Johnson, M. Distribution, composition, maximum recorded size, frequency of occurrence (FOO), abundance by number (expressed as a percentage of the total number of beaks, %N), and percentage of total mass (%W) of cephalopod species identified from the stomachs of sperm whales from Tasmania (all samples pooled, n = 36). 15 of these species were deep-sea squids, which are not presently targeted by fisheries. Comparison of life cycles of five Ommastrephid squids fished by Japan: The squid families Cranchiidae and Gonatidae (Cephalopoda: Teuthoidea) in the New Zealand region. uuid:a2cf9c39-5277-4b49-b0f3-260f2b73a2a4 Part IV: fatness, food and feeding, Distribution of deep-water benthic and bentho-pelagic cephalopods from the north-east Atlantic, Calorific content of squid (Mollusca: Cephalopoda), General patterns in the summer distribution of early juvenile ommastrephid squid off eastern Australia (Mollusca, Cephalopoda), Distribution and comparative life history studies of deepwater squid of the family Ommastrephidae in Australasian waters, PhD thesis, Zoology Department, University of Queensland, St. Lucia. and Other families numerically important to species composition included the cranchiid, lepidoteuthid, onychoteuthid, and pholidoteuthid families, while the architeuthid, pholidoteuthid, and ommastrephid families were also important in terms of reconstituted mass. 1996. Peter, Madsen T. Application to analysing the diet of marine vertebrate predators, Scientific Reports of the Whales Research Institute, New data on the distribution of squids, Family Ommastrephidae in the world ocean, Description of mature males of the Histioteuthid cephalopod, Observations on the diving behaviour of the sperm whale. Mass-stranded animals, however, are thought to be largely free of biases associated with disease (Aguilar et al., 1999). ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. A taste for squid: the diet of sperm whales stranded in Greece, Eastern Mediterranean. Of those species for which fresh wet mass was calculated, the histioteuthids collectively were also important by weight, contributing 14.3% to the total estimated mass, with the family Onychoteuthidae contributing the largest proportion by weight (36.5%; Table 3). Abstract views reflect the number of visits to the article landing page. Sperm whales in this part of the Mediterranean Sea do not directly compete for prey with fisheries. %���� The presence of cephalopod species described from tropical and Antarctic regions in the diet of individual sperm whales suggests that cephalopod beaks may be retained for longer periods than previously thought. To care for a sperm whale properly, it would have to be provided with a proper diet of medium to large squid, and given the ability to dive a couple thousand feet. Cephalopod species composition in this study was dominated by members of the same families reported in sperm whales from other areas of the Southern Hemisphere: the Histioteuthidae, Onychoteuthidae, Ommastrephidae, Cranchiidae, and Pholidoteuthidae families (Gaskin and Cawthorn, 1967; Clarke et al., 1976; Clarke, 1980; Clarke et al., 1980; Mikhalev et al., 1981; Clarke and MacLeod, 1982; Clarke et al., 1988; Pascoe et al., 1990; Clarke and Roeleveld, 1998; Clarke and Roper, 1998). The numerical abundance and percentage wet weight of species on the basis of ecotypes varied between stranding sites, sexes, and age groups. Length: GL: gladius length; ML: maximum dorsal length recorded in mm; TL: maximum total length recorded in mm; n/a: not available. Martínez Portela, Julio Distribution of the dorsal mantle lengths of cephalopod prey in the diet of southern Australian sperm whales. While some information has been uncovered regarding the diets of these amazing hunters their hunting methods have not been well researched due to the deep dives these whales make when hunting for food. This may be the result of two factors: (a) the social structure of sperm whale groups and/or (b) individual foraging behaviour. Contents were collected from the stomachs of 36 sperm whales involved in two mass strandings (STR1: Ocean Beach, Strahan: n = 15; STR2: Greens Pt. and Often frontal systems such as the subtropical and sub-Antarctic convergences serve as boundaries to the distribution of cephalopod species (Clarke, 1980; Voss, 1985; Rodhouse et al., 1992; Dunning, 1993). However, due to a lack of knowledge on the occurrence and distribution of sperm whales in the Australian region, the viability of faecal sampling or biopsy programmes involving live animals has not yet been established. 1.1 Objectives and thesis structure Prior to 2000, the diet of the sperm whale in or adjacent to New … Mean lower rostral lengths, calculated mean mantle lengths and mean estimated wet weight ± s.d. The family Histioteuthidae, Systematics, biology and biogeography of the cranchiid cephalopod genus, Sperm whales tagged with transponders and tracked underwater by sonar, Temporal and geographic variation in the social structure of female sperm whales, Social organization of female sperm whales and their offspring: constant companions and casual acquaintances, Identification and estimation of size from the beaks of 18 species of cephalopods from the Pacific Ocean, NOAA Technical Report NMFS 17. Only Architeuthis sp., L. grimaldii, M. hamiltoni, M. robsoni, and T. danae were represented by individuals calculated to have had DMLs larger than 1000 mm. Comparison with an earlier study shows that the diet is essentially stable over a 14-year period. Multidimensional scaling of species composition data produced the groupings illustrated in Figure 2. All cephalopod identifications were additionally verified against the cephalopod collections at the Museum of Victoria, Melbourne. Stringer, R.L. Cephalopods of the world. Comparisons between the abundance of species in each ecotype on the basis of percentage weight reflected that of numerical abundances with statistically significant differences observed between stranding groups (F1,3 = 8.8, p = 0.05), sexes (F1,3 = 15.6, p = 0.02), and age groups (F1,3 = 315.7, p < 0.001). By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. The sperm whale (the largest of the toothed whales) typically prefers a diet containing octopus, large squid and some fish. and They mainly eat medium-sized squid, but will feed on octopus, stingrays, and other deep-sea fish. The Sperm whale feeds primarily on squid (particularly giant squid), octopi and deepwater fish, and also sharks and skates. Differences in the size of prey consumed between individuals in these age groups are likely to be influenced by the high variability observed in the diet of individuals and possible separation of foraging habitats between sexes (all males were in age group 2). Podestà, Michela Fatty acid signature analysis on blubber derived from live animals via the use of biopsies may provide greater insight into temporal variation in the diet of sperm whales. Lower rostral lengths of all cephalopod species ranged from 1.3 to 40.7 mm. Consequently, dietary assessments from such individuals may not reflect that of the healthy population. As group C contained only one sample, only those data from groups A and B were tested. For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription. With the management of recovering whale populations a high priority for national and international environmental managers (Taylor and Dizon, 1999), and the need to derive better understanding of energy flow and trophic links in marine systems due to increasing fisheries pressure and global warming (***********Brodie and Påsche, 1982; Simmonds and Mayer, 1997), a more comprehensive understanding of the diet of marine predators, particularly large top-order predators, is needed.

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