• 3x HDMI 2.0 (1x ARC) Credit: Reviewed / Michael Desjardin, Here's everything Vizio is doing in Home Theater for 2020. Well, the RU7100 delivers decent brightness but it could have been better. Not much has changed in the design department when comparing it to last year’s NU7100 model. All told, the RU7100 won't turn any heads, but its unassuming design will fit nicely in any room, and it avoids the all-too-common problem of a mid-range TV saddled with a flimsy build. Following the on-screen instructions makes things so easy and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to finish everything. Was wondering what are the recommend calibration setup.

Hey, great review I just bought this TV a week ago.

Unfortunately, we have to be less positive about the viewing angles. At SleepingGears.com we review all products independently. . In general we cannot say that we are disappointed. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. It only remains to be seen if it will manage to gain the same popularity and traction as Dolby’s offering has lately. Definitely consider the poor viewing angles if you find it important to watch the TV from one of the sides since this will decrease the picture quality by some margin.

Consider, for example, the recently released TCL 4 Series, which packs roughly the same punch for substantially less cost.

Sadly, not all Samsung smart features are available on the RU7100 (voice control for instance).

It is impossible to mention them all but some of the supported applications include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Youtube, Google Play Movies & TV, Now TV, Rakuten and BBC iPlayer being just a few of the most major ones with many more available to choose. Michael Desjardin graduated from Emerson College after having studied media production and screenwriting. Hi, Stratos. For the cost, the RU7100 is a dependable TV with a good amount of upside—just don't expect it to get super bright like higher-end HDR TVs.

But if you take into account the extremely low price then everything can be seen from a different perspective. With Dolby Vision missing completely as Samsung decided to follow the HDR10+ route all models from the top tier Q90R to the most cost friendly RU7100 support the same protocols. The RU7100's bezels are narrow, too, but not impressively so, and around back, the RU7100 is wrapped in a chic, textured plastic.

But when it comes to HDR brightness over a 10% window the number we got was 275 nits which is not very good. The RU7100—one of Samsung's more affordable 4K TVs for 2019—is available in six sizes.

Objects remain almost equally bright in a dark or bright scene. Although the RU7100 features pretty good contrast, the picture quality begins to drop the moment you move towards an off-center viewing angle.

There are more calibration settings that you can do but since each panel is different it cannot ensure that the same settings will have the same results for you.

But if you're relying on your next TV to have a robust, user-friendly smart experience, the RU7100 might not be that TV. On the bright side the unit’s SDR performance was very good and 4K images looked very sharp and with great clarity. But even like this, the TV has it’s merits and things are not so bad as you may think. Samsung made sure to hide the cables on the RU7100 model in a user-friendly way. • 58-inch (Samsung UN58RU7100FXZA), MSRP $649.99 And if you combine that with the extremely low price then this unit can be an excellent gaming TV. Additionally, once you acclimate yourself to the ins and outs of Samsung's smart platform, its sluggishness never fully goes away. The Samsung app store contains much more downloadable apps so that you can personalize the TV to your liking.

At the end of the day all it matters is how long it can last.

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. We believe this has to do with the fact that this TV looses a few smart TV functions like voice control through the remote so including a One Remote was not necessary and helps keep the price lower.

All of that being said, the RU7100 is good enough to satisfy the majority of people shopping in this price range, and given its cost, gets the job done. Hey Gustavo. The RU7100 looks pretty good for being the most cost friendly 4K TV you can get from Samsung this year. So although you pay for buying a Samsung TV this doesn’t mean a lot in the face of fierce competition. Also available in this unit is the new feature that Samsung calls “universal Guide” that is a smart feature that keeps tracking the kind of content you mostly prefer to watch and creates a “For You” page where you can find suggestions that are chosen depending your viewing habits.

We have seen far more expensive models to fail offering any kind on meaningful performance so expecting anything more from such a low cost TV would be unrealistic and we can’t really blame this model. And, even though my eyes couldn't handle the woozy, rubbery look of Samsung's motion smoothing software, they also weren't able to detect the degree of judder that often plagues low-end and mid-range TVs. In a rather unusual move this year Samsung has separated the connections into two groups with a few of them looking backwards instead of sideways as it was last year with the NU7100.

So without further delays let’s start our review.

Input lag is less important for watching movies as bad input lag might provide some minor lip sync issues. Having an Edge LED panel with no local dimming makes things worse while the included VA panel allow only small deviations from the centered viewing spot. From here, you also have the option to dive into the dedicated apps landing page and customize the smart experience even further. This is less thick than most other models but only by a small margin. Meaning that the RU7100 isn’t able to take full advantage of what HDR has to offer.

• HDR color gamut coverage: 90% (DCI-P3/10-bit).

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