Someone on here has made a grave error in tagging Plymouth Gin as Scottish. Cheaper than a number of its competitors making it a excellent choice for your bar. So what, among gins, lingers longest? Home cocktail connoisseurs could take note from the industry, as this gin is a versatile addition to any home cocktail cabinet. Both…. It works for us. Drink this gin neat and at room temp if you are going to drink a gin neat and at room temp. The Full Review Fun fact: Plymouth is both a brand and style of gin. Only moderate length, angelica and coriander seem to be the last two standing. This is a classy, understated gin. Plymouth also makes a Gin known as Plymouth Gin a distinctive form of gin . A free drink at the end was included. Oh, the price here in the states? The taste is fresh, earthy as described and I get the oil as mentioned. My favorite gin (till now) is Beefeater and Beefeater 24, and I use schweppes tonic. I really love this gin. 110/2008stated that all spirits with … We even got to stay and purchase gin cocktails after the tour in the bespoke bar. It’s exactly what gin should be, hovering somewhere citrus and juniper on the gin scale, but eschewing the floral excesses of, say, Hendricks. Of many gins, their base alcohol is the smoothest, most rounded, and softest of any. Even though I have been a one-drink-before-dinner gin drinker (martinis and G&T) for 50+ years, I was only recently re-introduced to Plymouth on the Queen Elizabeth while running the length of the Mediterranian to Croatia and back. It’s not entirely offensive, but once I began notice the parsnip root flavor, I had a hard time thinking of anything except pies, puddings and winter cellar vegetables. Taste: Body is wonderfully thick and smooth- oily heavy body, that is a delight to both taste and feel. Plymouth, hands-down. Enjoy! Appearance: Bright, silvery, beautiful clarity. The smooth relaxing taste has had me ever since. Tastes change, and the McGee novels don’t hold up so well for me now, but the gin is still wonderful. Visited the Plymouth Gin Distillery on Sunday 6th September 2020 on the connoisseurs tour. It's got a great flavor, without being overpowering like some cheaper gins. Nicely done website loads fast, easy-to-navigate, and clean design. Plymouth Gin is THE benchmark gin. I took the “distillery” tour and they explained many of the ingredients – including angelica root. The gin tasting at the end is great and it is a good idea for something a little different on date night! Our guide, Carly, was very informative and entertaining. Thank you for your review. I find the juniper somewhat muted compared to the London drys such as Beefeater. I have enjoyed Plymouth Gin and started adding it to my cabinet after reading a few Travis McGee novels that were written by John D. MacDonald. We also got a bit of cardamom. The lemon seems brighter and Plymouth Navy, upon every re-trial we have here at Gin Foundry, is in our top 5 gins … It’s a no-nonsense London Dry, not nearly as subtle as Plymouth, but excellent with a dash of bitters (cardamom) and great in a G&T. In 2014, Pernod Ricard declared their intentions to not renew the designation [sources: Plymouth Herald, The Spirits Business, Wall Street Journal]. Hello Aaron I just discovered your site and I like it very much, you do very nice reviews. Then it settles down to a more spicy plum jam bouquet. […], Our Gordon’s Gin review was inspired by being served a Gordon’s and tonic in a local cinema. She encouraged the group to bond by introducing ourselves and stressing that there was no right or wrong opinion on anything. Any reccomendation as to which should I try first? Maybe the Boodle bottle came later. Plymouth's citrus notes and savory spices carry from the nose to the palate, where they linger on a notably lengthy finish. I am curious as to why you have not reviewed these 2 gins yet. That being said, in my area it’s almost twice the price of Broker’s or Beefeater. As with great art, whether visual, musical or literary, it feel complete – fresh but inevitable. It makes one hell of a martini, 4:1 with Noilly Pratt and lime, which helps to brighten it. Much loved by Winston Churchill among many others, it almost died out. Easy to grip and pour. It has an ABV of 41.2%. more. A lovely nose with an unusual earthy melange of angelica and juniper, with subtle camphoraceous tinges of cardamom and coriander. Great in a Martini (3:1) or a gin and tonic. Loooove. That’s not to say this is a standard spirit though. We did the gin connoisseurs tour which took about 90 minutes including tasting and comparing. Plymouth gin was Travis’ “..clean pure truth serum”. Plymouth Gin once could only be produced in Plymouth. Best with a twist. Highlight was the tasting of 3 gins followed by a complimentary G&T. In the UK, you can buy Plymouth from Amazon by clicking here. Fun fact: Plymouth is both a brand and style of gin. The renewed interest in gin, sparked by the myriad “craft” varieties produced in places as far-flung as the Black Forest, Scotland and State of Maine, is the best thing that’s happened in the world of (alcoholic) spirits since the witches got together in “Macbeth.” I’ve been through many of the nouveaux-riches in this storied category of good drink – a long infatuation with Hendrick’s, shorter ones with Nolet, Martin Miller’s, Aviation and numerous more local brands – and they’ve all become tiresome, cloying, kind of weird. Been drinking it ever since. Plymouth continuously surprises me because while it never comes across as overwhelming, it always seems to come through. Made from sloe berries, a relative of plums and also called the blackthorn, sloe berries are quite astringent when fresh.

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