. Marriage of former civil partners one of whom has changed sex. . because of the exceptional circumstances of the case, he may reduce that period to such shorter period as he considers appropriate. This paragraph is subject to paragraph 4. (9)Nothing in this Act shall affect any right, title, estate, interest, will, claim, payment, commutation, composition, discharge, settlement or other thing, or the devolution or distribution of any property which, by virtue of section two of the M16Deceased Wife’s Sister’s Marriage Act, 1907, was not affected by the Marriage (Prohibited Degrees of Relationship) Acts, 1907 to 1931. . . . [F79(4A)The duty imposed by subsection (4) to enter information in the marriage notice book may be discharged by entering the information in an approved electronic form; and information so entered must be made available for inspection free of charge at all reasonable hours.]. 4 para. [F217“place of residence”, in relation to the conversion of a civil partnership, means a place that a superintendent registrar attends for the purpose of the conversion because one of the parties to the civil partnership—, is detained there as a patient in a hospital or in a prison or other place to which the Prison Act 1952 applies, or. . 2014/93, art. by Marriage Act 1983 (c. 32, SIF 49:1), s. 1(7), Sch. 49(h) and word “or” immediately preceding it inserted (E.W.) Persons by whom marriages are to be registered. . Searches of indexes kept by Registrar General. 2), Marriage (Secretaries of Synagogues) Act 1959 (c. 13), Defence (Transfer of Functions) Act 1964 (c. 15), Church Representation and Ministers Measure 2019 (No. 4 para. . . 2008/678), art. 1 of 1937) shall be construed as a reference to an exemption in terms of section 7bis of the Aliens Act, 1937, from the prohibition in section 2 (a) of the said Act; (b)to "19 April 1978" and "two years" shall be construed as a reference to four Years and six months; and. . . the issue of the certificate has been forbidden under the last foregoing section by any person authorised in that behalf. . ], F332Words in s. 78(1) inserted (16.11.2009) by The Registration of Marriages etc. 16; S.I. (5C)If the Registrar General reduces the [F13228 day period] in a particular case, the reference to [F12328 days] in section 75(3)(a) is to be treated, in relation to that case, as a reference to the reduced period. Solemnization of marriages in naval, military, and air force chapels. 2000/2698, art. 3, 24(a); S.I. Word in s. 3(1) substituted (1.1.2001) by, Words in s. 3(1) substituted (30.12.2005) by, Words in s. 3(1) repealed (14.10.1991) by, Words in s. 3(1A)(d) substituted (22.4.2014) by, Words in s. 3(1A)(h) substituted (22.4.2014) by, Words in s. 3(1B) substituted (22.4.2014) by, Words in s. 3(2) substituted (30.12.2005) by, Words in s. 3(5) substituted (22.4.2014) by, S. 3(5)(b) omitted (22.4.2014) by virtue of, Words in s. 3(5)(c) substituted (22.4.2014) by, Marriage according to Rites of the Church of England, A marriage according to the rites of the Church of England may be solemnized—. 11(3)(b) (with Sch. that he or she believes that there is no impediment of kindred or alliance or other lawful hindrance to the marriage; that the persons to be married have for the period of 7 days immediately before the giving of the notice had their usual places of residence within the registration district or registration districts in which notice is given; that he or she believes all of the information stated in the notice, and all information and evidence supplied with the notice, is true. 2, (1)Where any marriage register book required to be kept in duplicate under this Part of this Act is filled, one copy thereof shall be delivered to the superintendent registrar and the other copy—. Provisions relating to section 1(5) marriages. (2)A certificate issued under this section shall be in such form as may be prescribed by the Admiralty and shall, as respects the party who is an officer, seaman or marine as aforesaid, be sufficient for the purposes of section eleven of this Act, and all provisions of this Act (including penal provisions) relating to the publication of banns and certificates thereof and all rules required by section seven of this Act to be observed shall apply in the case of banns published under this section subject to such adaptations therein as may be made by His Majesty by Order in Council. Declaration to accompany notice of marriage. Section 29 of this Act shall not apply in relation to a marriage to which this section applies, except so far as a caveat against the issue of a certificate. . (5)A consent given under section 26A(3) (a “consent to marriages of same sex couples”) by the relevant governing authority of any of the sharing churches is therefore sufficient for the registration application to be made in compliance with section 26A(3) (and references to the consent of the relevant governing authority in section 43A are to be read accordingly). . The first date in the timeline will usually be the earliest date when the provision came into force. . (c)such person shall be deemed to have been in possession of such a permit during the period from the date on which he made that declaration to the date on which that declaration is withdrawn in terms of this section. . 4 paras. 2. by Marriage Act 1983 (c. 32, SIF 49:1), s. 1(7), Sch. . Show Timeline of Changes: 2014/93, art. Places in which marriages may be solemnized by common licence. Every correction made under this section shall be attested by the witnesses in whose presence it was made. 2014/2771, art. But the registration application may not be made unless the relevant governing authorities of each of the sharing churches (other than those which have given consents to marriages of same sex couples) have given a separate written consent to the use of the shared building for the solemnization of marriages of same sex couples (a “consent to use”). Registration of chapels for marriages of same sex couples otherwise than according to rites of Church of England. 2, C15S. F204Word in s. 45(1) substituted (1.1.2001) by 1999 c. 33, s. 169(1), Sch. 38 omitted (1.3.2015) by virtue of Immigration Act 2014 (c. 22), s. 75(3), Sch. 1991/828, art. . 2015/371, art. 3(1) (with Sch. shall, subject to the provisions of sub-section (2) of this section, be a South African citizen by birth. 3, 27(a); S.I. . . 11(4) applied (E.) (1.10.2008) by Church of England Marriage Measure 2008 (No. (1)Every incumbent, registering officer of the Society of Friends, secretary of a synagogue, authorised person and registrar shall in the months of January, April, July and October—, (a)make and deliver to the superintendent registrar, on forms supplied by the Registrar General, a true copy certified by him under his hand of all entries of marriages made in the marriage register book kept by him during the period of three months ending with the last day of the month immediately before the month in which the copy is required by this subsection to be made; or. C1Act extended to border parishes by Marriage (Wales and Monmouthshire) Act 1962 (c. 32), s. 2, C2Act applied with modifications by Sharing of Church Buildings Act 1969 (c. 38), s. 6, Sch. 48. . 16; S.I. 46(2)(3) applied by Marriage (Registrar General's Licence) Act 1970 (c. 34), s. 11(2), F222Heading inserted (24.2.1995) by 1994 c. 34, ss. (c)is not a citizen of one or other Commonwealth country. Where any marriage has been solemnized under the provisions of this Part of this Act, it shall not be necessary in support of the marriage to give any proof—, that before the marriage either of the parties thereto resided, or resided for any period, in the registration district stated in the. . Words in s. 47(2)(a) substituted (1.1.2001) by. (3)The Minister may, in such cases as he deems fit, withdraw any order made under sub-section (1) and thereupon the person concerned shall, with effect from such date as the Minister may direct, resume the form of South African citizenship of which he was deprived by that order. . 64 of 1961; Commonwealth Relations Act, No. a certificate, given by the applicant and dated not earlier than one month before the making of the application, that the persons who are the relevant governing authority in relation to the building have given written consent to marriages of same sex couples as mentioned in section 26A(3). . . 14 paras. . 18 of 1926), or any law repealed by that Act; "responsible parent", in relation to a child, means the father of that child or, if the Custody of that child has been awarded to the mother by the order of a competent court, or the father is dead, or the child is illegitimate and resides with the mother, the mother of that child; "the United Kingdom and Colonies" includes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man; "Union"[deleted by s. 1 of Act No.

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