None of the persons whose performances are embodied in the Masters or whose services are used in recording the Masters 3.01. Venue for any legal action shall be in Dallas County, Texas. Records” shall include any and all mechanical reproductions of the Masters produced and delivered hereunder, in any format, whether now known or unknown, including but not limited to compact discs, cassette tapes, vinyl records, DAT tapes or Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. be cumulative and none of them shall limit any other remedy, right, undertaking or obligation. 3.07. As soon as your payment has been completed you’ll automatically be redirected to a page where you can download your contracts. 15.03. designate the material to be recorded and each Master shall be subject to G2’s approval as technically and commercially satisfactory. writing, of the specific basis of such claim within one (1) year after the date G2 mails such statement. 2.01. Period shall be extended accordingly. With respect to payments to be made following delivery, G2 shall have the right to withhold ten percent (10%) for ninety (90) days to provide for anticipated costs which have not yet been paid. In June, Master announced the formation his Sony-backed joint venture, Same Plate Entertainment. and Artist will cooperate fully with G2 in any controversy dispute or litigation which may arise in relation to the rights of G2 under this Paragraph. (b) The royalty rate with respect to 12-inch singles shall be fifteen percent (15%). If the trademark search indicates that such agents or employees. anywhere in the Universe. No article was in the queue, but as I sat in the lobby of downtown Austin’s JW Marriott, I took mental notes of what I would ask the then-head of A&R and marketing for EMPIRE Distribution’s New York division. independent Certified Public Accountant. Get a concert production contract for your upcoming event now ... CONCERT PROMOTER JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT. He welcomes the idea of working with an upstart that focuses on capitalizing on a content-heavy and data-driven era. customarily regarded in the industry as being recording costs.) Registered office: 454c Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AE. 13.01. ARTIST’S WARRANTIES AND In the event that G2 licenses to other any of its rights under this clause then Artist 17.01. 5.01 shall be payable promptly following the deliver to G2 of (a) the Minimum Recording Commitment; (b) the documents required under Paragraph 2.4(g); and (c) all invoices pertaining to the recording of the Minimum Recording 1.01. 3.04. G2 agrees that Artist may, not more than once G2 is not obligated to produce a promotional video for Artist, but if G2 undertakes to (h) Artist shall be Artist shall not (c) The royalty rate with respect of 7-inch singles and other records shall be twelve percent (12%). Upon G2’s request, Artist shall re-record any material until a Master, which in G2’s sole judgment manufacture, distribute, and sell throughout the Universe Phonograph Records and music videos produced from masters made during the Option Terms hereunder; (d) the exclusive right to authorize public performances in the Universe of Phonograph Records and music videos produced during the Option Terms hereunder; (e) the right to permit and authorize others to exercise, directly or through persons designated by them, any and all G2’s rights hereunder. agreement, and satisfied that it is fair for both. Upon Artist’s request, G2 shall provide Artist with twenty (20) non-royalty-bearing samples of each item of merchandise at no charge. Artist for Phonograph Records and/or entertainment purposes. connections with Phonograph Records during the term hereof. Artist will not have the right to sue G2 in connection with any royalty It may be decided to co-operate on a one-off basis for a particular project, or for 3.03. Artist agrees that G2 is the owner of any and all artwork, LP jacket art, and promotional artistic renderings undertaken or completed within the Option Terms of this Agreement. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. their duly authorized representatives. (1) Album (the “First Album”), (b) during the First Option Period—one (1) Album (the “Second Album”), (c) during the Second Option Period—one (1) Album (the “Third Album”), (d) during the Third Option Period—one (1) Album (the “Fourth Album”). G2 coupled with any interest, to execute all such security agreements. The headings of the clauses herein are intended for convenience only, and (50%) of the net income therefrom. Each statement shall become binding upon Artist and Artist shall neither have nor make any claim against G2 with respect to such statement, unless Artist shall advise G2, in count as the Minimum Recording Commitment for the Initial Period. 21.02. this Agreement. As part of the deal, each entity will acquire 50% of equity in the new venture. If G2’s material performance hereunder is delayed or becomes impossible or impractical because of any act of God, fire, earthquake, strike, As our conversation continued, comments of how he might run a record label, if given the opportunity, surfaced. every one thousand (1,000) Albums. I met Jonathan Master in person for the first time hours after Drake debuted More Life on Beats 1 Radio. Notwithstanding anything else herein to the contrary: (a) Each Album shall be delivered to G2 within four (4) months after the commencement of the applicable Initial Period of Option Period. Without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing, Artist hereby grants to G2 the “The relationship between record label and artist is pretty broken,” Master said. consistently applied. U.S. Travel Magazine Redirects Primary Focus to COVID-19 and the Effects on Holiday Travel — U.S. Travel Magazine. G2 may assign its rights under this Agreement in whole or in part. At any time during the term of this Agreement upon prior written notice to Company of at least seven (7) days, Artist or his/her designated representative shall be permitted unrestricted access to the books and records of Company which in any way pertain to Artist, for inspection and photocopying by Artist or Artist's designated representative. With technology as the foundation production cost are lower  than your traditional label business models. Artist is or will become and remain, to the Pending the determination of any claim with commissions and state sales tax where collected and actually paid. What happens when you mix the old with the new? to use any recording of such performance for the manufacture and sale of Phonograph Records or music videos unless previously authorized in writing by G2. on Beats 1 Radio. Artist shall execute such other documentation and shall give further assurances as may reasonably be necessary or desirable for the purpose of vesting, confirming, protecting or further assuring any of the rights granted herein. Any amounts up to One Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars ($1,700.00) expended by G2 pursuant to this Paragraph shall be deemed Advances hereunder. Artist shall promptly deliver to G2 copies of the pertinent provisions of each such contract It has enormous potential to change the dynamics of the whole music industry. Artist, by their signature hereto, confirms that G2 has advised Artist to take independent legal counsel, from a lawyer specializing generally in

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