314 Rapeseed oil . However, when frying is performed with frequent oil turnover, the amount of polar material in sunflower oil is substantially below the critical level (Figure 3). w��@�-��X��(��E�nq�ⲫu���L�#.>T�� |ְ���kG�٣�r�.�7|A�'�R��ؕGGf O��M\�� ����[h�q)���i錘�-�"�۞}�qOd��^�9�J�� ����q�����g��� l�Y�32؍�&~�����}��ùZ�I�����պ��r�x�gg&�rq֧iS���n���WL8V���mS�[�Q׻^n�7$�f�\����� ��W�c۔W����Ȏ���հO1:��>-�+�Mm�qS\Y|Oh��v�A�Oq@dS m�Ci+��У��w�6ڧ�SЧlꔶ���U m��6֧l�����)�r1���*��U�F�g��?I�����ll 342 / 357. The seeds are also used for bird feed because the high oil content provides an excellent energy source for birds. It is one of the most appreciated oils for domestic use in Western countries, where it is a common ingredient of salads and cooking recipes, as a well as the choice oil for frying. This was set considering the accepted approach that 42 g sunflower oil can be obtained from 100 g sunflower seed. Service Tel: +86-571-87759741, Marketing Tel: +86-571-89739798 skype, Copyright©2010-2020 Guidechem 浙B2-20090288-37. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. High-oleic sunflower oils are classified as having monounsaturated levels of 80% and above. Guidechem provides Sunflower oil chemical database query, including CAS registy number 8001-21-6, Sunflower oil MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), nature, English name, manufacturer, function/use, molecular weight, density, boiling point, melting point, structural formula, etc. Find chemicals information Sunflower oil at guidechem, professional and easy to use. NuSun™ also requires no hydrogenation, therefore offering a trans-free fat for deep fat frying. Leonardo Velasco, M. Victoria Ruiz-Méndez, in Sunflower, 2015. It may also contain pesticides resulting from agricultural practices. Table 19.S. $JkR0��>Ȥn��D�t��_��~���NUwOw��$H���k��n�X����\��.7���y]~W~,>��ʋ۲*o/pW�|�6W�۪� Table 19.R. %PDF-1.3 Oil production is highly dependent on the crop and, thus, is changeable from season to season. The meal is a source of protein and is used as an ingredient in feed for livestock and poultry. 448–452. Soybean oil shows a value of 0.61 % trans/IV unit. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Should you roast with olive oil or sunflower oil? Under selective conditions (227 °C, 10 psi, 0.02 % nickel) reduction of the iodine value from 132 to 66 produces basestocks very similar to soybean oil at the same iodine value. The benefit of the high turnover of sunflower oil has also been found in the frying of frozen foods (potatoes, fish fingers, croquettes, pastries, etc.) In this way, it is interesting to note that, in continuous frying operations, a regular turnover of fresh oil maintains the level of antioxidant in the oil. 342 / 363. Argentina is also preferred, especially for the second half of the season, when the Black Sea exportable supplies are getting lower, but Argentina has lost importance in the international sunflower trade arena in recent years due to reduced production and also because of its proximity. Guidechem provides Sunflower oil chemical database query, including CAS registy number 8001-21-6, Sunflower oil MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), nature, English name, manufacturer, function/use, molecular weight, density, boiling point, melting point, structural formula, etc. Conventional vegetable oils, such as sunflower, are main raw materials to elaborate biodiesel. It is significantly more stable at high temperatures and less sensitive to oxidation. x�][oGv~�_�@���Fӗ���a��L� Sunflower has also nonglyceridic content, consisting of tocopherols and plant sterols. 314 Palm olein. Sunflower oil is high in polyunsaturated fat and is more suited for use in the preparation of dressings and in the production of spreads than as cooking or frying oil. Sunflower oil is the fifth in production among edible vegetable oils in the world. Physical State: Liquid oil Color: Clear, pale yellow Odor: Characteristic, bland, fatty oil pH: N/A Vapor Pressure (mm Hg. The demand for the sunflower oil has declined since 2000, and most research regarding health effects was done much earlier. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Yalcin Kaya, ... Vladimir Milic, in Sunflower, 2015. Coconut oil . Melting points and SFI are comparable to soy oil basestocks. Previous question Next question Get more help from Chegg. Animal fats . Melt/Freeze Point Temperature Monounsaturated Fat % Polyunsaturated Fat % Saturated Fat % Cottonseed Oil-55F (48C) 18: 54: 28: Flax Seed Oil-11F (-24C) 21: 71: 8: Almond Oil: 0F (-18C) 73: 19: 8: Sunflower Oil: 1F (-17C) 20: 69: 11: Safflower Oil: 2F (-17C) 14: 78: 8: Soybean Oil: 3F (-16C) 24: 61: 15: Corn Oil: 12F (-11C) 25: 61: 14: Canola Oil: 14F (-10C) 58: 35: 7: Grapeseed Oil: 14F (10C) 57: 29: 14: … This result was in agreement with previous data (Martín-Polvillo et al., 2004) and confirmed that high oleic sunflower performed better than more unsaturated oils in most of the oxidations tests to which it was submitted. This creates added value and increases capacity usage levels for refiners (Oil World Annual, 2013). Peanut oil Peanut oil, hardened . The smoke point of vegetable oil is about 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Hydrogenated sunflower oil is used for margarine or spread production. Sunflower seeds of all kinds, which contain betaine, are also found to exhibit cardiovascular benefits. The triacylglycerol and fatty acid composition and the ratio of antioxidant to unsaturated fatty acids explain the different stability and frying behavior of these two variants of sunflower oil. under domestic conditions. Sunflower oil behaves much like soybean oil during hydrogenation. Patterson, in Hydrogenation of Fats and Oils (Second Edition), 2011. Open triangles, high-oleic-acid sunflower oil in discontinuous frying with frequent replenishment of French fries with fresh oil. However, those studies raised concerns because of a parallel decrease in HDL cholesterol. =��w�"�M�kS�ǛͲ^�u�[��vW��r���_���x}}�ӫ���=���m��}�ݖʇO>T�W�0��߬*�#7��j��|�"ei%,�΄�U콩W2�?���ܒ��C�v�MY��9&>?���-�T�R���c^x�/7��������+���/����y�[�Eo�/� ���.���<9�˔�z���۶*�uaR� U Sunflower oil and high-oleic-acid sunflower oil behavior in frying potato. Investigation suggests that lowering of cholesterol levels may be caused by the balance of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, and the presence of fiber. The addition of a proportion of some other vegetable oil containing other than C18 fatty acids may be desirable to avoid graininess; up to 5% fully hardened cottonseed oil helps flatten the melting curve and contributes some C16 fatty acids. SO obtained from SS may contribute to this balance (www.health.am/cholesterol). The TFA contents of these basestocks are of the order of 60 %, or about 1.12 % trans/IV unit. However, others such as phospholipids, free fatty acids, and waxes have a negative effect on oil quality and stability. Its primary applications are where highly stable oil is required; these include deep frying, snack food frying, and spray oil for cookie and cracker manufacturing. ˟��9}Mh�[�}[Z#���* �ݐN���X�����(�f��v���0�d-{��������U�ޅ(=߽J�c��E��U��^5�>5�Ā��8a'�/�rY�(^�"�U� _�0*і��c3Ŝ'q�׀ �ѬD��t��B(�����HB��wƜ�_�ĊCł��;G ����?r���R>-tyn��s��#s�G6����Yȏ�U��)?fzFj�>�h�\OQ#E��S�>3c��g�TUb9�o�����v'ڶ�KV� �!Y�i�"X�j�1�X-P2�"q�lb��)d�/4��dV`9'���k�'r�L�����Jr�g�5�I���rP�x̱|Z��⨄akb?E6,��QC�Pzô��w�)��w�ۙek$̓��XIj7���vوxDV�δ۪�Y1�[�EY�N�J�;ٲ*�d��lNV�,$l�|Y�����d�*P6"+!l��� �� �z{�l���fU��ʲ(�]~U�z@��Y�Y�-�BYv�����'���\�(�����+Yz����&�{���1w����h/b=���L��,��܂�p�>w�X�C�SWIks7G��& -_ The hybrid oil also has lower saturated fat levels than linoleic sunflower oil. Proceedings of the World Conference on Oilseed Technology and Utilization, pp. These have the advantage that their monounsaturated fat levels are lower than in other oleic sunflower oils. Glycerides, sunflower-oil mono- and di-,2,3-bis(acetyloxy)butanedioates, Sunflower oil, polymerwith p-tert-butylbenzoic acid, isophthalic acid, pentaerythritol, phthalicanhydride, polyethylene glycol and TDI, Sunflower oil, polymer with isophthalic acid and trimethylolpropane, Sunflower oil, pentaerythritol, glycerin, phthalic anhydride, toluenediisocyanate polymer, Sunflower oil, polymer with neopentyl glycol, pentaerythritol, phthalic anhydride and TDI, Soybean oil, sunflower oil, pentaerythritol, glycerin, phthalic anhydride, styrene, methyl methacrylate polymer, Sunflower oil, polymer with pentaerythritol and phthalic anhydride, Fatty acids, sunflower-oil, polymers with isophthalic acid, linoleic acid, neopentyl glycol, trimellitic anhydride and trimethylolpropane, sunflower oil/ phthalic anhydride/ glycerol resin, Fatty acids, sunflower-oil, polymers with adipic acid, caprolactam, diethylenetriamine and triethylenetetramine, sunflower oil/phthalic anhydride/pentaerythritol/EG resin.

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