Some species mate and lay eggs in the spring, some in the fall. Let us see how a snail differs from a slug! Slug Control for larger areas and garden beds. They tend to come out when it is raining.viii, 4. This allows slugs to lay their eggs in safer and more-suitable places. On a snail, the shell houses and protects the visceral hump, where the snail's organs are located. If they do have one, it is referred to as a vestigial shell.iv Their soft body can be a gray, brown, black or even yellow color. This feature is absent in slugs, although some species have a very small, or sometimes internal shell. The slugs and snails you’ll find in your garden all favor damp, cool environments. Slugs and snails are generally distinguished by the presence of a large exterior shell on the back of snails. It may harm crops as it prefers to eat green plants. Snail: Snails belong to the phylum Mollusca. Sometimes, the eggs of a snail can be eaten similar to how caviar is eaten. Some species mate and lay eggs … So neat! Attempting to cross the copper wire will give them a mild electric shock, so they’ll stay on their side of the strip and leave your plants be. Song thrushes, hedgehogs, newts, and toads all dine on slugs and snails, so encourage the presence of these species in your garden if you’re having trouble with gastropod control! Snails reproduce most frequently during the summertime when the warm, humid weather creates the perfect conditions for egg production. Because there's no shell, the slug can maneuver and compress itself into hiding places with very little space, e.g. Both are hermaphrodite and prefer shady, damp places with a warm climate. Snails and slugs are very similar, except for a slug's lack of a shell. I can’t help it. Mary, Wow! the eggs are beautiful and a little icky at the same time! Click to order my first book, a photographic guide for children entitled Milkweed Visitors. The only significant morphological difference between the slug and the snail is the snail’s conspicuous shell. This group is one of the most diverse in the animal kingdom and includes a wide range of soft-bodied creatures including octopi, oysters, and clams. Change ). Internal; at times vestigial or reduced size. They even live in marine environments, and are known as sea slugs. These common pests feast on all kinds of foliage and can cause significant damage to fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. I wasn’t sure. Land snails carry a shell on their back, which they retreat into for protection. The most-noticeable difference between a snail and a slug is the slug's lack of a shell. Common snails may lay up to six egg batches annually with as many as 80 eggs per batch. Due to their lack of a shell, slugs have had to develop other forms of defense, ranging from toxic or extremely adhesive slime to curling up their body tightly to make themselves more compact. They are coated with a slimy substance that is slightly gummy. However, this is where they diverge slightly. These are used to sense light and also provide a sense of smell. However, there is a difference in the amount of offspring both can produce. More. Habitat The only significant morphological difference between the slug and the snail is the snail’s conspicuous shell. The life of a snail is much less than the life of a slug and usually, ranges between 2-3 years at most. Three to six days after fertilization has taken place, the snail deposits up to 120 white, spherical eggs. In most snails, waves of muscular contractions sweep along the length of their foot to produce a stepping motion. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. They can also be a source of parasitic infection in humans.x, 5. It also creates unfavorable conditions for them. Because there's no shell for protection, their soft tissues are prone to desiccation. Let us see how a snail differs from a slug! Mary. (perfect spheres are probably not slug or snail eggs, particularly if found out in the open) Sometimes they are laid on vegetation but usually are harder to spot when laid on soil. A well-implemented integrated pest control plan in the most effective way to keep slugs and snails out of your garden so your plants can thrive this summer. Food source Main species include field slug, garden slug, keeled slug and large black slug. Snails trade off that flexibility for the ability to quickly retreat into their shells for protection, especially from its natural enemies. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail, Written by : Rikki Roehrich. In a few species, self-fertilization occurs. Wow, is that the snail with the eggs in the picture? Other than this big exterior feature, both mollusks have several similar features, like eye spots at the end of slender tentacles, downward-directed mouths, and single, broad, muscular, flat-bottom feet, which is lubricated by mucus and covered with epithelial cilia. Those are the nicest words anyone has ever written about my blog, Brooke. The main distinction between slugs and snails is in their appearance. Slugs and snails have many natural predators. 2 Some slugs lay up to 500 eggs per year, which mature in three to six months and start laying eggs themselves. Humans have been known to develop cases of meningitis when accidentally eating raw, live slugs on improperly cleaned vegetables or consuming improperly cooked slugs. Difference between Snail and Slug. Learn some quick facts about the banana slug, a specific variety of slug through this Redwood Ranger video: Below is a detailed video of the land snail, or as we commonly call it, the snail - its anatomy, habitat and food habits : There are thousands of species of slugs and snails, and they all crawl at different speeds.

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