Also at the Eternity Wall Port, Angron offers the defenders a chance to surrender. While Abaddon respects how Perturabo is orchestrating the siege, he disdains the detachment he shows. Abaddon comes off as outright nostalgic throughout much of the book, perhaps even wistful. "Huge" just doesn't do it justice as a description. So Emps organised the largest set of public-works since the first colony ships. Brick by brick the greatest military stronghold in the galaxy is falling. Saturnine is the 4th novel of the Siege of Terra series.. But just as Garro is about to kill him, Abaddon is teleported away. So the Palace had to be destroyed the old fashioned way. With Aximand EXTREMELY dead, Loken kicks him off of his chainsword and then takes Aximand's powersword, Mourn-It-All, for himself. Kroeger went straight for the throat, as it were, launching a massive combined-arms assault directly on the port with backup from the World Eaters and Emperor's Children, though the latter quickly got bored and left after taking a bunch of prisoners for unspecified purposes. Really good. And to the horror of the loyalists, they're succeeding. Dorn, meanwhile, assigned Seneschal Fafnir Rann to lead the defense of the spaceport, rather than First Captain Sigismund, since he was still angry with Sigismund for listening to Euphrati Keeler instead of obeying his orders. Well, the book opens with a nearly-suicidal Sindermann coming across Dorn in one of the few remaining Palace gardens. 1. The entire Mournival, save for Abaddon, is destroyed, and 3 ENTIRE companies of the Sons of Horus, including the elite 1st Company [Justaerin and Catulan Reavers both] have been destroyed in detail to all but one single (presumably armless) man. Hordes of mutants, beastmen, cultists, and traitor army units were thrown at the conventional defenses. You can write a book review and share your experiences. And everyone on it is fighting everyone else, constantly. Dorn then beats Fulgrim so hard he pussies out of the whole siege, leaving the two to face a bunch of his champions, including Eidolon who is stated to have the strength of a primarch. The Traitor Host of Horus Lupercal tightens its iron grip on the Palace of Terra, and one by one the walls and bastions begin to crumple and collapse. The main rule of warfare. The Blood Angel dies first, Haar almost powerfists Abaddon to death, but seven mortal wounds end the Riven Hound. The Emperor's Children rape, murder, and pillage the civilians of Terra so hard that even 10,000 years later they still live in fear at the memory, while the World Eaters hack and slash at anything they think might bleed. Attempting to use a shuttle to help them escape, he finds the pilot and his captain friend dead from bolter fire, before he himself is killed as the shuttle crashes. The scattering of the primarchs used to be due to … John Grammaticus appears by way of some time-travel warp-fuckery facilitated by Eldrad, and meets a woman named Erda in the Guelb er Richât, also known as the Eye of the Sahara in modern-day Mauritania. The Astartes were held in reserve on both sides whilst their more conventional forces softened each other up. Massive Heretic Astartes casualties, massive Traitor Army losses, massive Traitor Titan losses, massive Dark Mechanicum losses. It should be noted that if the goal was to destroy Terra wholesale, it could have been easily accomplished by Exterminatus level weaponry. The Siege of Terra was the end of the Horus Heresy in Warhammer 40,000. Meanwhile, Fulgrim starts taunting a wounded Imperial Fist Captain, then, suddenly, Sigismund arrived. It's huge and I cannot put all the interesting stuff in this thread. Rogal Dorn, Praetorian of Terra, redoubles his efforts. They eventually deduced that this was a daemon exploiting the faith of Imperial cultists to manifest itself inside the Emperor's psychic defenses, and focused on a cult called the Lightbearers, which turned out to have been deceived into worshipping Nurgle instead of the Emperor.

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