When sound reaches the ear, it causes vibration of the tympanic membrane and the middle ear ossicles. The RM is composed of "minute-fiddle-shaped cuticular structures" called the phalangeal extensions of the outer hair cells, interspaced with extensions coming from the outer phalangeal cells. When the reticular lamina moves toward the basilar membrane (Fig. Tight junctions prevent mixing of the two fluids. The basilar fibers, the rods of Corti, and the reticular lamina move as a rigid unit. The organ of Corti, named after Alfonso Corti who first described it, is the sensorineural organ of the cochlea. Endolymph/perilymph separation. Viewed from above, the organ of Corti with its covering, the reticular lamina, forms a well-defined mosaic pattern. This lamina creates a barrier separating endolymph and perilymph, two fluids of different composition. The organ of Corti is located in the scala media, with its upper surface (the reticular lamina) facing the scala vestibuli and its base (the basilar membrane) toward the scala tympani. It is composed of sensory cells called hair cells, nerve fibers that connect to them, and supporting structures. Then, when the basilar membrane moves down-ward, the reticular lamina rocks downward and outward. Upward movement of the basilar fiber rocks the reticular lamina upward and inward toward the modi-olus. Junctions between the cells in the reticular lamina of the organ of Corti were examined in thin sections and after freeze-fracturing to find a structural basis for the large ionic differences between the endolymph and perilymph. The reticular lamina forms the boundary between endolymph (salmon colour) and perilymph (blue). Organ of Corti. The reticular lamina of the mammalian cochlea is formed by the tightly joined apical surfaces of hair cells and supporting cells. Sound-evoked vibratory motion and frequency-dependent displacement response of the organ of Corti, measured at the reticular lamina using laser interferometry. The unexpectedly large opposing motion of the reticular lamina must also result in substantial fluid displacements inside the organ of Corti. ... form the reticular lamina which seals the endolymphatic compartment. The stereocilia are in endolymph, but the hair cell bodies are in perilymph. Along with the vestibular membrane, several tissues held by the basilar membrane segregate the fluids of the endolymph and perilymph, such as the inner and outer sulcus cells (shown in yellow) and the reticular lamina of the organ of Corti (shown in magenta).For the organ of Corti, the basilar membrane is permeable to perilymph. An amplitude-modulated sinusoidal signal (bottom) was applied to the ear canal of an in vitro preparation of the intact guinea pig cochlea. The apices of the cells in the reticular lamina are joined by a band of tight junctions spaced at 140 Å intervals. The reticular membrane (RM, also called reticular lamina or apical cuticular plate) is a thin, stiff lamina that extends from the outer hair cells to the Hensen's cells. -spiral passage in the organ of corti-surrounded by pillar cells, inner and outer pillar cells sit on the basilar membrane-supporting cells (Hensens, Claudius) ... (superior to reticular lamina)-Source: stria vascularis - high in potassium (K+)and low in sodium (Na+) modiolous shown signs of structural leaks in the reticular lamina, the barrier structure covering the top of the organ of Corti that protects the unique ionic environment of the organ [20-24].

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