Beyond the core are an uncounted number of other districts, which originated as outlying cities that gradually melded into the expanding metropolis. The senate has been destroyed and taken by the Gruul and reclaimed by Boros forces lead by Gideon. mh_atlas.set('n', 'atlas/46n25-13e40/location-maps/physical-map/'); There is definitely an underground ocean here. They are informally divided into various quarters, neighborhoods, and the like. The Ninth had to be remote enough that the guilds could allow it to devolve into the kind of soul-crushing shithole described in those stories, but close enough to the Boros that its loss would prove to be a festering wound that would injure their pride day-in and day-out while still having a direct connection to the Tenth (tying it via that similarity with the other Numbered Districts). I'd like to gather here the sum of what we know about the nine other districts of Ravnica. I don't know enough about the lore to answer the general question, but I'm pretty sure that the population density of Ravnica is much closer to that of a modern city than that of a whole country. But I was under the impression that all the lakes and oceans were underground due to city growth basically covering the entire plane, layer upon layer over thousands of years, which is also why the undercity exists. I understand why the DM would approach it this way since it makes the world much more manageable. I think small sea might add a bit of flavor to my campaign. mh_atlas.set('e', 'atlas/46n00-14e30/location-maps/physical-map/'); It has a crossing river to establish some waterfront element and shares its terminus with Court Street as it is under the bolded "Azorius territory" header. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to Ravnica. Each place is different. I got inspired by The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish adventure. Rarity, #: U, 128 Card Type: Creature — Elf Scout P / T: 2 / 2 Description: When District Guide enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card or Gate card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library. It feels like Ravnica has to be very small if it isn't going to have an enormous population. The flavor and location of the Ninth were based largely on the following two sources:, © Copyright 2013 Maphill. The Fourth District is a Lake District. The moon is 20 thousand times bigger than what I'm assuming for Ravnica's total area. Like say district 7 has a huge Gruul presence, therefore a big Boros presence trying to hold them back. window.addEvent('load', function(){ I accomplished this by locating the Ninth northeast of the major Boros installations in the First, and making the One Hundred Steps an imposing 100-span bridge (of course maintained by magic--as a civil engineer I realize a bridge spanning over the entirety of the Second is nigh on impossible) that leads to the very steps of Prahv. The location map of Ravnica combines two projections: the orthographic azimuthal projection for the globe and the simple geographic projection for the rectangular part of the map. mh_atlas.set('sw', 'atlas/45n35-12e45/location-maps/physical-map/'); It is not final and might feel a bit empty in places, but I can edit it as we progress further as a group in our adventure. There's no way Ravnica is anything like as thinly populated as 5.57 times that of Earth, because about 1% of Earth would be covered by cities and about 100% of Ravnica would be. I'm running more than a year-long campaign in Ravnica and I find the official map provided in the book as very limiting. This is my map of Ravnica, with accurate locations where I could find the necessary background details.

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