Priest of Forgotten God's Sac/rules question. I see what you mean about Cemetery Reaper, I feel the same way sometimes. Scryfall is not produced by or endorsed by these services. Other Contenders: [[Rekindling Phoenix]]: Does have great sinergy with the priest and is a big qualities card overall, but the cost can be a problem. The Slack, Discord, Cash App, PayPal, and Patreon logos 1/25/2019: You may target players who can’t sacrifice a creature. is copyright Wizards of the Coast, LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Those players still lose 2 life. [[Gruesome Menagerie]]: With a good amount of 1-2-3 drops on the deck this can make for a great swing.  Flip in this deck. 1/25/2019: I will have to play test the deck a little to see where I can cut cards, I appreciate the feedback so thank you. On my end step my opponent play's a Vraska's Contempt targeting my [[Seraph of the Scales]]. The Orzhov are not the only religious tradition on Ravnica, nor the oldest. Priest of Forgotten Gods: Under appreciated. Vitaspore Thallid: I think giving haste is the weakest effect of the bunch, this is just another budget on-theme sac outlet. Those players still lose 2 life. An example of that is Gaea’s Cradle– that’s a mana ability whether you have 0 creatures or 30. Pawn of Ulamog should be an auto-include in all aristocrats decks. Priest of Forgotten Gods is a sac outlet, card draw, life drain and ramp in ONE CARD! I do like Graveborn Muse because I play her with a sac outlet already in play. You’ll still add and draw a card. by a7141988, Moldy Floor Conspiracy (if we can find one cheap enough) would be good with a couple of cards you already have. It has also brought us Repudiate, a Simic hybrid spell that counters activated or triggered abilities. Just extra things that trigger when others die. I will go into deeper analysis below for Priest of Forgotten Gods. TCG says it's a $1. Second, it can’t target anything. 2019-01-25: Because it may have targets, the ability of Priest of Forgotten Gods isn’t a mana ability. Terms of Use | There are three conditions that an ability needs to fulfill in order to be a mana ability. But maybe that's just me. Massacre Girl: Best board wipe in this build. Yes, each. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. It uses the stack and can be responded to, even if no targets were chosen. Epicure of Blood and Marauding Blight-Priest: Help to increase the payoff of slimefoot and are so cheap they are essentially free (literally, ask anyone at your LGS for these, they have them and don't want them). That means Nikya is in- she triggers from tapping a land for mana. ), and Priest still eats two of your creatures for no value (boo!). are copyright their respective owners. If you’re anything like me (that is to say, a monster) you probably want to find a way to prevent your opponent having mana ever, and Repudiate looks handy for that- but it’s got some odd reminder text. This site is unaffiliated. (Well, I'm told I can't do three, so 1 will have to do. Priest of Forgotten Gods could definitely work for some more card draw and disruption. And you can tell me if Custodi Lich is worth the cost. Contact us. Just extra things that trigger when others die. Keen Sense: Insane card draw for 1 green mana. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet serves more for token generation and control then for a sac outlet. Discord Server | {T}, Sacrifice two other creatures: Any number of target players each lose 2 life and sacrifice a creature. Will have to ponder that one. You’ll still add {B}{B} and draw a card. So that’s all for today. Of course. I like Custodi Lich because it makes you the monarch for at least a turn and you can sac him for a decent amount of zombies. I would recommend an aristocratic build. A triggered mana ability must meet the first two criteria, and also be triggered by activating an activated mana ability, or from mana being added. Personally, I'd trade that one out for Priest of Forgotten Gods, which is underutilized and multifunctional. You add {B}{B} and draw a card. Dead Triggers: Last section! 2019-01-25: You may target players who can’t sacrifice a creature. You’ll still add. Those players still lose 2 life. VampDemigod I love the inclusion of my pet card, Corrupted Grafstone. by Udah19, Thalisse, rev med No one wants to lose there dragon to this) but this one starts to impact the budget. Mana producers that also play the sac theme. Woe Strider is another Viscera Seer with a body. Verdant Force: It says EACH upkeep. Savage Thallid: Another great sac outlet and protection piece. Elenda immediatly before activating priest means she already gets 3 counters, which can be great. Card prices and promotional offers represent daily estimates and/or market values provided by our affiliates. 1/25/2019: You can activate the ability of Priest of Forgotten Gods without choosing any targets if you wish. Every time I build zombie tribal, I end up removing Cemetery Reaper. Came upon this in my playtesting today and wasn't sure if I could do what I wanted to do. Grim Harvest is a pretty cool recursion tool - especially with Priest. Bastion of Remembrance: Possibly my favorite. Ravnica Allegiance has brought us plenty of new cards that make mana for you; Nikya of the Old Ways, Priest of the Forgotten Gods, Domri, and Incubation Druid, to name a few. Rulings. That means Deathrite Shaman is out, as well as Priest of the Forgotten Gods– even though you could choose no targets, the fact you choose them at all means it can’t be a mana ability. by Elasar99, Korvold, Fae-Cursed King Carrion Feeder gets big fast, Viscera Seer is card advantage/selection, and Altar of Dementia is a great budget card, and can even be played in higher power games.

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