To deny a particular machine , set the “Deny” option and select the machine to be denied. A “wireless network connection” dialogue box will be opened which display the available connections within the range. Hey I cant find the wireless menu on the setup interface…there is only overview, status, advanced setup, diagnostic & management options so i couldn’t setup the security and even see my WPS PIN!!! Click the wireless network icon on your computer. Change the … Select “View Available Wireless Networks”. If changed enter the same accordingly). The router automatically turns on, and you can reconnect. But (why, there’s a but ugh) I cannot access Internet. If you want to allow one or more machines – Set the “Allow” option and select the MAC addresses of corresponding machines to be allowed. Im sharing my internet with may neighbor, Im okay with that. Restoring factory settings (reset) router: If you experience problems connecting to the Internet, it may help to reset the router. �}�)rڅ����{��I��2�S��q��z�8��L�����$�{���Ȱr2'f2��e�8K�aEg[��S�Ee�sB�+���ߙ�j ��}�}�tx�x��V@[�� �Q�"��0��uf���ӹk��h�f�\J^����Bz�u�� �/� Connect to your router directly via LAN cable or Wi-Fi. Important: You might have noted down the MAC Address like this 02-14-C4-C2-98-26 but if you enter like this Modem will display an error message “invalid MAC address”. I want to block him when I need all the power of my internet and then when I finish, allow him again to connect. @�A"�b���QH� A “wireless network connection” dialogue box will be opened which display the available connections within the range., Intex IN 6633- Dual SIM WiFi QWERTY handset for Rs 4500, Nokia E5 Soon To Hit The Market: In depth Review, Mashable Inspired Social Share bar with counter plugin for Joomla. Get the latest updates delivered to your inbox, How to fix the problem of hitting ‘reload’ to load web pages? MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique number of each network hardware. Select “View Available Wireless Networks”. TIA, hi guys i am using ZTE-ZXDSL 5318 i enter my gateway ip which is i when i press enter i dont get a option to type my username or password.This webpage is not available display hothaa he plss help me guys……, I am serving in BSF we have a wifi area but my mobile showing limited connectivity help me how to cconnect my mobile with zte wifi by bsnl. somebody please help. Sometimes just the browser notifies, “This web page is not available”. There will not be two network cards (Any type) with a same MAC address. h�bbd```b``v�5 �I D�2��+�"_A$�&�����U`�%0{6������`]@�1$�Tz�>y��3�r&��y� �;Dr�H��J�� 6�k��I��`]R�@��v���&�]��8 ��7 �"� I have 4 android phones and one laptop, I want to allow these devices and deny ALL. Tap Scan. This happens with every new laptop I connect to it through wi-fi, *Router 1              Connect your PC/laptop with the router using Ethernet cable and in your browser type What I should enter in “Deny” field? It does show Authenticating- and then Connected on my cell phone too. Press the Menu key. So, on my new laptop kindly tell me how to configure it. Click on the Add button below and enter the noted down MAC address . Click on the “MAC filter” menu of the Modem configuration page. but i cant enter ,it always says error please help me .. i have problem with my wifi connection . 0 In this page you can see MAC Restrict mode “Disabled” , “Allow” and “Deny”. Avoid channels 12 or 13 when some network cannot connect to them. Here you have to enter the same key which has been set in your Modem. I have Nokia X device on which I wanted to enable (or whatever it is called) wi-fi. If security is enabled, enter the key or wireless password. You need not to configure anything. Select the country of operation. The router turns on and off, and you can connect to the wireless network. ), I then called the broadband fixer, and he changed some numbers in the DSL router settings (I don’t remember which option he clicked and where he changed them -_- ). Recently I purchased Macbook Pro, which I wanted to connect it to BSNL Wifi, I do have basic Modem which is connected to my PC at 1st Floor, I wanted Wifi connection at 2nd Floor to my laptop….. please suggest me in this regard…. Default settings for ZTE routers Here you will find the combinations of IP address, username and password that are used most commonly as the default for ZTE routers to access the user interface. Now you can optionally allow or deny a particular or group of machines on your WiFi network. I have changed the ip and subnet mask in almost all possible ways. Share 4G & 5G LTE Technology and Latest Gadgets, Enjoy Amazing Speed with LTE Broadband! Select your WiFI network and click “Connect” . Mostly browser shows ‘this webpage isn’t available’ and images also don’t load. Here you have to enter the same key which has been set in your Modem. This is the identity of a machine . If you experience the same problem remains, repeat step 4 and try another channel that might work better on your computer.

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