The Cambridge family may also find themselves in an “unfair” position in the future, too, if Prince George and his siblings find themselves straddling the line of needing to seek permission to marry. No one would have put Harry and Megan together, if for no other reason than sheer proximity (she’s based in Toronto). ( Log Out /  A wonderful way to celebrate her birthday as #PrinceHarry whisks her off to Africa George was neither his grandfather nor his great-grandfather, and certainly not a Stuart – he was a loyal husband, an attentive father and he took seriously his role as king (to varying degrees of utility). Princess Charlotte is the second child of Prince William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and is the sister of Prince George and Prince Louis. She mixed in the same circles as William. Some even proposed the introduction of a new Bill, especially for the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. Legal experts at the time warned that Margaret, who was bound by the Royal Marriages Act 1772, fell outside of the provisions of the  Marriages Act 1949 for civil marriage. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Or, like many marriages, was 18 years together deemed simply ‘long enough?’ The Earl. I do think this is a lesson that the royal court has had to learn, however, and it’s an important one. Kate was a commoner. READ MORE: The Ups and Downs of Princess Margaret's Love Life. Well, you’re going to hear a fair bit more about these rules should Harry and Meghan announce an engagement because a generation ago this marriage probably couldn’t have gone forward. Permission is crucial for royal marriages, as it ensures that any children born in the marriage are able to take their place in the line of succession. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. One of the most adored members of the British royal family, she died in a 1997 car crash. Oft contrasted with her older sister, Elizabeth, the glamorous young beauty developed a reputation as an independent spirit who enjoyed socializing late into the night. In today’s media environment and given the fact the RF are essentially treated like a special brand of celebrity, particularly the younger set, it would be impossible to hide an unhappy marriage the way they used to be able to. In the BBC series "Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal," friends and staff of the royal, who died in 2002, denounced Armstrong-Jones as an absent and uncaring husband. However, more recent years have seen the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, who are both divorced, who paved the way for Charles’ son Harry to also marry a divorcee. View @rebeccastarrbrown’s profile on Facebook, View @NormandyWindsor’s profile on Twitter, View @rebeccastarrb’s profile on Instagram, Follow Rebecca Starr Brown on, William & Kate Attend Theatre On Behalf of The Royal Foundation. She is best known for her moral support to the British people during WWII and her longevity. Did it work? With Charles’ second marriage to a divorcee, and subsequently Prince Harry’s, some scholars have raised the point of whether the Queen’s permission should still exist in royal law. The change in royal attitudes mirrors a growing societal acceptance of divorce over the decades, however this is not the only change that allowed the marriages of Prince Charles and Camilla, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Although this did not come to pass in the end, such a bill would have established beyond doubt in law the validity of a civil marriage in the Royal Family, which was historically not provided for in the 1949 Marriages Act. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon had two children together long before their marriage began to break down. How Princess Margaret complained about 'unbearable' final days, The Queen's heartbreak over Princess Margaret revealed, How Princess Diana’s divorce ‘put Queen’s position in doubt', Sarah Ferguson's reason for Prince Andrew split, How Bill to officially ABOLISH the monarchy was signed by Corbyn, Princess Charlotte could have had unprecedented royal role, How Princess Beatrice calmed down Sarah Ferguson's 'freak-out'. No longer the subject of media scrutiny, Margaret withdrew into private life as the tabloids focused on Princess Diana and a younger generation of royals. The rule is a holdover from the Royal Marriages Act of 1772, put in place by George III after two of his brothers married women considered unsuitable by the House of Hanover. ( Log Out /  order back issues and use the historic Daily Express ( Log Out /  Royal reveal: How Prince Charles and Camilla finally went public, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles; Princess Margaret, A distressed-looking Princess Margaret at the time of the crisis, Camilla's first marriage ended in divorce in 1995, How King of Sweden's shock royal move mirrors Harry and Meghan, How Prince Andrew’s romance with Miss UK was scuppered, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles surrounded by their children on their wedding day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding day in 2018, With Charles’ second marriage to a divorcee, and subsequently. 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Royal privacy: How Queen was dubbed 'architect of her own misfortune', How Fergie ‘lost her cool’ on her first official engagement, “It seems highly unlikely that the monarch would now refuse consent to marry on the grounds that an intended spouse had previously been, Independent when the 2013 Act came in, said: “Constitutional law has to expect the unexpected, but this ill-thought through Bill will leave the succession to the caprice of the monarch’s preference for in-laws, as a future monarch could deliberately bar a child or a sibling from inheriting merely by refusing consent to marry – and then the European Court of Human Rights would intervene.”, However, Camilla’s previous marriage was significant enough for Buckingham Palace to issue a statement for the avoidance of, Although this did not come to pass in the end, such a bill would have established beyond doubt in law the validity of a civil marriage in the Royal. Legal experts at the time warned that Margaret, who was bound by the Royal Marriages Act 1772, fell outside of the provisions of the Marriages Act 1949 for civil marriage. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Following the abdication of Edward VIII to marry American Wallis Simpson, her parents were crowned King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937. Even so, for all that this relationship may have raised some eyebrows and driven some stupid headlines, there really isn’t a serious question of whether or not Harry will be “allowed” to marry her. Before Charles and Camilla’s wedding, the only civil ceremonies performed for Royal Family members had been for the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

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