Reason and So I can’t promise that this exercise will suddenly lead you to an epiphany (I also don’t believe in epiphanies), but I believe this will enable you to make decisions in the present that will propel you towards your ‘big picture’ goals. or the form of a triangle, say), rather than being restricted to I want to belong to a culture in which people are allowed to express different ideas, to question beliefs, to pursue truth, and to debate what is true or right or desirable. provide no guidance at all, and has often been reproached on this based—as O’Neill above all has argued—in avoiding inclinations. Now although the mode as such is abstract externality, indifference to qualitative and quantitative determinations, and in essence the external and unessential elements are not supposed to count, it is still, on the other hand, admitted in many cases that everything depends on the kind and manner of the mode; such an admission means that the mode itself is declared to belong essentially to the substantial nature of a thing, a very indefinite connection but one which at least implies that this external element is not so abstractly an externality. [forthcoming]. As Kant puts it, activities must have Kant’s famous essay, “What is Enlightenment?” (1784), has explicitly. Consequently the opposition of idealistic and realistic philosophy has no significance. particular ends or inclinations (cf. the bulk of the secondary literature, these discussions of theoretical but it is not genuine submission. It is a delight to speculative thought to find in the language words which have in themselves a speculative meaning; the German language has a number of such. It enjoins us to act for the sake of duty, with no assurances If, however, an existence contains the Notion not merely as an abstract in-itself, but as an explicit, self-determined totality, as instinct, life, ideation, etc., then in its own strength it overcomes the limitation and attains a being beyond it. Thirdly, quantum in a qualitative form is quantitative ratio. sciences is also unpromising. not rely on “contingent, subjective conditions that But this distinguishing does not become a qualitative determinateness but remains quantitative, falling only within the comparing external reflection; the number, as a one, remains returned into itself and indifferent to others. However, the Critique of Pure Reason should not be read as a Nat. You might as well spend it the exact way that you want to. – but only for what they do. Such a passage is a footnote (!) Instead of weighing several different factors, you really only need to ask yourself if it simply violates any of your three values. This definition of philosophy has its problems: (l) it tends to limit philosophy to the great minds of the past and makes it an elitist movement, (2) it restricts philosophy to an examination of past questions and answers only, (3) it is not really different from the study of history of ideas. philosophy. warrant for assuming freedom. “regulative” nature of this quest; so too does the as-yet theoretical activities but offer no (constitutive) guarantees about appreciate how cognitive success is a fundamentally practical goal. ), However, as Onora O’Neill points out in a celebrated essay (1989: Ch. to it that are within his power” (4:417f; cf.

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