They don’t cause any structural or material damage, they won’t bother your dog and, though common, snow fleas are rarely seen by humans at all. Ste 301 Dallas, Texas 75238 Instead, they get their name from their mighty jump, and from the fact that they are most commonly seen on snowbanks. Because of their small size, they look like flecks of pepper or ashes on the surface of the snow. As first glance they can be mistaken for fleas, because they have a furcula, a forked appendage which is released from the abdomen when they are frightened or need to escape danger. Springtails like to be in moist environments and often can live on fungi or fungi-loving insects. Unlike fleas, springtails have antennae, though they can be hard to see sometimes. Onslaught Microencapulated, Onslaught Fastcap, Transport Micron, or Temprid SC are also good products for indoor treatment. Image by Vicki Jedlicka, Lancaster County Extension Media Assistant. Springtails are tiny soft-bodied insects measuring about 1/16 inch in length. Springtails reproduce quickly usually within three to five weeks. Though they are commonly referred to as "snow fleas," they are actually called springtails. Since we have had little snow cover to insulate the soil surface and some extreme temperatures, this may not be the best year to see snow fleas. Springtails live in damp areas of the soil, or under leaf litter, where they feed on fungi, algae, and decaying organic matter. Now when I go in that bathroom, the white tub has fleas -yes, real fleas that bite, same ones on dogs - all on the bottom only of the tub. There are many types of springtails. Occasionally, large numbers of snow fleas will appear on top of snowbanks, where they feed on fungal spores and algae on the surface of the snow. It may be triggered by overcrowding in the litter beneath the snow, and as a possible response to warmer temperatures above the snow layer. Snow fleas, more commonly known as springtails, are not actually fleas at all. Occasionally they may migrate into houses if the weather is hot and dry and will usually be seen in areas where there is moisture like sinks and bathroom drains. However, some sources advise to use a bleach spray if vinegar doesn’t work. Springtails are an outdoor problem, even if they are found indoors. The snow fleas … They tend to live near to leaks and don’t travel far, so make sure to check for moisture near where you find them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Snow fleas are highly dependent on moisture for their survival, so drying out damp spots will make your house less appealing to them. Snow fleas are especially fond of moist soil, so check your yard for water leaks, especially around the foundations of your house. This makes lots of people panic whenever they find any springtails in their bathroom. If you look even more closely you may see them moving. As a result, they usually found in damp soil, leaf mold, under bark, in compost heaps and in decaying logs. When temperatures freeze, their antifreeze proteins bind to the surface of ice crystals as soon as they begin to form and prevent them from growing any bigger. Keith Jarvi has been with the University of Nebraska since 1979. They are very visible on white or shiny surfaces such as marble or tile in bathrooms. You can prevent them from ever being a problem if you get rid of damp areas from inside your home. This means you won’t see snow fleas on your dogs, and they won’t bite your ankles if you walk through a patch of them, either. If you have tiny, flea-like critters bouncing and bounding in your bathtub, or any other moist area of your home, there is a good chance that what you have are not fleas at all. For indoor use, use Alpine Pressurized along baseboards, on window sills and on door jambs and thresholds. Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of diatoms or microscopic marine organisms from around 13 million years ago and some of these tiny fossils contain silica. If particular parts of your house are especially damp (a common problem in confined areas, like the basement), install a dehumidifier and take measures to improve ventilation. var sc_invisible=1; Snow fleas are tiny, (1/32 - 1/16-inch),  gray to purplish in color, and look like someone spilled pepper on top of the snow. Because of their very small size and great numbers, they are sometimes referred to as "living moving dust". Essentria IC3 is an organic product derived from essential plant oils such as clove oil and thyme oil that has a botanical scent. These products can be applied along window sills, baseboards, inside cabinets and other areas where you see Springtails. Our products and treatment strategies are recommended and used by Professionals, Universities, Building Maintenance Managers and Homeowners. Your email address will not be published. Some may find their way back to the soil through the channels, but many will die. If you do have potted plants inside your home be sure to conduct periodic inspections to ensure a group of springtails hasn t built up over time. A researcher at the University of Wisconsin is studying an edible antifreeze made from gelatin, which is very similar chemically to the one found in snow fleas. Physical description of springtail fleas Like most arthropods, springtail fleas have pale (sometimes spotted, striped or colored) bodies that are divided into several segments measuring about 1/16 th of an inch long. Flea Bites on Humans and Symptoms You Should Never Ignore, 17 Ways to Treat and Prevent Flea Bites on Your Pets, Get Rid of Fleas in Your Car – 9 Quick and Effective Tips, Fun with Fleas – 11 Fascinating and Surprising Flea Facts. There are several ways to do this. They can be pretty startling to find in your house. When it's bugs that invade your home, it's even worse than any human visitors. Questions? Clearly this is a much stronger solution and cannot be used where fabrics or finishes could possibly be damaged by chlorine. Dehumidifiers and increased ventilation in your home can also help to dry out an area and make it an unappealing home for springtails. I have let bleach water stand in tub overnight. Whereas most insects perish as soon as it gets cold, snow fleas can be found thriving in temperatures far below the survival limit of your average bug – so, what’s their secret? The shear numbers of Springtails outdoors make control indoors difficult. If you prefer not to kill the springtails, you can use rubber gloves and physically pick up the insects and take them to a suitable outdoor environment such as in the mulch where they can continue to survive. 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It is also recommended that you replace weather stripping along windows and doors and make sure there are no leaks if you see springtails inside. The really species of this insect can measure up 6 millimeters or larger, but they are a very small type of creature overall.

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