To achieve this, the heart of the cushion is a pocketed coil spring unit (also known as a Marshall unit) made with 15 gauge tempered steel springs that are individually wrapped in a fabric cover and mechanically tied together to create a complete innerspring core. As a result, the foundation used beneath those cushions becomes far less important to the overall comfort. A variation of 0.1 is considered normal. Higher densities (2.0 - 2.5) can be found on more expensive residential furniture. What could be more fun than providing a beautiful place for friends, family, and even strangers - a home that says you belong here; you're welcome, safe, and wanted! That polyester fiber will rapidly compress causing the cushion to lose its shape. Other brands followed with similar formulations. Our "kidproof" Category 4 and 5 fabrics are American made high performance fabrics that exceed "heavy duty" abrasion ratings and also have built in permanent stain prevention technology. (. Although sinuous wire is very durable when properly fastened, small shops specializing in hand made custom furniture have traditionally used webbing. Dacron wrap is a polyester lining that goes around foam cushioning. What is the difference between faux leather and bonded leather. Simplicity Sofas does not use sinuous wire (zig zag) springs in our foundations. 8 Pieces of Furniture You’ll Keep Forever, 6 Bar Stool Styles That Work in (Almost) Every Kitchen, How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right, Plan Your Kitchen Island Seating to Suit Your Family’s Needs, Pixelated Artwork Inspires a Picture-Perfect Dining Room, 10 Friendly Furniture Pieces for a Comforting Home, 91 Kitchen Banquettes to Start Your Morning Right, Things You Need to Know About Buying a Sofa. Enclosing cushion cores in a fabric ticking is rarely done for foam cushions. As a general rule, foam seating is considered softer than pocket spring seating. Before making a sofa purchase, remember to consider your size, budget and quality preferences! Wool batting is available in needled and layered form. Down blend cushions have a shorter lifespan when compared with a solid slab of similar density foam. Another important factor is whether the foam is HR (High Resiliency) which recovers its shape better after use. Although most people think that density and firmness are synonymous they are actually very different. But they are all some hybrid of what is described here. These coil springs are surrounded by a foam border (which is typically 1.5 or 1.8 density) and then padded on the top and bottom with additional soft padding. Cushions may give a sofa shape, but it’s actually the springs that primarily determine its comfort. Understanding Upholstery Cleaning Codes and Care Instructions, Editors' Picks: 3 Ways to Enjoy Our Favorite Recliners, How to Measure Door Width for a Sectional. Receive updates on the latest deals, designs and trends, See our Privacy Policy  and Official Rules for full details. This gives the cushions a "softer" feel. A sofa’s foam density is the weight of one cubic block of the foam cushioning. It’s definitely not for the person who can’t be bothered with all that maintenance. Cost -- An 8-way hand-tied coil foundation adds $800 to the cost of our sofas. HR (High Resilience) foam is more expensive than non-HR foams. At that time, they were critical to ensuring a comfortable seat. Today, cushions are made with far more resilient (and thicker) foams or with coil springs inside the cushion core. How to Pick Your Next Sofa in Five Easy Steps, How to Determine if a Sofa Is Worth Upholstering, Alternatives to Polyurethane Foam Cushioning, Today's Homeowner: Homeowner’s Guide to Furniture Stuffing: Upholstery Foam, Batting, and Animal Hair, Sew 4 Home: Understanding Filler Materials: Polyfil, Pellets, Microbeads, Beanbag Filler, Foam & More, Regan Billingsley Interiors: Design 101: Sofa Construction, How to Make an Upholstered Feather Cushion. sofa cushions. Latex Based Sofa Cushions. Cotton batting may poke through the cushion covering. In no way does claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. A foam sofa can feel like a “casual” sofa at times, which makes it good for lying down, napping, or watching television. It is the second-softest cushion and is made with a core of coiled springs, which is surrounded by a foam box and then wrapped with a thick layer of polyester fiber. The most common of these tests is the Wyzenbeek Abrasion test. Today, cushions are made with far more resilient (and thicker) foams or with coil springs inside the cushion core. The final cushion provides a smooth ride as each material layer yields as the weight is distributed. All Rights Reserved. This includes individual arms, backs, bases, cushion inserts and cushion covers. Our Category 4 and 5 fabrics are all "high performance" which test at 30,000 - 100,000 double rubs. It softens the feel of the cushion and will add 2-3" to the total cushion thickness, but has no effect on lifespan. A major reason for the difference in pricing between the Category 4 and 5 fabrics is that the Category 4 fabrics are purchased direct from the mills in full 50 yard rolls while the Category 5 fabrics are special ordered through a wholesaler. These can be added or removed to form desired size. Feathers are the cheaper option; companies usually use duck or chicken feathers as filling. Cushions supported by built-in coil springs are typically (but not always) more durable than lower density foam cushions. What It Is. The reason for this short lifespan, however, is very surprising to most consumers. It is usually yellow in color and high-resiliency (meaning it bounces back quickly). Lower density foams are typically used for back cushions or padding that goes over the arms or other parts of the frame. 9 Old-School Furniture Pieces Poised for a Comeback, Lay Out Your Living Room: Floor Plan Ideas for Rooms Small to Large, 10 Easy Ways to Give Your Entryway and Front Yard a Holiday Boost, Porch Decorating Ideas for Thanksgiving to New Year’s. I love the way it feels, so it’s worth the trouble to me. Thick fiber quickly compresses and causes the cushion to lose its shape - often within one year. It also acts as a buffer to help prevent thinning and wearing out of the seat cover fabric. Variations in firmness usually do not affect cost. The added fabric protection spray option offers some protection to natural fibers like cotton and linen, but adds very minimal additional protection to the Category 2 polyester fabrics. Down/feathers are often used as the padding in combination with coil springs. These are very soft and durable -  and cost several hundred dollars less than genuine leather. In reality many "cheap" frames and inexpensive fabrics will last far longer than 5 years. As a result, you could actually feel the foundation beneath the cushions. Arm frame components have a 2" thick solid oak support board which rests directly on top of another 2" thick solid oak board attached to the top of the base. A softer seat cushion requires a softer back cushion, or the body will jackknife — pitch forward when sitting. A combination of these materials is often used, such as a fiber-down blend wrapped around foam-clad springs. Foam cushions will typically still be usable for another couple of years after the deterioration process begins. There are many couches sold with cheaper (and lighter weight) 1.5 density foam that will deteriorate even more rapidly, sometimes within one year of purchase. Simplicity Sofas offers a choice of three different cushion constructions. Why is buying leather furniture so confusing? The twine used in the 8 way hand tie is susceptible to breaking after about 10 years. Foams that are not High Resiliency will deteriorate more rapidly. The frequency of use and the size of the people using the cushion will also affect a seat cushion's lifespan. Durability -- The 8-way hand tied coils are less durable than our elasticized webbing. Spring Down The second cushion choice is usually called spring down. As a result, the foundation used beneath those cushions becomes far less important to the overall comfort. What Everyone Needs to Know Before Buying Their Next Couch. Furniture designed for heavy commercial or institutional use may use foam with densities of 3.0 or higher. In the entire history of Simplicity Sofas, there has not been a single problem with any of our foundations or frames. 50 years ago polyester fabrics were prone to "pilling" and other problems. Cushion replacement generally requires working with a professional custom upholsterer and can be expensive. The higher the foam density the more the cushion will cost. "Ply-a" soft polyester is limp and does not bounce back when sat on. Houzz contributor Mike Dietrich has been active in the interior design world for 40 plus years. This was back when cushions were made using down and feathers, horsehair, cotton or straw. Your web experience will be customized to this store. © 2020 Simplicity Sofas. The seat is sagging, the cushions are lumpy, the upholstery is shredding, and the cat prefers it to the litter box. Our 2.5 density Ultracel foam cushion is one of the finest quality cushions available in the furniture industry at any price.

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