Search Engine Evaluator Jobs – A Good Work From Home Opportunity? For up to date details about the search engine evaluator world, this website provides some great information. The test is … The document covers different rating rules, concepts, and definitions. Evaluate the results of the search engine on the query … You can consult the Guidelines at any time you are taking the test. Some of the common complaints are: there isn’t always many jobs, your contract can end without any notice and all the time you have to spend studying the Guidelines and taking the exams isn’t paid. The only way to be a search engine evaluator is by applying to the search engine evaluator companies – Appen, Lionbridge, Raterlabs, and iSoftstone. I am surprised that this is a secondary business endeavor for you. Pays with PayPal or direct deposit under NET 45 days terms. Here is a video proof of me making $2007 in a single month. Check the amount I made per month. That 200 tasks can be completed in like 1/2 days. I have personally been with them for over 3 years now. $11 – $13/ hr depending on which state of US you are in. If you are looking for an online job with which you can make consistent income unlike survey sites, then you got to definitely sign up for this position. And they don’t also have any hourly cap. The first payment may be a bit late in some companies like Lionbridge, but once your first payment comes, it will always come monthly. Seems like that’s a better investment in one’s time. At the time of writing this, they were hiring from multiple locations, for multiple positions. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. { You can scroll up to watch the video one more time if you want to }. I am asking you to see this short video and see for yourself, that I really own that website and that I have really been blogging about it for almost 3 years now. Write a simple objective and show how you can be a good contributor to rating job. Supposing you work this month (July) right. Peny. My experience so far – Maintaining monthly quality check is easy as long as you make good use of all the free resources provided like quizzes, simulators and so on. The search engine evaluation is performed using preset guidelines. It doesn’t matter where you work from as long as there is a little bit of privacy and as long as you are within your country. They are still to remove the list of other countries from their website. I am still an active evaluator aka Rater. Bonus hours may be given. You need to spend several hours going through the document. After acquiring Leapforce, Appen changed the logo, branding, url, name and most importantly the payment method to PAYONEER from October 2018 onwards. One can work for 15-26 hours per week. Sign up for Payoneer via this link and get $25 bonus. These cookies do not store any personal information. As a Personalized Search Engine Evaluator, you will be given tasks that are generated from your personalized content based on your Google account linked to your Gmail address that you use to register with Leapforce. The Role . The need for this work arises as those results given to you after doing an internet search are determined by a computer and these fancy things called algorithms. If you are a stay at home mom/dad looking for a work from home, college student looking for an extra income, introvert looking for an online job or any one who is looking for genuine online work, then yes you got to try out evaluator position. They pay via direct bank transfer and also via Payoneer. The third video proves me making $2007 being an Indian, who is paid half of what Europeans or Americans are paid. Copyright © Search Engine Evaluator Training. Without a miss. One can work in multiple projects at the same time unlike companies below. You can Email Me Here, As Albert Einstein said – “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”, “Work 2 hours per day and make $2000/mo?”. Early next month (August), most likely on 1st, you will be submitting your invoice. However, there have been some recent changes in the industry with the take over of Leapforce by Appen. Minimum of 15 hours is compulsory. Despite these changes, if you think working as a search engine evaluator is right for you, go for it. You can see the reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed. Now it is not our fault that Trump appears at the top of Google image search results for the query “idiot”. Search engine evaluators are known by different names. If you sign up and start working as a search engine evaluator with Appen, you can get a bonus of $250*. Naah. Look at this video of me, logging in to my Payoneer account. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. While technically you would be working for the above search engine evaluator companies, the real client that you would be working for is Google. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. However, if you are an American, and work for Raterlabs, you are hired as part-time employee with benefits. I’ve worked as an evaluator since June 2016 and it has been over 3 years now, since I’ve been working as one. It is a great way to make a side income. Sounds too technical? Different companies pays different rates depending on the country where the rater is located. I don’t and won’t do that. Many people have earned good money doing this work in recent years although the work isn’t easy. They don’t have any other position apart from search engine evaluation. Please note that Appen started paying us via Payoneer only from October 2018, previously we were paid via Western Union and we were explicitly prohibited from sharing any details, let alone a video proof. Working as a search engine evaluator could be a great way of earning some money from home if you want a flexible schedule. I have been asked by people if there are any course available online that would train one to be a Google Rater. If the pay rate in your country is $13/hr, you can do the math. When Raterlabs was created from Leapforce, they used the exact same site design, exact same functionalities and layout. Please select the Email option to subscribe: Email. I feel proud to be a rater. I know a lot of people who work full time here from different countries. Renewal of contract depends on your monthly quality checks. You work as an independent contractor. influence ranking of search results. Don’t worry it is much easier than it looks. The second video proves me, writing about working as a Search Engine Evaluator since December 2016. You don’t need much in the way of equipment: a high-speed internet connection and an Android phone, Windows phone or iPhone, with a certain version of the software or higher. I look forward to commenting on the Wealthy Affiliate aspect of your blog in the future. Artificial Intelligence or Algorithm can’t or don’t have an emotional satisfaction for a result. As long as you maintain the requisite quality, you can work for as many years as you want. Appen is known to pay less than both Leapforce and Lionbridge is some markets, so there could be a downward force on the hourly pay rate. Appen acquired Leapforce in 29th Nov, 2017 in a $105.3 million deal. I said there are none at the moment. I have been working here since June 2016, it has been over 4 years now. But being comfortable researching the web, being a daily user of Google can be very helpful. This is another company that hires search engine evaluators. Below is a link to my review of Wealthy Affiliate, the online training platform where I learned how to build an online business. And people who do search engine evaluation are called as search engine evaluators. And this is only the only training that you would ever need to work as Google rater aka evaluator aka internet analyst. You only need smartphone, laptop or desktop (PC/Mac/Chromebook). will use the information you provide through this form to send you remote job alerts. Search Engine Evaluator is another job you can do from home. This course is designed to guide you go through this test. Search engine evaluators are people who evaluates web search results, map results, YouTube results, app results, voice responses and others, and rates them on the basis of their relevance and helpfulness to user queries, and rates them as per certain set parameters/KPIs. I made over $5000 in referral alone. And most importantly, have a Payoneer account to get paid. The reviews online about the above companies are mostly positive. Peter, Peter, you seem to be very committed to the people who comment on your site. Supposing you are on your smartphone and you issue a query –, In search engine evaluation, there are three things we need to know –, The question – “When was the great depression?” is known as “QUERY“, The person issuing the query is known as “USER“, The search results shown by search engines (Google,Bing) are known as “RESULTS“.

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