Dave Young is the elder brother of George Young. Charlie Tucker: Why Did He Leave Mountain Men? He’s an impressive Miner and works his tail off to get what he has. Additionally, the Bering Sea Gold cast makes a salary of $500,000  a year. The Pomrenkes get off to a bad start with family squabbles and a $25K bill. After the divorce, she goes by the name Jeanette Koelsch. How can you detect a guy with Gold Fever? The show follows boats equipped with various setups to achieve gold mining in a summertime, cold northern latitude, shallow water, ocean environment. Diver / Brad Kelly's son / Andy Kelly's older brother. I pray he stays safe. Verne's deckhand skills prove weak while Emily's are discounted, meanwhile all of the Anchor Management crew have had enough for the season and end up leaving Nome. Scott gets back to work on the AU Grabber, but his return may be short-lived. Exhausted by diving for hours on end in deep water, with little payoff, Zeke Tenhoff begins to rail against Glen's directions. In the years together as a married couple, they had three children Shawn, Erick, and Nikki Pomrenke. The Pomrenkes' gold gain is overshadowed by exhausted equipment. Vernon's limited expertise disquites the team as they see a meager first result. For now, Shawn is yet to share his marriage plan with his girlfriend. Gold fever is on the rise as the season's end draws near. His mother and father have been feuding for over thirty years. The weather may be perfect, but storms are brewing onboard the dredges as egos clash and tempers flare. Your email address will not be published. Emily's first dive is almost her last when she learns the dangers of dredging first-hand. Used The Dragon for season 2, having an underwater sluicebox makes this dredge unusual. After all, Steve Pomrenke is one of the most successful gold miners in the entirety of the show. The reality star bought a new ship and named it ‘The Edge to The Eroica.’ Emily earns most of her wealth form the show Bering Sea Gold. As per sources, Brady’s net worth is estimated to be around $2.2 million. But just as the fleet seems set to dial in on the gold, their equipment doesn't have the same idea. Both owned and built by the Pomrenkes, until Season 3, the largest dredge in Nome. She joins her "gung-ho" dad, Steve, who after a single unproductive dive, boasts and wagers Vernon. I agree to receive information from Discovery Communications in accordance with the following. The summer season kicks off as the Captains race to reclaim the gold the melting ice forced them to leave behind. Let’s get the info of the Bering Sea Gold casts member and their net worth. Zeke is one of the cast members of the Discovery Channel series ‘Bering Sea Gold.’, Bering Sea Gold Cast Ezekial Tenhoff aka Zeke. The Minnesota born farm boy has always had dreams of finding gold. You won't believe what Shawn Pomrenke is up to... again. Built and captained by Steve Riedel as the. Besides, with the help of his partner David Young and Michael Berry and Robert Saina, they purchased nearly 900 acres of mining leases and 380 patented mining claims in Nome, Alaska. Steve Pomrenke on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more... Steven Pomrenke became a celebrity personality after appearing as a cast member of the reality television series “Bering Sea Gold,” on the Discovery Channel.He’s not the movie start type and he’s not really an actor but he does know what he’s doing when it comes to mining for gold in Alaska. Steve R. takes out a restraining order against Scott and later finds gold. Shawn attended Mone Beltz High School and began working with his father in the gold mining business at a tender age. Shawn sends crewmember Robbi packing while Scott M. swallows his pride and invites Steve R. back. Inexperience and equipment problems cause more than a few tantrums, while big swells and bad conditions make some miners lose their lunch.

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